Sunday, 22 October 2017



for a moment, mind
flashed with the moments
long forgotten and

instance of times
mind pleased to, pleasure at,
in small activities

those never failed to deliver happiness
be it playing in mud or running around trees
flying kites, & fishing only to beget tadpoles

a dive in the local pond to the ire of mother
returning home, with clothes being  soiled,
serving dish of choice, in lividness of anger

taking into arms with piece of advice
& peck on cheek, asking to pay and heed
and look for the future as lots in place

to grab your shoulders as growing up
so many tests & trails - awaits
to make a chance to give competition, up

the ladder, raise you high, taking steps
carefully, make monumental choices

and reach the sky - as it's the limit
make mother proud as you grow eminent

for a moment mind
flashed with moments
never paid heed

of mother's request & pain
lost everything being brazen
& spoiled brat...........!


Saturday, 21 October 2017



thousand things
thousands of years
eons & millions
Chiliad of things
failed to quench
the thirst of men
years passed
man always
growing to be
jumbling his mind
to choose what's
best deserved
confounded with
multiple syndromes
growing to be
abnormal with
passing of every
day and hour
scrambles far and
wide in search of
holistic cure
but never
seem to catch
the inner core
& realise the pleasure
of being composed
within self, as enlightened.......!


Friday, 20 October 2017



what are "YOU"
what's your hold

can "YOU" hold yourself!
chase to hold - other self!

YOU - try your best

to look down upon others
as if a given, chance
to make a mockery
of other's - looks & status

as they hold
what do  "YOU" think of your status!

it's, just and mere a wile
don't "YOU" take yourself
above from other, fellow beings,
lest, "YOU" would fall with wail

from zenith to nadir

have a look in yourself
look above once,  talk to self
& listen to inner conscience
that never falters

YOU - become slave of vagary
loose, the discretionary power
as to, what's the best for your
uplift, in the view of divinity

indiscriminately using your
bestowed power in quelling
weak and oppressed, rather
being, a torchbearer in raising

their "HOPE"

Now, I Say

"who the hell are - "YOU"
"what's your authority"

YOU - can't hold yourself
"how "YOU" set to your hold on others"

be ready with the answers
when you leave this mundane
home below, there's someone
up above waiting to pose, questions......!


Thursday, 19 October 2017



Pitter-Patter, as
drops of rain - fall
beats of heart - dance
in rhythmic fashion - joyful

tickled the acoustic sense
as sounds fall into ears
with mouth utterance
of rhyming verse

with sweet combination
of words in synchronization

giving an effect of
euphonic symphony,

went on
with pleasing tunes,
by singing in praise of
endued bless

the contentment of soul's, fulfillment.....!


Wednesday, 18 October 2017



why do cry
whats the reason you, pry
stumble not with unreasonable try
trample your thoughts to fly
rein them lest you miss ply
& diligence, hold yourself & play
the life tunes with cadence - sly
using your ingenious mind cleverly
take pains and pleasures, as commonly
attributes, digest the aspect as its wily
designs of divine to make you - HOLY
with tests & tribulations, so, suffer them wholly......!


Tuesday, 17 October 2017



the lamp of knowledge
let everyone take umbrage
shine and glow, dusting
away darkness and ignorance

taste the magic of knowing
enjoy the essence by sipping
the beauty it bestows
extracting the pure

the knowledge that, offers
don't just contain yourself
enrich your cognizance

of information & understanding
spread the knowledge, you possess
make aware as per needs and wants
of deprived by enlightening

the poor
with proper guidance
& solution, ways and means
asking them to put into practice

of acquired knowledge
to attain desired outcomes
& make sure to ask return favour
to the repeat the cycle,

to enlighten many -
               The "power of knowledge" .......!


Monday, 16 October 2017



walk of yours make me rock
talk within I, thought wedlock

ticks of clock stop heart beat
pricks, as she give looks - heat

takes I, step away as, she
fakes with a smile, face she

put, as if embodiment of love
cut veil of false expression, trove

you find, of erratic filthy plan
you, never expect from female clan...!


