Sunday, 23 April 2017

Clock of Destiny

world - beautiful and free,,
all beings of life,
humanity,flora and fauna
born free,,,

as, days move,,time being free,,,
ticks the clock of destiny ,,,,
beings,,, of life,,,born free,,,
mired in vicissitudes of life,,,

fauna and flora, follows
divine nature, - live, life fullest freely free,,

man, being intellectual,,,,
freely uses his mind,,,,
to, satiate meanly desires,,,,
in-pursuit, he forgets realselves,,,

moves along, with many,,,,
for the journey,,,
the life,,, that,,, promises,,,

men comes and men goes
in the life of his,,,,
takes him/her as best pals,,,
for a moment, and along goes,,,

towards the end, only remains,,,
his deeds, that,,,altruistic,,,
world and time being
observers and free,,,

bless him with beautiful
with huge farewell from,,,

as,,,light of his,,
body,,,leaves freely,,,,
only to re-unite,
his real-self ,,,,,,,almighty,,,,,

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