Sunday, 23 July 2017



I'm  just an actor of a play
enacting the role, the best as I can
designed to assign by creator, carry
myself on the stage and dias to begin

monologue  - a harangue
to the audience, in - absence
to amphitheatre's, resonance
my soliloquy without hindrance

reverberate the throes of agony
pangs of ache and torments
with ever increasing human disunity
with discrimination of races and borders

disintegrating chain of unification
a human integration, crumbling
to meanly egoistic sensation
a rift, filled with inhumane abomination

a trend of jingoist and chauvinistic  attitude
sets the mind people fire with vociferous
vigour demand rights, sometimes unsuited and a verbose of unnecessary struggles

mother earth lamented with developments
that are taking place,.with human divisions
listening to it, I, with my soul - the plights
sobbed and sang with full voice as lunatics

a soliloquy  -
with no spectators and listeners.....!


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