Thursday, 3 August 2017



                 light moon
             lovely reflection
  in the brook running across hill
  in the background of verdant locales
            lightsome carefree
                 bubbly lively
                       girl kid

              enjoying happily
              forgetting clime
surrounding around the kid, the milieu
filled with silence of clattered pandemonium
                    kids eyes
                    filled with
                moon's  glitter

                kid's mom
                placed arms
around took kid, put on her back
moving away from the location - looming
               under bitter
               struggle of
         gender discrimination........!


Monday, 31 July 2017



stroll of soul
taken me
to an area - country side
that filled
with grazing
flock of sheep,
with woody
perennial plants
in the background
rooted and glued
to slender grass

mild touch
of sheep with its wooly fleece
cozying with its companions
given the best comfort
enjoying itself, pleasure of
 - a scene to be enjoyed
and learning

for humans
to keep themselves associate
in harmony with other beings
of nature at best as they can

soul halted a moment with
the sight of sheep
- black in colour
the different in view
among other sheep

the colour made no
difference to rest of
sheep with mingling
themselves beautifully

a thought  struck to soul
human taken colour
prime reason to differentiate
with other people
move away from being
befriended and discriminate

as blacks and whites
as best as they could
taking themselves
intelligent beings
from the rest of nature's  beings
a folly behaviour humans
- the most
the soul pitied, plight of humans,
itself the scenario of scenery
the nature's projection.........!


Saturday, 29 July 2017



heinous act of one's
in a fit of rage
under influence
of loss of sense
an uncontrolled effervescence

of outburst
of outrage
affront and confront

by injury and indignity

holding oneself
hard for some gullible

carried by
personal vendettas
by peer pressures

conscience gets
beating with cognition
of discretion lacking

an eventuality happens
to the exclusion
of societal actions

there comes judicial
weighing of  one's
past actions
past deeds
to be taken into consideration

lenity and leniency
be extended to offenders

of action to bring
the one into mainstream
and to reformation of
one's individuality and personality

an act of "LENITY"  is the best potion
that acts as positive in reaction

in the minds
of strayers and transgressors
otherwise called as law breakers.......!


Friday, 28 July 2017



zesty mood of excitement
jostled with zealous attitude
joined a group of revellers
jiving in ecstatic state
indulged in binge and narcotic
drugs with drowsy presence

drawn to their condition
of pseudo happiness
the lad
in teens with ignorance

immature temper, saunter
in a clandestine manner
with a drug peddler

zeal of teen's temperament
to seek something unpleasant
left the teen in lurch
loosing life's precious bunch

of pleasant offerings
realizing what has
been lost

teen pledged
to make himself most
to create awareness
          and guide
to right path
           those inclined

under zeal

to seek pleasure
of ruinous nature..........!


Thursday, 27 July 2017



Rocky ruffled mountainous structure
rocked and shaked by soul fissure
wandered with

questions filled, inquire nature
of twinge and unexpected sore
walloped with

whiff of fresh air, the manly figure
wallowed and surged with pleasure
wobbled with

hugging himself as "tarn", share
an exotic art of feminine figure
winked with

joy as manly figure
to grasp and clasp
the feminine figure...........!


Wednesday, 26 July 2017



vista of  physical vision
and exposure to certain

situations, make the
mind think, otherwise

as the reality,

as proclivity
and predilection of human,
sensing bad of
something, happening
of contrary to their expectation

perspective of humans
outlook takes divergence
and suspicious
of others deeds and actions
even noble intentions

unable to discriminate
between right and wrong

in the process

human tends
to loose valuable
intimate themselves
with others,
who are worthy
of loathings

with right perspective
being deficient.......!


Tuesday, 25 July 2017



wading through knee deep stream,
crystal clarity of its see through water, pebbles beneath stemmed together encircled within, fish of vibrant colour, roam

whirling and swirling with eddy movements,
stepped in I by accident with a splashing
harmony of it whizzed out with fizzles
made fish amok with berserkly, fumblings

pellucid and clear mind of mine gets
disturbed with the scene of serene
agitated and stirred, blamed my rejoices
of selfish nature that, snatched away, smiles

pellucid tunes of nature.........!