Sunday, 30 April 2017


love is eternal,
love is univeral and spiritual,
whosoever, drinks ambrosia of love,
would shower affection and empathy,
love,,, sometimes,,,seeks aloofness
but,,, never seeks,,,venegence,.
love gives strength to sacrifice
not,,,,repulsiveness ,,
love is beauty, love is divinity,,,,
love gives unity,,,
love envisages
longevity and purity,,,
Dunk,,,Dive,,,,,,and ,,,,,swim through it,,,
experience,,, life and self,,,,immortality ....
Love is the one that,,,
binds,,, us,,, to form togetherness,
love is the essence that makes, one's,,,,
Life,,,, beatiful and fill with sweetness,
love is the ingredient of,,,procreation,
love,,, without feelings,,,,, lifeless,,,,,,,,