Sunday, 15 October 2017



amber of blue skies
obscure & dusky darkish
reflecting, in the waters

SUN, says "goodbye"
makes, the moon, a way

asking folks give their
body and mind at rest
under cool moon & dream

the forthcoming day
would be fine & aesthetically filled
the beauty of life, waiting to catch on

SUN saying:
"I set to make you people raise"
"I set to make you forget pain"
"I set to make you feel energy"
"I set to make you see fresh day"

as full of promises
of pleasure
and exciting activities
you ever dreamt of................!


Saturday, 14 October 2017



intra and inter - personal intrinsic and
external -  mind struggle to care, concern

multiple & meany things occurring around
mighty it feels, takes a great deal, pertain

to normal things, to deal & make balance
waddle with lots of thoughts, and glance

inimical the physical, senses its view as bad
wage a war within to upend pejorative fad...!


Friday, 13 October 2017



PAIN - what's this
is it a sensation of body?
is it emotional distress?

it's one of five senses
why is it so painful even to hear PAIN
& why some enjoy giving, others PAIN

the same
just makes me think of its complexity
the feeling it induces on human mentality

it's said joy and suffering
should be seen as equal footing

and be taken,
both as complimentary to each other

may be it's
with same understanding
human -
some even, in JOY feels PAIN
& some even in PAIN cheer and gladden

agree or disagree with my contention!
the theory heightens my fascination
psyche and gamble of senses,
and my desire
to further my study on, humans
& psychological aspects - escalates..........!


Thursday, 12 October 2017



appetite for the information and the news
that's happening around consumed
by voyeuristic pleasures
to peek into matters, not concerned

to satiate sensational hunger - YOUTHS

falling into gaping maw of sources
that, supply and transmit material by means
of smart news applications that runs

twenty four into seven

giving updates and breaking news
following the headlines, - seconds
minutes and hours, voracious
of keeping themselves

updated with unnecessary nonsense
and rubbish glued to screens
all the time, as taking themselves
as its being put into productive usage

whereas its otherwise, youths
being gullible driven into dirty maw
of consumerism and exploitation

to which, youths
uncontrolled energy at times, takes
a deviation and wrong turn to the menace
of countries and nations..............!


Wednesday, 11 October 2017



pure impure
what's the furore
why see other's loophole
hold the true core
visualize every other
fellow with unbiased and as fair
let's not be impatient
as to, who's wrong and who's right
it's not your role to assess, its best
to mind your own business, let
other things be as it is, as
everyone is busy in their affairs
following best principles & practices as
they could conforming to the surroundings and local interests
within the milieu of culture they possess
see the best in the others
grab the nice quality the other has
try to honour and appreciate his/her efforts  motivate to give their best
to the society and


Tuesday, 10 October 2017



it makes
me always
feel on tenterhooks
to the thoughts, pertains
to groups and social divisions
of people calling themselves
of a moiety of so and so tribes
always keen on separating, eye's shares
of equal portions of each components
that always stick in togetherness
parting every thing as much as
people can, - as a common sense
it intrigues me,
if every equal part,
subdivides into fragments
and as it goes on with same sprees
at last becomes and remains
to be, none to become a part of humans

to be shared and be parted

my lines appears
to loose its
track but, scratch not! your head as
to where  I, heads

just figuring out the reasons,
as to, what necessitates the divisions
my mind being prosaic fails
to understand machinations

precious endowments
of mother earth being, split into moieties
by inhumane tendencies.............!


Monday, 9 October 2017



hotshot and scholar!

you think, you're an adept
of connoisseur arts
wizard of words, dwelt

in a passion to amass 
gathered all studies 

studied worldly lessons
esoteric and 
shallow mundane matters

certified you by many
as maestro
but you cared least, to put in canny

usage of so gained or acquired
what's the point 
of being ace, if it's not best practiced

let the world call you "maven" shine as best you can by becoming expert,of particular  subject .............!


