Wednesday, 12 April 2017

Gopal----leaving Gokul.......

GOPAL - leaving GOKUL........

leaving Gopal Gokul!!!
stare of gopikas miserable
gloom surfaced unboundful
seeing off krishna sobbed uncontrollable,

Gopikas and Radhika, calves and cows,
trailing  behind chariot mounted by Radhikadaas
lost themselves  in the tunes
of flute played by Muralidas,

Roarings and Cryings, shaking
Shreekrishna heart in - to melting
prompting to, address all in consoling
comforting and emphasizing,

I'm always, at your disposal, on calling
"rest assured" krishna said, I'm leaving
" dues, that are due to others" for clearing,
and for Kansh towards shunning ego to liberating,

a long pending task that's breeding I'm remembering,
for, the time to ripe and making me moving
from GOKUL to MATHURA also for unbridling,
 VASUDEVA and DEVKI from Shackling,

listening to which, RADHIKA and GOPIKAS
wished shree krishna, all the best wiping rolling tears
asked NANDGOPAL "enthrall and show divine leelas,
and make others, realise-painlessness and pleasures"


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