Friday, 9 June 2017



walking through isle
far and away from bustle

" I could hear my footsteps
 I could hear my heart beats"

idea of being alone
at location of idyllic

set my soul unrest
set my foot in haste

leaving the jostle
found myself in eerie

jungle in the midst of islet
sun rays hardly penetrate

"I could hear my footsteps
I could hear my heart beats"

as I walk through

frazzled I'm, set my back
at rest, aside of foliage

rattling and cackling
of birds and snakes,

I could hear
as they fall into my ear

mustered I myself together
meditated within and inner

as I closed my eyes

            I could sense
tunes mellifluous
          of divine nature

I bewildered at my
    serendipitous stumble
I rather felt imbibed
     in cosmic dust, that surrounded

self realisation.... is this
                          it seemed
as I always delved
           made me realized

grateful to Almighty for, HE
honoured me with the vision of shadow.,nothing but mine
darkness of its, kissed by glow of
                   crescent for a moment

and I made my move with that acquired
         moved on, carrying out my duties
                    with pleasure, GOD assigned!


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