Sunday, 8 October 2017



oh! its so loving
to bath!
I mean - taking
bath - in the full moon
and in the open,
the enlarged presence
large and round object
soul felt over the moon
may be the -
selene ! -
Greek Goddess of moon,
made me feel and fall
for, the natural
satellite of planet
that's mother earth
and as such I always
bathe looking her,
mind becomes
moonlike, with shower
and splash of the water
as my body receives
with every drop giving
the affect of ambrosial downpour
with the growth of close affinity,
day by day, towards her
as a selenophile - a moon's lover..........!


Saturday, 7 October 2017



let's pedal and bicycle
with an initiative
of spreading message
importance of the - reuse

in our lives - present and future,

as not to, ignore the power
of recycle and upcycle
to make the litter and waste - the better
bringing it in use, by processing & making,

it productive as much as you could, but!

it would happen
only if could take action, as a matter of concern to preserve the environment
from destruction and degradation

drive your passion,
make it your motto of celebration,
so, let's join hands & out -reach
to make a resolve as to transform wastage
and garbage,into beautiful creation............!


Friday, 6 October 2017



hold on,
behold and perceive
appreciate and catch on
the essence of lesson
that's passed on

pauses and breaks
enhances and enriches
discernment  and vision of life
ponder, study and contemplate in gaps
gasp not during uneven,unrhythmic flows

make the beauty, out of ebbs
and tides, bring rhythm to your life
go on, with divine and pleasant
singing with rhythmic melody

taking, interruptions -"caesura", along.......!


Thursday, 5 October 2017



happy are the cute couple
blissfully blessed forever
with occasional bicker
crossfire and squabble
made them more care
towards each other
with, agita unloaded
uneasiness dispelled
as they sit together
resolving every issue
they encounter
difference of opinions
ceased and eased,
as days passed
cognized and sensed
importance of each other
carried life binding together
by not judging but by honour
lead the journey, hand in hand

happy are the cute couple
happy are the cute couple
blissfully blessed forever and ever.........!


Wednesday, 4 October 2017



as I set to write
words fight to take flight
each word takes pride
giving meaningful tide
waves of thoughts tried
to come out of mind
confused I fumbled
with words being scrambled
failed them being streamlined
storm in brain occurred
with brainstorming for being oriented
to make mind relaxed and poised
drops from eyes trickled
with pleasing tinkle sound
ecstatic state being engulfed
as inharmonic and
incoherent thoughts being discarded
I remained to be focussed
with divine thoughts being poured
dance of words started
on the paper as they penned
with lips being lilted
as I started
to croon in praise of lord..............!


Tuesday, 3 October 2017



discord and dissension
do we need these?
are we so, hunger for friction
can't we let others, at ease

to practice what they follow,
and live in harmony and peace
do we need to meddle, other fellow
and! what eligibility do we possess

to ask the faith and matters - related
to question superiority and inferiority
we are honoured with so many and varied
beliefs,tastes choices, what not by divinity

to tickle our taste buds, to test
our prudence, how best we harmonize
with other social beings and taste
the slice of felicity and happiness

accepting social customs of others
respecting mutually binding together
in every situation or activity, gathers
unity leaving, misery of communal temper,


building friendly atmosphere
of being compatible with all,
to achieve a goal of peaceful
coexistence must be our endeavour

courteous concordance
of preferences and other
that's - Comity, forever
and  a divine order.................!


Monday, 2 October 2017



autumn and spring
make your life zing
with seasons changing
make your mood rock and swing
enjoying yourself a being
and a part of nature's wing
experience it within and sing
a song both sad and tapping
number, and learning
that sometimes casting
of calmness, sadness is not a glooming
neither, the otherwise being a merrymaking,
just be the witness of joy of giving
of the divine, with its way of making
you balance of every situation, likening
your life to autumn by leafs falling
at the same time blooming
of fresh in the spring
so hop and howl every moment making most of everything and taking
life as, one time blessing..................!


