Saturday, 27 May 2017



Threshold of house longing for sound of foot steps
Entrance of beloved, sparkle HER sunken eyes
Curious to have glance of HIS
Eyes of HER's starts beating eyelashes

Saying "Herself" to consciousness of HER's
"sight of HIS" I hadn't had for - days months and years
frieght of life set's out,"HIS"foot -steps
Setting us apart to give best Soothness and Comforts

"let me Adorn and Embellish of "HIS" choice
"Tinklings of bangles and Dangles of Ears
Makes mood afloat of "HIS"
Holding,"I'M" breath of mine to have glimpse of "HIS"

Adorning myself with colours of "HIS"
Choice "I" run towards Doorsteps
on hearing honks
Of vehicles

"oh" "My concsiousness"
"oh" "My threshold of house"

"Are your hearing ,n, feeling "My Beloved" footsteps and fragrance?"

Enjoying, the joy unrestrained
"I"stretched arms
to lay around "HIS"shoulders
,as,,"HE" entered making sound with "HIS" footsteps...............!

©Prasanna Kkumar