Monday, 5 June 2017

Heart & Ear

Heart & Ear

Pounding of my heart
sounded shriller to
my ear, to which it
become rabid & enraged,

with anxiety asked heart,
as what's reason behind
its raucous throbbings,

heart of mine, replied
to the my pristine ear,
"the urge of being prodded
and excited by someone,

as, I, eye my "eye on"

I, till now, wilted but as she
stepped into me bloomed
as with deep panting
and gasping ,I, erupted,

a look of her made, my
otherwise grey and gloomy
nature into lively and lovely

and, I, felt like, as if, I'm
watching from a distance
misty rolling waves of sea
on the backdrop of clouds,

hovering over
and, grey as it appear
in surroundings,

I, witness on dewy waves
a white angel laps & dance

to which ,I, lost consciousness
laughed at my foolishness
slouching , I, pounded and sounded
my ignorance shriller,

to the level of your(ear) infuriation""

saying all this my heart
continued its duty of
beatings & pulsations and
rendering ear to pristine............


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