Wednesday, 18 October 2017



why do cry
whats the reason you, pry
stumble not with unreasonable try
trample your thoughts to fly
rein them lest you miss ply
& diligence, hold yourself & play
the life tunes with cadence - sly
using your ingenious mind cleverly
take pains and pleasures, as commonly
attributes, digest the aspect as its wily
designs of divine to make you - HOLY
with tests & tribulations, so, suffer them wholly......!


Tuesday, 17 October 2017



the lamp of knowledge
let everyone take umbrage
shine and glow, dusting
away darkness and ignorance

taste the magic of knowing
enjoy the essence by sipping
the beauty it bestows
extracting the pure

the knowledge that, offers
don't just contain yourself
enrich your cognizance

of information & understanding
spread the knowledge, you possess
make aware as per needs and wants
of deprived by enlightening

the poor
with proper guidance
& solution, ways and means
asking them to put into practice

of acquired knowledge
to attain desired outcomes
& make sure to ask return favour
to the repeat the cycle,

to enlighten many -
               The "power of knowledge" .......!


Monday, 16 October 2017



walk of yours make me rock
talk within I, thought wedlock

ticks of clock stop heart beat
pricks, as she give looks - heat

takes I, step away as, she
fakes with a smile, face she

put, as if embodiment of love
cut veil of false expression, trove

you find, of erratic filthy plan
you, never expect from female clan...!


Sunday, 15 October 2017



amber of blue skies
obscure & dusky darkish
reflecting, in the waters

SUN, says "goodbye"
makes, the moon, a way

asking folks give their
body and mind at rest
under cool moon & dream

the forthcoming day
would be fine & aesthetically filled
the beauty of life, waiting to catch on

SUN saying:
"I set to make you people raise"
"I set to make you forget pain"
"I set to make you feel energy"
"I set to make you see fresh day"

as full of promises
of pleasure
and exciting activities
you ever dreamt of................!


Saturday, 14 October 2017



intra and inter - personal intrinsic and
external -  mind struggle to care, concern

multiple & meany things occurring around
mighty it feels, takes a great deal, pertain

to normal things, to deal & make balance
waddle with lots of thoughts, and glance

inimical the physical, senses its view as bad
wage a war within to upend pejorative fad...!


Friday, 13 October 2017



PAIN - what's this
is it a sensation of body?
is it emotional distress?

it's one of five senses
why is it so painful even to hear PAIN
& why some enjoy giving, others PAIN

the same
just makes me think of its complexity
the feeling it induces on human mentality

it's said joy and suffering
should be seen as equal footing

and be taken,
both as complimentary to each other

may be it's
with same understanding
human -
some even, in JOY feels PAIN
& some even in PAIN cheer and gladden

agree or disagree with my contention!
the theory heightens my fascination
psyche and gamble of senses,
and my desire
to further my study on, humans
& psychological aspects - escalates..........!


Thursday, 12 October 2017



appetite for the information and the news
that's happening around consumed
by voyeuristic pleasures
to peek into matters, not concerned

to satiate sensational hunger - YOUTHS

falling into gaping maw of sources
that, supply and transmit material by means
of smart news applications that runs

twenty four into seven

giving updates and breaking news
following the headlines, - seconds
minutes and hours, voracious
of keeping themselves

updated with unnecessary nonsense
and rubbish glued to screens
all the time, as taking themselves
as its being put into productive usage

whereas its otherwise, youths
being gullible driven into dirty maw
of consumerism and exploitation

to which, youths
uncontrolled energy at times, takes
a deviation and wrong turn to the menace
of countries and nations..............!