Saturday, 1 July 2017



Blizzard of darkness
silhouetted the smiles
of hundred and thousands
of men and women

a realm of plentiful
feast of rejoice with kids
around the legs
jumping and jiving in

glee,  playing with toys
and dolls, fluttering
gowns of young girls
googly - eyed young boys

flickering  of candlelights
savour of sumptuous
palatable dishes

to devour

it was a like world of
carnival, a gala of
fiesta, otherwise
known as "beau monde"

a wonderful
exotic epitome
of wholesomeness


a carbuncle of hatred
and jealousy engulfed
the hamlet by the lakeside
crested amidst alps and peaks

snatching away all its
and innocence
with technological inadvertence!


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