Monday, 29 May 2017



it's a full moonlight
Moon is like milky
see through pleat
layering black and patchy

I gaze her reposing
my back on beach front
staring at her unceasing
seeming like making a hint

to the sea of tides those rising
my anxiety rose to fervent
as Candescent waves whispering
as if moon implied a thing, unpleasant

far away at distance a clime
of vivacious gaiety with a
dulcet of dance bouncy as birth
of baby taken from womb of

a woman "like efflorescence
bloomed bud as a lustering flower
and so as a mistress to motherhood"
and lost themselves in the mood

unwary of acrimonious battle
that ensued with borders
unsettled waves of sea beating
shore lashing and lambasting

as if waves "trying raising
alarm of forthcoming milieu
of a rain of shelling and bombing"
alerting to look and hide, you

all for safety I  clandestinely being
spectator of moon's advisory
to the waves of candescence
understood the murmuring and whispering

as something inside me prompting
I too made my heels run after
alas!!!  happened everything
that's shouldn't have to occur

bright light of Moon went fading
waves loosing sheen remorsefully whispered
as if requesting GOD for arresting
& immunizing humanity from brutality and bloodshed

I too being
witness of the scene ardently
continued to pray GOD along
with waves and moon vehemently

©Prasanna kkumar

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