Sunday, 2 July 2017



Bathing in gloom of despair
aloof from friends and peer
simmering with loose temper
slovenly muddled composure

HE is in quest of  quartz
HE is in quest of  poise
HE is in quest of  petal
HE is in quest of  embrace

poised  HE at once
as falling his eye on quartz
glass, reflection of
pretty angle with plumage

Glare of sensuous figure
doused his loneliness, azure
like, he become with clear
sense of grandeur splendor

welcoming his bliss
a never dreamt bless

scurried to clear dingy floor
sprinkled and strewed petals
of rose, lined the marble floor
eschewed he, as she set foot on petals

shimmering in the shining
of pleats of her glossy dress
resembling plume of feathers
of white peacock, He bedazzling,

with gripping enchantment
stretched his hands in excitement

to embrace, only to find
of his vision
is, an ideation of hallucination,
being erupted

into plume of fancy apparition!


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