Sunday, 1 October 2017

smile your way.........

smile your way..........

smile for a while
for you
loose nothing, nor wail in ail

smile is gifted to you
so beam and cheer
your way always, coz  you

are blessed to spread cheer
smile through eyes
or smile by lips but don't jeer

sneer or snort at others just, see your eyes
always look them,  calming
as you are the one, who could set their eyes

during tough times, on you, seeking
umbrage under your beautiful asset
of smile,& graceful looks, you possess relieving

from pain, so my friend having a great, asset
make it use, no matter you deprived
of material possessions, you are divine, set

your spirit with zesty " smile",  wipe the tears of oppressed
recognize its efficacy, that lifts the mood of depressed...........!


Saturday, 30 September 2017



succulent and yummy
is the fruit
looking plumpy and juicy
mouthwatering is its
as it dropped from lanky
tree on the ground
kids gather around
to lay their hand,
while playing
stopped a while and darted
as if, who would! grab
the toothsome firsthand
and claim
a kid among caught, hold
of toothy,
shared happily,
divided equally
to gaiety of everybody
he took a bite of piece
from everyone as they
delightfully put in his
its a scene,
so heartfelt
appeared to me
something to learn from
signed off and left the place
with a resolution
and conviction to pass
and share
with whatever I, possess
among well wishers
and spread cheers
of course -if not equally,
at least a bit
to the best of my ability .............................!


Friday, 29 September 2017



epistolary of billet-doux
become stale as he set 
to epistolize with ink and 
quill, parchment parried
adroit,  as he was
about to put, saying !" you're 
outdated idiot and dullard
dodo, don't you know
times have been changed
made over with new 
tastes and interests
your beloved too afar
she is no more
waiting your letter,
written by your sweet hand
to be read, and moved ahead
she is now a smart geek
every moment of hers 
filled with busy schedule 
she hardly builds castles
in air and expects 
no charming - prince
she is on her own
confident of cudgeling,
any inadvertent
your letter faded
your emotions
became old dated 
winning her with modern
means only option, 
for the new methods
can make you, near her
just leave the pen and paper
hold the gadget, message her
make your fingers 
dance and let 
beautiful flow of feelings
pass and touch chords
in real-time",
go ahead my friend!
keep me aside I, don't mind
hold a smart pad and 

start - epistolize......................!


Thursday, 28 September 2017



-it's journey
with each passing
of days
change happens
keep your toes
abreast with latest,
brace yourself always
to accept imminent
and impending outcomes
modernity takes
place with resultant
aggiornamento - is
expected, that's
keeping yourself always
updated and up to date
with the developments
that occurs
with passage of moments
as clock ticks

enjoy this beautiful travel
coz! life is journey
-its journey.....................!


Wednesday, 27 September 2017



it was
like another,
any other day
a beautiful
and a pleasant day
with chirpy sounds
in the morning
and yawning
of folks as they up
from sleep
a distant, away
a tune made it's way
came through blowing
of shofar,
every body
was alerted, taking
its a call of prayer
time to congregate and gather
to everybody's wonder
it's a terror
alas! its a signal
of war
erupted by
hostility of communal
conflagration and asymmetry
ripping apart harmony
rendering disunity.......................!


Tuesday, 26 September 2017



enduring and eternally
endless, is life's lecture
and instructions
chasing and prompting
us, to have the experience
of endless
and ceaseless journey
of assignments, with
a striding
stepping to proceed
and advance along with
the time
leaving the past behind
to study further, to acquire
offered by teachings of life
moving ahead with grasping
of gist
that's everything is deciduous
be it - moments of gloom or
just enjoying both, take a view
of how life presents itself,
the unknown expectations
and pleasures,as you cross
days and nights

walking past, every moment that comes across............!


Monday, 25 September 2017



making a move!
while, think of having
just remember to have
a feeling, something
within and have
a peep inside your inner
an indwelling of a force
fierce - is the spirit
propels your fire
and thrusts you to
a leap and spring with
right motivation

catch on
the moment and put
your best foot forward
you may falter

stand in
poise posture with
a positive stance and shoot
with passionate blast...........!


