Sunday, 30 April 2017


love is eternal,
love is univeral and spiritual,
whosoever, drinks ambrosia of love,
would shower affection and empathy,
love,,, sometimes,,,seeks aloofness
but,,, never seeks,,,venegence,.
love gives strength to sacrifice
not,,,,repulsiveness ,,
love is beauty, love is divinity,,,,
love gives unity,,,
love envisages
longevity and purity,,,
Dunk,,,Dive,,,,,,and ,,,,,swim through it,,,
experience,,, life and self,,,,immortality ....
Love is the one that,,,
binds,,, us,,, to form togetherness,
love is the essence that makes, one's,,,,
Life,,,, beatiful and fill with sweetness,
love is the ingredient of,,,procreation,
love,,, without feelings,,,,, lifeless,,,,,,,,



Saturday, 29 April 2017


what's in fact
you endeared to
enforce peace, you
soothe mind and heart
with a DEED you done
drawing paeans  from
many DEED of yours
console and comforted
from confrontation of
plighted, I, being intrigued
as an onlooker ruminate
myself, as the so, DEED
being done by you
resultant action spurted
is really prompted by
your, indisposition or to
quench your heart, to give
peace, if its so, I, ask myself
you, felt really moving
for the plight of plighted?
or if, you are cheating
yourself the DEED you
done, impressed only to
get laud and applaud
from many unknown
I say at last a DEED
is DEED for the needy
if, you are true to yourself
and on listening to call of
supreme force, only can
succour your heart and needy
and bringing out best meaning
to your "DEED" that committed.........!


Thursday, 27 April 2017

Philosophy of PROCESS

philosophy of PROCESS.......

The process of doing, the "same",*
the very fine thing of doing,
seems to be so smooth
rather it is in the process

of, making a planning of
doing something, processes
in the mind and the mind
processes the idea and

in the process, executes
the idea and gives the
expected result but not
saying the result would

be completely as expected
rather, it depends on the
condition or situation, to
get the desired result

It is rather the idea of
execution itself makes,
the very mind to process
itself as to process

the idea to be executed.................................

Note: ******* Thought,Feeling,Imagination,Aim,Goal.


Wednesday, 26 April 2017


Feel,,,,,the Feeling,,,,
of,, thou,,Presence,,
rigmorole,,,of life,,,
situations,,to explore,,,,
thyself,,,and standing,,,
to the tests and trails,,,
the path,,,uncharted,,,rule
the role,,,,,, thy,,, assuming,,,
with flair and with agile,,,
with setbacks,,,sometime,,,
bothering,,,taking thy away,,,
phoenix,,,with wings,,,spreading,,,
Feeling,,,the Feel of

Sunday, 23 April 2017

Clock of Destiny

world - beautiful and free,,
all beings of life,
humanity,flora and fauna
born free,,,

as, days move,,time being free,,,
ticks the clock of destiny ,,,,
beings,,, of life,,,born free,,,
mired in vicissitudes of life,,,

fauna and flora, follows
divine nature, - live, life fullest freely free,,

man, being intellectual,,,,
freely uses his mind,,,,
to, satiate meanly desires,,,,
in-pursuit, he forgets realselves,,,

moves along, with many,,,,
for the journey,,,
the life,,, that,,, promises,,,

men comes and men goes
in the life of his,,,,
takes him/her as best pals,,,
for a moment, and along goes,,,

towards the end, only remains,,,
his deeds, that,,,altruistic,,,
world and time being
observers and free,,,

bless him with beautiful
with huge farewell from,,,

as,,,light of his,,
body,,,leaves freely,,,,
only to re-unite,
his real-self ,,,,,,,almighty,,,,,

Wednesday, 12 April 2017

Gopal----leaving Gokul.......

GOPAL - leaving GOKUL........

leaving Gopal Gokul!!!
stare of gopikas miserable
gloom surfaced unboundful
seeing off krishna sobbed uncontrollable,

Gopikas and Radhika, calves and cows,
trailing  behind chariot mounted by Radhikadaas
lost themselves  in the tunes
of flute played by Muralidas,

Roarings and Cryings, shaking
Shreekrishna heart in - to melting
prompting to, address all in consoling
comforting and emphasizing,

I'm always, at your disposal, on calling
"rest assured" krishna said, I'm leaving
" dues, that are due to others" for clearing,
and for Kansh towards shunning ego to liberating,

a long pending task that's breeding I'm remembering,
for, the time to ripe and making me moving
from GOKUL to MATHURA also for unbridling,
 VASUDEVA and DEVKI from Shackling,

listening to which, RADHIKA and GOPIKAS
wished shree krishna, all the best wiping rolling tears
asked NANDGOPAL "enthrall and show divine leelas,
and make others, realise-painlessness and pleasures"


Monday, 10 April 2017

Mulling & Munching

Mulling and Munching,,,,,I,,, set,
  For,,,Pulling,,,,,,Myself,,,  in........
Wilderness,,, of ,,,, unbridled thought,,,,
  Fore - seeking, to reach,,,Joy of Pinnacle ,,,,on......

Always,,,,Setting,,,myself - Off,,,, in,,
  a,,, brisk walk,,,leaving,,,,home,,,,,
With,,a,,gusto of spirit,, takes,,,a,,dive-in,,,
  Pool of Water, as to,,,take to,,, pinnacle of joy,,,home,,,,

Left with meandering,,,,, reaching home,,,,
  Wonder,,,, where to get,,,,Pinnacle of Joy,,,on
Set to,,,,make my steps ,,,,,,off,,, home,,,,
  Return ,,,,,only to ,,,,,wonder, where I'm to ,,,on,,,,,

Quest,,,of,,,, Joy of Pinnacle, making soul,,,,
  Restless,,,,,,made me,,,a move,,,to outer avenues,,,,
Waft of floral fragrance,,,or,,,touch,,gong of bell
  Of temple,,,,failed to satiate,,,,,thirst,,, the soul's....

Wilderness of thoughts and soul of Mine,,,
  Unleashing,, possibilities of,,, joy of pinnacle,,,
to reach on,,and,,led me to,,,shore and terrain,,,,
  Scale of mountain and Step on shore,,,unable to Please soul,,,,,

Soulful thoughts,,,again hovering,,,,,I,,,,ran,,,at
  a,,,full - throttle,,,making,,,, My Mind,,Scale
Everest,,,, the Mountain,,said to be highest,,
  Touching its tip, one, attains joy of Pinnacle,,,,

Everest,,,,scaling and touching its,,,pinnacle,,
  Added only to list of Achievers at,,,best,,,,
My quest of soul,, reaching of,,,joy of pinnacle,,,,
  Laid at rest, only to enjoy,,encomium as,,, materialist

I,,, reached at last,,,,the home - finest and sweetest,,,, My eyes,
  brimmed,,,with,,, drops of joy,,,,the Spectacle Of,,My,,, be-spectacled,,,,,
givers of birth,,, I,,,lay around my arm,,,at rest,,,Wondered of my wanderings,,
  how foolish, I'm at best,,, realising warm hug of Everest,,a,,,least ,,,,bemused.......