Saturday, 22 July 2017



betrayed and seduced,
she  - the black widow
snarled and intertwined
I, in the web of amorous blow

intricate web of tender
feelings as she weaved
tendril like,I, hooked, hanker
her sight and touch, drowned

in her as if , I, was hypnotized
bewitched by her presence
lost my prudence, sensed
everything as, absurdly not an essence

intoxicated with her deceptive looks
I, begin to submit myself, least
bothered to worldly censure and rebukes
staggered, I, as she lurched abrupt

become I, like a maniac

wondered at my condition
figured out the reason
only to realise, never to happen
as I felt,
something uncontrollable happen

irrespective of anyone

as, limits we have within
holding ourselves, hardly retain
our intellectual sense, sheen
of its loose in sentient plane

which otherwise is ONISM
a monism, being stuck in materialism
(of) limits of body, a realism
with missing of some rhythm....!


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