Thursday, 31 August 2017



fun - an essence
a mere - defence
who is in trance
of agonizing blues of dejection
joker, as per appearance
funster,  as per funniness
a cloak, ever he/she masks
masquerade with facade of smiles
among the people, he/she meets
veil of happiness
- a camouflage
in fact
is boon and bliss, at times
for down casts
an inhibiting mortals
funster -  a disposition,
is essential indeed
to soothe our soul with pleasures
albeit  with fleeting moments........!


Wednesday, 23 August 2017



its alright,
its acceptable
as far as
you, be hold of your reins
of passions and attachments
restrained of capricious moods
whimsical and inconsistent actions,
you are considered to be congruous
and harmonious of social aims
and aspirations as
expected of civilized beings
with agreeable norms,
and you would be
honoured and accepted as
a human being with
a character of copacetic nature......!


Tuesday, 22 August 2017



since, the birth of humans
sordid motives playing games
through the Psyche, moods
get entangled in jumbles


disarray and disjointed feelings
carry oneself in the confusions
human is least at peace
looking for chance -
a perchance, of instance
that uplifts
forever from this
scrabbles and clambers,
tumults and turmoils

a never ending clamour of struggles
I wish!
the human gets, the chance -
to grab
a gift of hope
to the extent of exuberance
to chance upon
the light of divine interference........!


Monday, 21 August 2017



wow ! what a wonderful
incidence a beautiful
emergence of sun rays
as it raises behind
rocky horizons

silhouetted contours

humps of peak
with other mountain
in the foreground
resplendence and brilliance

vibrant sunshine
as rays fall on its
chilly and frosty surface
with a warmish presence

the mountain

invigorated and enlivened
blooming of mossy
cover all over
Pearl like dewdrops
affixed to it

a serene mood
mountain enthralled
as the rays of sun pass
and falls as bliss
to which the mount thanks
the sun for
the everlasting beautiful bless.......!


Sunday, 20 August 2017

Ducks and Drakes.....

Ducks and Drakes.......

Days of playing
ducks and drakes
running along
the streams
stones being
picked up by my hands
to let them afloat
on the water, generating
ripples to the merriment of my eyes
scenes of ducks being
ducked raising bottom of its
while its head and beak immersing
and shaking its body
with beautiful movements
fluttering and flapping
of its feathers,
with excess water spilling
and splashing dewdrops
as they appear, a scene to, beholding
on forever, those moments
alas! I'm missing as the time moving
on, days being passed with lots
of colourless monotonous
dreary life drudge and struggling
as I close my eyes
a scene  of  ducks being
coming towards as
if they are beckoning
and inviting  me to the shores
of stream to get myself, energizing
and charging among company of theirs.......!


Saturday, 19 August 2017



sitting in the corner
seeing the inner
self,  with deeper
sense, a thought for
serene nature, pour
streaming the mind at core
swim I through entire
sound imagination,  transpire
sets my mind up with pleasure
sought the response, sincere
song, do we ever
sing in reciprocating the favour
service - the nature
served us with fervent ardor
soiling, the nature
steer, we ourselves, ever
standing by the nature
saving its very own nature
saving ourselves from core
spiteful reciprocation of hardcore
surging anger of beautiful nature
soul of mine blurred with desire
seeking answer from nature.........!


Friday, 18 August 2017



oh!...its really
beautiful is the
that presents us
with plethora and
legion of myriad

blues and mopes
fortitude is the attitude
of many indeed,
facing dire straits
with a giggle in the face
unperturbed and composed

shaking off all odds
that comes across
the fortune

by remaining stringent

in the actions, making
oneself a strong
of any adverse and untoward

raising like phoenix

even in hardships
I salute those personalities
who taken, falls failures as opportunities

to raise and stand
to the
inspiration of dismayed
and disheartened..........!


Thursday, 17 August 2017



eons and aeons
ever since
the emergence
of race of humans
with differentiation
of genders
as males and females
on the this earthly
planet called - EARTH
my soul longed
forever, passing
aeonian blue moons
an embrace of
your hands
me with a closed hug
my eyes seeks
your presence with
shimmer to catch
hold in, for ages
await of my wait
ceaseless with
unabated pursuit
for your entrance
into my arms.........!


Wednesday, 16 August 2017



I'M kid with lots
of wants and wishes
smiles away deficits
and dearth I face,
bereft of possessions

enjoyed by a lot
pretty human
- the men and women

as kiddy
youngling mollified

my unwanted desires
with drenching in showers
of blissful pleasures

that I was granted
enough to the
worth of my merit
as I deserved

being muzzled
in the plays and
tunes of
destiny I continued
to play to the role
that bestowed

I made myself moved
on and on as I'M  kid

with a lots
of wants and wishes, wants and wishes.....!


Thursday, 3 August 2017



                 light moon
             lovely reflection
  in the brook running across hill
  in the background of verdant locales
            lightsome carefree
                 bubbly lively
                       girl kid

              enjoying happily
              forgetting clime
surrounding around the kid, the milieu
filled with silence of clattered pandemonium
                    kids eyes
                    filled with
                moon's  glitter

                kid's mom
                placed arms
around took kid, put on her back
moving away from the location - looming
               under bitter
               struggle of
         gender discrimination........!