Wednesday, 13 December 2017




        swing, rock yourself
      sway your hands & legs
            make the mind
           dance jolly good
        with sonorous beats,
       sing along with heart
        beatings, tapping feet
      rock and fluff thoughts
       becalm, brain's wavering
       dance and swing along
          catching the beat,
           sway your body
           shake your legs
            swaggering jives.......!


Tuesday, 12 December 2017

So laugh.........

So laugh........

to laugh,
laugh - aloud
laughter a best tonic,
drink whole & release
the pressure
laughter - slaughters
keeps tab on tablets,
keeps at bay to sickness
deflects tensions
so laugh,
laugh wholeheartedly
as best as
you could, make use
of this stress buster,
see your life luster
with a glow
forever gleefully.......!


Monday, 11 December 2017

let me.........

let me.........

let me speak
don't restrict my
talk, cap you never
my outpourings
limit me not, hold
you never me down
I, the one, who takes
pleasure of being
always with you,
let me praise and laud
for the feast of cheers
gifted to cherish ever,
you're my source of
happiness, let me
have a word with you
meditate I always
cogitate your love
oh soul, my soul
let me talk
don't you ever reject
snub you not my true -feel
forgive my small error
my beloved, oh my beloved......!


Sunday, 10 December 2017



its festive season - everywhere,
the month of December, jolly & jocund,
holidays of winter set's the mood shining
with prayers, hymns and Carols
singing, dancing & feasting
by near and dear, night glows
and every home twinkles
floral arrangement of bulbs
scintillate similes, faces
sparkle with gleaming
in merrymaking
lord - the Divine............!


Saturday, 9 December 2017

guppy .............


                     you make me
                  perky - you swim
                      frisky guppy
             you're so lovely & lively,
                     glance at you
                         - guppy
                ward my blues off
                      and I sway
              around in gyratory
         you always make me happy....!


Friday, 8 December 2017

flight .........


sun took
the flight hopped
& controlled the joystick
zoomed with vroom
reached new horizon
alighted &
viewed the sight
deciduous maple
leaves, scattered
around, set
his foot aground
glittered leaves &
sighed with freshness
pour of rays
infused air of
resplendence, leaves
dazzled with bliss.,
nudged by time
set to return - sun
hopped and seated
in the flight
zoomed with vroom
to the former zone
to deliver its duty of
shining with sheen .......!


Thursday, 7 December 2017



flower "o" flower
you're so cute & clever
crafted by creator
you entice ever

flower  "o" flower
you're so cute & clever
a bee's enchanter
by amorous behavior

flower "o" flower
you're so cute & clever
an antidote you're
of weary, lacked of vigor

flower "o" flower
you're  so cute & clever
spreads you, flavour
- ambrosial nectar

flower "o" flower
never you ever
wilt and wither
remain bloomed forever

flower "o" flower
you're  so cute & clever
crafted by creator
my beloved honey, my dear.....!