Saturday, 29 April 2017


what's in fact
you endeared to
enforce peace, you
soothe mind and heart
with a DEED you done
drawing paeans  from
many DEED of yours
console and comforted
from confrontation of
plighted, I, being intrigued
as an onlooker ruminate
myself, as the so, DEED
being done by you
resultant action spurted
is really prompted by
your, indisposition or to
quench your heart, to give
peace, if its so, I, ask myself
you, felt really moving
for the plight of plighted?
or if, you are cheating
yourself the DEED you
done, impressed only to
get laud and applaud
from many unknown
I say at last a DEED
is DEED for the needy
if, you are true to yourself
and on listening to call of
supreme force, only can
succour your heart and needy
and bringing out best meaning
to your "DEED" that committed.........!


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