Sunday, 24 September 2017



the moment that made you, move
with tempestuous and tumultuous
outpour of feelings, and move

that made you loose your, conscientious
upright thinking, challenge of course,
co'z, it's a test of your patience of righteous

attitude whether you influenced by
the trail of those, who tread the
path towed by fragrance of murky

physical and corporeal blithe
you have a sense of discretion
to the level of great disposition, at the

time of contingent situation
never yourself loose the chance
of using the best and gifted option

move with a right determination, since
you're the best in your truthful diction
stand at any cost, go!  never - dalliance

sillage of impression marked by your action
loved by many in reaction as admiration......!


Saturday, 23 September 2017



staring and gazing at stars
during, free time of yours
did you ever come about
a thought of reflecting
about, your - the so called
position and stature,
have you tried to decipher,
or grokked to catch on
the message profoundly
as I feel, the better is your
position, the better is for
other's too and for those
deprived, but, you seems
to have rapt and absorbed
in yourself, that, you lost
intuitive faculty of hearing
tingles of aches,
when you
have everything at your
disposal and blessings
a twinge for you
by the divine, sometimes
bestowed upon
I, feel is for your uplift
to grok,  as to what's
best way to put
yourself before others,

by means of spending your time
by means of pecuniary service
by means of any kind assistance........!


Friday, 22 September 2017



calm and still is
the nature
call of cuckoos,
from far away
fell into my ears
as soothing tweets

sighed, I
taking a deep breathe
walked towards
to view the gorgeous
firmament, with clouds
above my head as

I, look at them
with fascinated curiosity
thought, how they
take different shapes,
resembling birds, animals
humans, trees and peaks,
to me
sky appeared, as
canvas, with clouds
forming themselves
as designs

to gift a pleasant view
to us,

I, feel - the murmur
as clouds loosen, themselves
to drizzle with soughing
as drops drip and make

to fall on my face as, if we
both - clouds and I,  interact

with rustling of raindrops
falling all over my surroundings

soaked in them I, felt my
soul fluttered
as younglings of bird..................!


Thursday, 21 September 2017



bliss and felicity
far to approach
might wonder
what's holding them
back reaching, core
have you ever
introspected, inner
within, remember
and recollect,
your wayward
recalcitrant attitude
those effected by
haughty behaviour
of yours,
now as you
getting aged,
Elysium of peace,
retrospect once
and see for yourself
whether you deserve,
the warm fuzzies and blessedness........!


Wednesday, 20 September 2017



never  it occurred, he could
ever, plunged himself in ilk - sensuous
had he not.,had been encountered

by cravings of pleasures with glamorous
scintillating earthly
beguiling bewitchment with inglorious

veil of wishes shrouding, albeit transiently
for a moment, mood of his
went on to relish, in a berserk wildly

manner, loosing sense of his
discretion moved on, to gobble
clandestinely, momentary pleasure as eyes of his

hazy and cloudy with mind dangle
with intoxication, found himself
in a position of disgust and uncomfortable

unable to digest how deep, himself
mired up and disdained by others
thoughts trickled, how the mess created by himself

with envision of reality, gathers
wit & conscience, resolved the matters....!


Tuesday, 19 September 2017



raising from deep slumber
rubbing, drowsy eyes stepped
out of room to look at the nature
intrigued and awed as he, glanced

whether the sun raising or setting
mind struggling to make, the sight
out, as dawn or dusk beguiling
in the ambience, to the touching plight

a condition pity, with wit and ability
being at stake, distinguish between
day and night hardly can discern
silhouetted by his loosing heart, cloudy

and gloomy inundated his, otherwise
cheerful and cordial nature, lonesome
he, unexpectedly stumbled, morose
of his, become light and bright, with hope

a ray and light from a gap, shone
and touched, his eyes as he witnessed,
making, through the branch of tree
consoled by conscience, pounced

to grab the beauty, behind
woods, watching always him
but was never given care, ignored
caressed her hair as, he realised

she is the one , he missed
a pour soul with least concerned
by glossy enjoyments, weak he, as fooled
by external appearance, missed

her, so far
an embrace of her, heart filled........!


