Tuesday, 21 November 2017



exuding fragrance
casting spell, she
passes, leaving
lingering ambrosial
effect, wish to seek
glimpse, men await
with popping eyes
swaying under
influence of redolence
cried over spilled
milk, as she approached
& left, kissing
a kid on forehead
to everyone's envying
for, the missed chance......!


Monday, 20 November 2017



peck on cheek
a walk alongside
holding hand
moving ahead
crossing obstacles
ebbs and tides
yonder, never I,
went bonkers
quelled, awkward
challenges, emerged
with flying colours
out of tests
put by life,
moved on with
smile on face
feeling still
the moment
reminiscing the
walking, slipping
in the sand
writhing in pain,
was taken I, into arms
pecked on cheek
boosted morale
raised I, holding
little finger,
the strolling
along the coast.,
with raising waves,
ripples of water,
she is no other
but my mother,
my energy booster......!


Sunday, 19 November 2017



        with day coming to end
       portal of night welcomed
      with opening doors, extend
        arms laced with embrace
           taking into transience,
          an impermanence and
         an instantaneous sleep
      with murmur falling into ears
      as something waking him up,
       hustled with rustle, as dream
         whispers a lullaby, whereby
          he gained consciousness
          left somnolence cognized
   what he missed out of recklessness,
careless attitude rude towards life, dude;
jolted with a falter remorse, deeds raised
in realisation & blazed with resplendence..!


Saturday, 18 November 2017

well mind..........

well mind.........

it says,
thoughts & right thinking,
Would always, leads, you towards
gaining beautiful experience, positive
perception of given  situation always
results into mental satisfaction, it's always true & eternal, a well mind - full of bright and liveliness attracts others, like magnet giving recreation,who
comes in search of peace, a word and
smile of yours, makes their face glow with happiness, even its for a moment, the gloom find solace, forget bitterness they face as a matter of everyday routine,take, cue from settings of nature
be like a flower, lilt like a sparrow,sway like a crop of corn, with a beautiful thinking, be a cynosure, as bee drawn towards a flower, fill yourself with - EUNOIA, spread cheers, like other
beings,whose delivery - of pleasure  & joy, never ceases & fails.......!


Friday, 17 November 2017



alone on the
road, unable to
figure out where to
reach, miles to go, dark
creeps in,engulfing darkness
within, beats of heart, murmurs
as, I move along, walking on and on,
saunters, through lanes & by lanes,of ebbs
and tides, now a days, I'm not I am,
senses, not, in control of mine,
every part of mine belongs to
you cells, blood cells -WBC
RBC, even indulge in fight,
craving to be in union
with you, longing for
belonging, waiting
for the moment,
to merge in
unification, body & soul together.....!


Thursday, 16 November 2017

believer ........


believer - you are,
care not to bother
why? and as to what's the matter?
let's not scatter thoughts, batter
not mind with grey matter
swagger! pompous minus
arrogance, take no pride
bide & abide energy beyond
a force acts on self, by a fond
embrace, presents timely
things, rightly and blithely
offers, you a hand to hold,
covers life's journey, joys manifold
so don't you bother, leave every matter
shatter not ,someone's very near
to take you in arms & indulge in chatter
believer you are, why do you bother......!


Wednesday, 15 November 2017

here & there.........

here & there........

here and there, everywhere
you find signs, signalling
wrong and right, good and bad
hear voice, choose best choice
lest you not stumble, buckle
hold reins, keep yourself control
truckle you never to dirty desires,
as they backfires, resist, go-ahead
stop yourself advancing towards
red -the unworthy, a sign of danger
the green, worthy n pleasant,saunter
not with a falter lift up inside the inner,
at divine altar understand the signal,
good and bad, right and wrong,
you find here and there, everywhere.........!