Monday, 29 May 2017



it's a full moonlight
Moon is like milky
see through pleat
layering black and patchy

I gaze her reposing
my back on beach front
staring at her unceasing
seeming like making a hint

to the sea of tides those rising
my anxiety rose to fervent
as Candescent waves whispering
as if moon implied a thing, unpleasant

far away at distance a clime
of vivacious gaiety with a
dulcet of dance bouncy as birth
of baby taken from womb of

a woman "like efflorescence
bloomed bud as a lustering flower
and so as a mistress to motherhood"
and lost themselves in the mood

unwary of acrimonious battle
that ensued with borders
unsettled waves of sea beating
shore lashing and lambasting

as if waves "trying raising
alarm of forthcoming milieu
of a rain of shelling and bombing"
alerting to look and hide, you

all for safety I  clandestinely being
spectator of moon's advisory
to the waves of candescence
understood the murmuring and whispering

as something inside me prompting
I too made my heels run after
alas!!!  happened everything
that's shouldn't have to occur

bright light of Moon went fading
waves loosing sheen remorsefully whispered
as if requesting GOD for arresting
& immunizing humanity from brutality and bloodshed

I too being
witness of the scene ardently
continued to pray GOD along
with waves and moon vehemently

©Prasanna kkumar

Saturday, 27 May 2017



Threshold of house longing for sound of foot steps
Entrance of beloved, sparkle HER sunken eyes
Curious to have glance of HIS
Eyes of HER's starts beating eyelashes

Saying "Herself" to consciousness of HER's
"sight of HIS" I hadn't had for - days months and years
frieght of life set's out,"HIS"foot -steps
Setting us apart to give best Soothness and Comforts

"let me Adorn and Embellish of "HIS" choice
"Tinklings of bangles and Dangles of Ears
Makes mood afloat of "HIS"
Holding,"I'M" breath of mine to have glimpse of "HIS"

Adorning myself with colours of "HIS"
Choice "I" run towards Doorsteps
on hearing honks
Of vehicles

"oh" "My concsiousness"
"oh" "My threshold of house"

"Are your hearing ,n, feeling "My Beloved" footsteps and fragrance?"

Enjoying, the joy unrestrained
"I"stretched arms
to lay around "HIS"shoulders
,as,,"HE" entered making sound with "HIS" footsteps...............!

©Prasanna Kkumar

Tuesday, 23 May 2017



No word of thine, "He/She " needs
expression of which "He/She" expects least
thougths of thine vibrate "He/She's" feelings
hearing them as" HUM" as if thou trilling in "He/She's" EARS

word on paper beyond move
thoughts of "He/She's" hardly leave
mind of thine wail in pain
felt and thought cries are - vain

Thou -- reeling under deprivation
shunned inhibition with determination
took a plung to reach destination
to embrace  "He/She" with
soulful ecstatic purification


Sunday, 14 May 2017

I'm.........the ROCK


Gush of water ,,,through
wrath of Sun to hold,,,,within,,,,
heart of ROCK,,,,rocked,,,,
fissures,,,never to,,,fill,,,,
gaps,,, that,, created,,,,,
wail,,,of,,, ROCK,,,,unheard,,,,
passed,,, me(ROCK) ,,,as,,,a,,,stone,,,
to,,be,,,kicked and thrown,,,
weight,,, of,,, ROCK(mine),,,,,
crack-ness  and rift- ness,,,,
stood like a,,,, rampart,,,
once,,,never,,,,let,,,,aliens - in,,,,
be,,,it,,living or non-
living beings,,,that,, enjoy
territory,,,,held by,,,
I,,the ROCK,,crumbled,,,,
trampled,,by so-called,,,,
noble and ignoble,,,alike,,,
left me,,,, as,,,,gullible,,,,
forgotten,,, my(ROCK),,,,
"I (ROCK),,, too,,, resolved,,,
 I (ROCK),,,,never,, to,,give - in",,,
and never,,,ever,,,carry away,,,,
of human,,,,those,,,taken
themselves,,, as,,,intellects,,
ROCK,,,I'm,,, and I'm - the nature,,,,
why can't,,, I,, deluge,,
with,,,allowance of water,,,
to,,,,pass through,,, my fissures
with,,,you,,,,,being self - centric,,,
see,,,my  sway,,,as ROCK
that,,,,acted for you,,,,as BULWARK,,,,,,,


Monday, 8 May 2017

HIS -- a tribute

         HIS--A tribute

My brother - My breather
stance of his staunch
philosophical trysts
unmatched relentless

sticking to HIS stand
hardly unshacken in
times of adverse
stimulation of situation

He, being ascetic, in
sense of HIS own
forebearing remarks
of satirical from, HIS

Environ of known, and
unknown HE my real
sage of life to cherish
further throughout, my

life span memories of
his, unerasable from, my
conscience HIS smile
and talk smooth in nature

soothen my restless behaviour
word of HIS raise me, motivated
inspired by HIS presence ever
felt myself of energized

HIS - voice reverbates, my ears
HIS - smile, envisages, my eyes
HIS - presence, senses, my soul
HIS - philosophy makes him, eternal

He - MY lovely elder brother
left ME,  vaccum of affection
to fill, by none other, than
HIS - memories abound

A small tribute, who, left us unexpectedly to reach eternity
HE is my elder brother, my elder brother........!


Wednesday, 3 May 2017

Rhyme - Rhythm

Rhyme and Rhythm
Of lines I pen budging
and moving non-sync
Thoughts of mind
Making my hand
Restless and scribbles
Making me a nonsensical
Thinker of ephemeral
And eternal material
And immaterial
a realm Of Immortal
and deliberate to differentiate
Moral and Immoral
My lines,I pen
Fail to create partiality
Moved on with sincerity
Cognizing sheer frugality
Realising hard to create
Sensuality of Rhyme
and Rhythm,  I'm a
Kind of Lunatic, imbibed
Myself in the universe
of Mine, to perceive
Divine within and I
Kept myself, moving on and on
With penning lines


Monday, 1 May 2017



Babble of Mouth
Stutter of tongue
flutter of lips
fail a word, she
could comprehend
at as HER, aura
touches my
conscience, closing
eyes of mine, gone
into a state of mind
visualized HER as
she aside,
my side and maunder
in the ear with,
meandering gibber
I, too started
chatter with teeter
lost in myself
I realized being
disparaged as insane
by friends of mine
set myself off
from them, I
went on and immersed
in HER infatuated SOUL
realizing HER mentally
albeit she can never
be touched, physically

My heart, continue to pound for HER blissful entry.............!