Monday, 18 September 2017



light, boasts
itself, as it passes
every nook and corners
finds itself sometimes
impenetrable, least
touch the layer
some kind
of shrubs and trees
resist to large rays,
tolerant to shades
and some
find themselves
being grown beneath
canopy of forests
above the forest floors
penetrating not to any
deep or great extents
as - understory,
vegetation and habitation
depending less
on sunlight, yet
supplying as requires
by the nature, underlyingly
by, its help and its benefit
to the general mankind.........!


Sunday, 17 September 2017



these days, it seems
man always looks
for excuses, steps
away, to flex muscles

interested, hardly to put mind
at work, seeks cash anyways
to meet his necessities, find
quick and easy money as

source, betting and gambling comes
as handy, wagering becomes his wages
indulges himself, with passing days
with the fortune, he gathers,

even after knowing, it hardly stays
he carries on, in, inebriated spirits
sinecure ways to be shunned,  as
hardworking nature of his, takes

away and renders him weak
relying on easy means
to satisfy his needs
when time necessitates, he hardly yields

finding himself destructed
mentally at worst
to put, physical capacity at best
a serious and recent trend

that's taking place,
occupying mind sets
of many, that serves and being served.........!


Saturday, 16 September 2017



powerhouse of purity
that's filled within
tucked away

from -
urban hue and cry
with resounding tumults
and day to day runs
for making both ends
meet, with lots
of pressures,
content with artificial
things, that seems
to give relief from
everyday battles
air conditions, swanky
motors, touch pads
pride, themselves
extending all facilities
human needs, taking
away their, thoughts
making them as
mechanical devices
making them
addictive and depend
make them forget
to talk with nature
that has given
many pleasures,
mires itself in the
self created possessions.,

an essence of purity
still carrying with placidity
remaining intact, is destination
nothing but an hinterland,
where you find yourself
best, taking breathes
in lap as, you steers
your car and stops by
then you realize,
what you lost and amiss.......!


Friday, 15 September 2017



autumn sets in
soul danced in mellowing
calmness, as witnessing
nature's giving away
a gift - resplendent
magic, throwing
the charm of transforming
foliage with dazzling shades
of colours to pleasing eyes
a delightful feast
to rejoice ourselves
in tones of soft tunes
and conjuring effect of its
wizardry with luster of leaves
bestowing peacefulness,
the whole process
of leaves
in the very season,
turning into shades
of red, yellow,
purple and brown
well, it's
locally known as - Ruska
in the Finnish (Finland) region
a spectacular phenomenon
a refreshing zone
to that attracts, my attention..........!


Thursday, 14 September 2017



we grownups, are we
really!, I wonder and ponder
as getting into adulthood
from teenaged, have we never

felt like an interference, our
elders or as a matter of
fact, our parents try to
convince or try to give

a piece of advice for our
advantage, fearing as we
not stumble and loose our
ways we tend to, as teens

lost in tendency of taking ourselves
knowing of everything, all those years
never, we lend an ear, took them as
kibitzers and meddlers of our growing days

even nowadays - grownups
as we call ourselves
on reaching adult age
has the tendency, gone away, I guess

b' coz, kibitzing is good, in some
events, by our well wishers, n, pals
for non - occurrence of
unfortunate incidences

we disregard them, and
their sincere desire, behind
take them as gabblers and babblers
stealers of our privacy, whereas

we are at, loosing something
so nice, on the happenstance
and as we grow, on getting age, some
find this is, an interest aspect,

as, one of the gifts of divine
takes in their life,
enjoying, its benefit.......!


Wednesday, 13 September 2017



I, once
think of fall,  for her
 - in love
she shower, as it appear
a synthetic and cosmetic
a figment of delusion
a chimera and fantasy
filled daydream,
dreaming, I as real
realistic vision,
fell in love
as the time ticked
and moments passed
I, jolted
as she jilted
leaving me puzzled
wondered I, questioned
 who the fool is?
is it I, who worshipped
or is it she, who debunked
my righteous behavior
taken me as loser
moved farther,
in quest of mightier
ended up
in a mirage of luxurious hunger
I set to remain
as being myself calm, as ever.....!


