Saturday, 17 June 2017



Tunes of trilling with
lilting voice of a bird
passed my ears as I sat
in the corner of the garden
of trees I could listen to
the voice flowing in
heaved I, raised my head
to catch the origin of tune
I found on a sparrow on the
twig, leaves fallen apart
sensing myself something

unsound posed a question
the sparrow with a lilting
the sparrow of trilling

"why is your tune sad
and voice lilting"

to which sparrow alighted
to have her say, at once "I was
once among human race
flocking around and perching on
rooftops, with the advent of mobiles

and its ringings made my species
at stake, only remained we few
how could our voice be heard
among buzzing ringtones

now bothered we at least
humans went past, past glory
of our chirps, he indulges in his
device at most a contraption that
made him introvert at the best
to forget nature's gift"

saying this sparrow crouched
its tender soft sapped body
with its frail and feeble wings
to fly away and as I was watching

sparrow taking its flight
I silently kept my device at
silence mode, in the pocket
and pledged myself to use it
at modest, look and take
the nature as my dearest


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