Monday, 10 April 2017

Mulling & Munching

Mulling and Munching,,,,,I,,, set,
  For,,,Pulling,,,,,,Myself,,,  in........
Wilderness,,, of ,,,, unbridled thought,,,,
  Fore - seeking, to reach,,,Joy of Pinnacle ,,,,on......

Always,,,,Setting,,,myself - Off,,,, in,,
  a,,, brisk walk,,,leaving,,,,home,,,,,
With,,a,,gusto of spirit,, takes,,,a,,dive-in,,,
  Pool of Water, as to,,,take to,,, pinnacle of joy,,,home,,,,

Left with meandering,,,,, reaching home,,,,
  Wonder,,,, where to get,,,,Pinnacle of Joy,,,on
Set to,,,,make my steps ,,,,,,off,,, home,,,,
  Return ,,,,,only to ,,,,,wonder, where I'm to ,,,on,,,,,

Quest,,,of,,,, Joy of Pinnacle, making soul,,,,
  Restless,,,,,,made me,,,a move,,,to outer avenues,,,,
Waft of floral fragrance,,,or,,,touch,,gong of bell
  Of temple,,,,failed to satiate,,,,,thirst,,, the soul's....

Wilderness of thoughts and soul of Mine,,,
  Unleashing,, possibilities of,,, joy of pinnacle,,,
to reach on,,and,,led me to,,,shore and terrain,,,,
  Scale of mountain and Step on shore,,,unable to Please soul,,,,,

Soulful thoughts,,,again hovering,,,,,I,,,,ran,,,at
  a,,,full - throttle,,,making,,,, My Mind,,Scale
Everest,,,, the Mountain,,said to be highest,,
  Touching its tip, one, attains joy of Pinnacle,,,,

Everest,,,,scaling and touching its,,,pinnacle,,
  Added only to list of Achievers at,,,best,,,,
My quest of soul,, reaching of,,,joy of pinnacle,,,,
  Laid at rest, only to enjoy,,encomium as,,, materialist

I,,, reached at last,,,,the home - finest and sweetest,,,, My eyes,
  brimmed,,,with,,, drops of joy,,,,the Spectacle Of,,My,,, be-spectacled,,,,,
givers of birth,,, I,,,lay around my arm,,,at rest,,,Wondered of my wanderings,,
  how foolish, I'm at best,,, realising warm hug of Everest,,a,,,least ,,,,bemused.......


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  2. The struggle... the achievement...