Monday, 8 May 2017

HIS -- a tribute

         HIS--A tribute

My brother - My breather
stance of his staunch
philosophical trysts
unmatched relentless

sticking to HIS stand
hardly unshacken in
times of adverse
stimulation of situation

He, being ascetic, in
sense of HIS own
forebearing remarks
of satirical from, HIS

Environ of known, and
unknown HE my real
sage of life to cherish
further throughout, my

life span memories of
his, unerasable from, my
conscience HIS smile
and talk smooth in nature

soothen my restless behaviour
word of HIS raise me, motivated
inspired by HIS presence ever
felt myself of energized

HIS - voice reverbates, my ears
HIS - smile, envisages, my eyes
HIS - presence, senses, my soul
HIS - philosophy makes him, eternal

He - MY lovely elder brother
left ME,  vaccum of affection
to fill, by none other, than
HIS - memories abound

A small tribute, who, left us unexpectedly to reach eternity
HE is my elder brother, my elder brother........!


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