Tuesday, 12 September 2017

sunny day.......

sunny day........

its sunny day and Sunday
we friends made our way
through, mundane everyday
routines, to enjoy and merry

in the jolly - Arvo "ah-vo",
as, its spelled - a beautiful
evening, with sun kissing
horizon - a scene spiritual

we witnessed, as sun setting
transforming into dusky
nightfall, with stars appearing
a setup taking in, with moon ray

touching us, with its milky
smile, we all together sit under
experiencing, holy tranquility
stood up,  shuddering our shoulder s

and, left the place with refreshing
minds, to carry on chores designed
discharging with positivity surrounding
to give best as far as we can, bind

with resolution, we moved on......!


Monday, 11 September 2017



flashing a smile, with a bright texture
a shape emerged, from no where
as I accelerated, my two wheeler
on a lonely  way, through the valley

on adjacent road, sped my vehicle

loosing self control
I searched for the shape and the figure
that emerged, while scooting with motor
that, taken my mind away

it happens to be a vague
sense and a hallucinatory
intoxicating effect,  under
the influence of binge

realized, only on gaining
consciousness, kept myself
away from traffic rules
of while driving on the road

head gear , I ignored to wear
gulped a pint, with who cares
attitude, resulting myself
deformed for rest of years

held myself within, with a regret
remorse and shame on the act,
I committed, thinking life
can never be same, like before .....!

#"Dedicated to all victims of road accidents
influenced under alcohol, ignoring traffic rules" YOU - a precious gift of life"


Sunday, 10 September 2017



To the touch of dawn
eyes of mine, sparkle
with shine, as reflection
of the star embrace balls of eye

Dive - in I enjoy the scene
close my eyes to enjoy most
taking in the energy, that flown
through stream of beams, utmost

aura surround body of mine
radiates with casting of rays
as illumination of pure divine
an experience, profound - fills

my soul as, I lie for Meditation,
if we can make, it as daily routine
and a habitual action
it carves
our lives par - excellence  - immense,

feeling everyday

the touch of DAWN ,
as a beautiful sensation
and an esoteric interaction.....!


Saturday, 9 September 2017

the sight.........

the sight........

its so heartening
as, I see the sight
of people clinging
to their faiths
find themselves
in harmony with
others wholly
yet,  at times
in some occasions
an eventuality happens
a gap,
of delicate yarn
that binds togetherness
of brotherhood breaks
from being
intact - the compactness,
it goes to widen
setting apart
bond of closeness
a fine line of interstices
to enlarge and grapples
to unite to become
union and friendly
putting aside
hatred, contributed by
regionalism and
religious fanaticism,
- an universal  problem..........!


Friday, 8 September 2017



ever since  I came to sense
as I turn pages of books
journals and news articles
a reference of mighty mystical
life beings, so called Sasquatch
otherwise known as Bigfoot
with its magical appearance
and to the accidental sight
as some people claim
roaming around cold mountains
but catching glimpse of its
is out of reach for common folks
a fascination added to my interests
started gathering  information of its
a search relating to unknown
creature is, what is known
as - I found, it is
a study
which suggests and evaluates
of its possibility of existence
and my journey of research
still continues to catch view of its presence.......!


Thursday, 7 September 2017



along the way
a - long way,

a far cry from hubble - bubble
and from
incoherent bluster of people

along the way
as I walk amidst
woods and mahoganies

being enwrapped in rays
of the sun, moving miles

absorbed myself - in
along the way

trudging with steps beating
against the path as dancing
immersed myself in, I flounce
and waltz, taking the breeze


along the way and a - long way
mind sparkled with a realisation


never ending miles to traverse
life shows you different pathways
choosing the one - that's divine
is the best option, but, never stumbles upon

Man along the way
makes his way in a long way
learning the lessons
the life offers

divine sunshine with smile
unrhythmic buzzy bumble............!


