Wednesday, 20 September 2017



never  it occurred, he could
ever, plunged himself in ilk - sensuous
had he not.,had been encountered

by cravings of pleasures with glamorous
scintillating earthly
beguiling bewitchment with inglorious

veil of wishes shrouding, albeit transiently
for a moment, mood of his
went on to relish, in a berserk wildly

manner, loosing sense of his
discretion moved on, to gobble
clandestinely, momentary pleasure as eyes of his

hazy and cloudy with mind dangle
with intoxication, found himself
in a position of disgust and uncomfortable

unable to digest how deep, himself
mired up and disdained by others
thoughts trickled, how the mess created by himself

with envision of reality, gathers
wit & conscience, resolved the matters....!


Tuesday, 19 September 2017



raising from deep slumber
rubbing, drowsy eyes stepped
out of room to look at the nature
intrigued and awed as he, glanced

whether the sun raising or setting
mind struggling to make, the sight
out, as dawn or dusk beguiling
in the ambience, to the touching plight

a condition pity, with wit and ability
being at stake, distinguish between
day and night hardly can discern
silhouetted by his loosing heart, cloudy

and gloomy inundated his, otherwise
cheerful and cordial nature, lonesome
he, unexpectedly stumbled, morose
of his, become light and bright, with hope

a ray and light from a gap, shone
and touched, his eyes as he witnessed,
making, through the branch of tree
consoled by conscience, pounced

to grab the beauty, behind
woods, watching always him
but was never given care, ignored
caressed her hair as, he realised

she is the one , he missed
a pour soul with least concerned
by glossy enjoyments, weak he, as fooled
by external appearance, missed

her, so far
an embrace of her, heart filled........!


Monday, 18 September 2017



light, boasts
itself, as it passes
every nook and corners
finds itself sometimes
impenetrable, least
touch the layer
some kind
of shrubs and trees
resist to large rays,
tolerant to shades
and some
find themselves
being grown beneath
canopy of forests
above the forest floors
penetrating not to any
deep or great extents
as - understory,
vegetation and habitation
depending less
on sunlight, yet
supplying as requires
by the nature, underlyingly
by, its help and its benefit
to the general mankind.........!


Sunday, 17 September 2017



these days, it seems
man always looks
for excuses, steps
away, to flex muscles

interested, hardly to put mind
at work, seeks cash anyways
to meet his necessities, find
quick and easy money as

source, betting and gambling comes
as handy, wagering becomes his wages
indulges himself, with passing days
with the fortune, he gathers,

even after knowing, it hardly stays
he carries on, in, inebriated spirits
sinecure ways to be shunned,  as
hardworking nature of his, takes

away and renders him weak
relying on easy means
to satisfy his needs
when time necessitates, he hardly yields

finding himself destructed
mentally at worst
to put, physical capacity at best
a serious and recent trend

that's taking place,
occupying mind sets
of many, that serves and being served.........!


Saturday, 16 September 2017



powerhouse of purity
that's filled within
tucked away

from -
urban hue and cry
with resounding tumults
and day to day runs
for making both ends
meet, with lots
of pressures,
content with artificial
things, that seems
to give relief from
everyday battles
air conditions, swanky
motors, touch pads
pride, themselves
extending all facilities
human needs, taking
away their, thoughts
making them as
mechanical devices
making them
addictive and depend
make them forget
to talk with nature
that has given
many pleasures,
mires itself in the
self created possessions.,

an essence of purity
still carrying with placidity
remaining intact, is destination
nothing but an hinterland,
where you find yourself
best, taking breathes
in lap as, you steers
your car and stops by
then you realize,
what you lost and amiss.......!


Friday, 15 September 2017



autumn sets in
soul danced in mellowing
calmness, as witnessing
nature's giving away
a gift - resplendent
magic, throwing
the charm of transforming
foliage with dazzling shades
of colours to pleasing eyes
a delightful feast
to rejoice ourselves
in tones of soft tunes
and conjuring effect of its
wizardry with luster of leaves
bestowing peacefulness,
the whole process
of leaves
in the very season,
turning into shades
of red, yellow,
purple and brown
well, it's
locally known as - Ruska
in the Finnish (Finland) region
a spectacular phenomenon
a refreshing zone
to that attracts, my attention..........!


Thursday, 14 September 2017



we grownups, are we
really!, I wonder and ponder
as getting into adulthood
from teenaged, have we never

felt like an interference, our
elders or as a matter of
fact, our parents try to
convince or try to give

a piece of advice for our
advantage, fearing as we
not stumble and loose our
ways we tend to, as teens

lost in tendency of taking ourselves
knowing of everything, all those years
never, we lend an ear, took them as
kibitzers and meddlers of our growing days

even nowadays - grownups
as we call ourselves
on reaching adult age
has the tendency, gone away, I guess

b' coz, kibitzing is good, in some
events, by our well wishers, n, pals
for non - occurrence of
unfortunate incidences

we disregard them, and
their sincere desire, behind
take them as gabblers and babblers
stealers of our privacy, whereas

we are at, loosing something
so nice, on the happenstance
and as we grow, on getting age, some
find this is, an interest aspect,

as, one of the gifts of divine
takes in their life,
enjoying, its benefit.......!