Monday, 19 June 2017



having done the routine
chores of day and a life's
imperative obligation of
keeping the momentum,
making the embodiment
of soul, moving until last
breath hitched to physical
body indulged in making a

embers of past struck to
my mind, as I enthralled
audience in a jam - packed
opera - house, rhapsodic
singing of mine, enrapture
audience to swoon in

intoxication and exhilaration
making the audience
demanding more of my
  rhapsodic composition,

days are gone by

I once a sensation of music
rendered to be famished
as I left to be broke
by whimsical plays of fate,

by ability of singing being
                                      taken away
by shock of current of electricity

audience once were fans of mine
no more incline to recline
as I no more relieve their pain
by singing  or by being mute

least they find me now as their
source of solace!

Perky and Jazzy I'M, continuing to hum - a song of my rhapsodic composition yoked to
my body
and my soul
keep surviving and surviving

nb: Dedicated to all differentlyabled ,dumb and deaf, visually impaired persons of performers of Art. thank you.



  1. You still are a demanding presence...

  2. thanks for your beautiful comment,.GOD BLESS YOU