Wednesday, 6 September 2017

oh man..........

oh man.......

oh man!  take me - no nuts,
I'm sane
to you, I may be insane
going loony tunes

I'm, indeed crazy person
going gaga over
to catch glimpse of her
nicely carved divine personification

indulged myself in
exuberance of nimbus
as I closed my eyes
my core filled with pure aural

influence of her aroma

apodyopsis - a mental
undressing, a condition
how can I think at least,
a sleazy act to resort
I shun the idiotic

as she to me - an embodiment
of my imagination - a divine
interaction, to the harmony
of, soul of mine.........!


Tuesday, 5 September 2017

ebbs and tides.........

ebbs and tides.......

ubiquitous abounding of salinity
brackish unpleasant insipidity
of unpalatable taste, prevents
undrinkable sea water

to quench the thirst, yet
mere the view and sight
closeness and nearness
watching its waves - ebbs and tides

raises and elevates our mood
indeed, indulged in discord
with inharmonic dissidence
rocks off-shore along the coast

rocks ours soul to hop
on its bulge and hump
surrounded by sea water
makes us feel, standing

on mini isle, with lapping
of waves around touching
feet to the fulfillment and zing
a nature's present and beautiful wishing....!


Monday, 4 September 2017

wonderful .......


wonderful  is the world
with blessings of kids

wish - the enthralled
nature and spellbound
self - an essence of kids
remain as they grow
with divine smile
and innocent
candidness intact

wish - the beauty of
child-like honesty
carry-on throughout
to the
callings of egoistic
senses of sorts
keeping at bay
indulging in the
spiritual and incorporeal
raising above
physical and material

i wish
wonderful world
with bountiful kids
bedazzled and enthralled
at core spreading an aura
so pure everywhere, so pure everywhere......!


Sunday, 3 September 2017



sentient beings,
we - as humans
it says crossing,
septenary life births
in some faiths,
reaches to see themselves
towards catching
a speck of
as to
what puts us
in the wombs
mired up in the
amniotic fluids
and the reasons
of tussles and strives
sauntering his ways
as comes across,
he, who catches
the gist of essence
ought to realize,  thenceforth.........!


Saturday, 2 September 2017



requisites,  vital
essentials - a covet hankerings
a lust after yearnings

thirst and wishes
hunger and itches
all these

a desiderata of jingle and tinkle
a resonance of clinking


the human endure and suffer
ever since, sees the light - born after
his - search of
quenching satiation,continues
till the end of life, carrying so desires

yoked,  himself as a porter...........!


Friday, 1 September 2017

sepulchre .........


monument of beloved
sepulchre and burial
a tombstone carved
in - memorial

resembling lineaments
of facial with contours
peculiar - endued
by the divine - indeed

specially and especially
for the lover of her,
and a devotee of her
aesthetic inner beauty

as lover
sets for the engraving and
begin to chisel, listened
a voice from within

head of his
laid on bosom of tombstone
founding a joy - arcane
uniting soul of his
with soul of her


Thursday, 31 August 2017



fun - an essence
a mere - defence
who is in trance
of agonizing blues of dejection
joker, as per appearance
funster,  as per funniness
a cloak, ever he/she masks
masquerade with facade of smiles
among the people, he/she meets
veil of happiness
- a camouflage
in fact
is boon and bliss, at times
for down casts
an inhibiting mortals
funster -  a disposition,
is essential indeed
to soothe our soul with pleasures
albeit  with fleeting moments........!


Wednesday, 23 August 2017



its alright,
its acceptable
as far as
you, be hold of your reins
of passions and attachments
restrained of capricious moods
whimsical and inconsistent actions,
you are considered to be congruous
and harmonious of social aims
and aspirations as
expected of civilized beings
with agreeable norms,
and you would be
honoured and accepted as
a human being with
a character of copacetic nature......!


Tuesday, 22 August 2017



since, the birth of humans
sordid motives playing games
through the Psyche, moods
get entangled in jumbles


disarray and disjointed feelings
carry oneself in the confusions
human is least at peace
looking for chance -
a perchance, of instance
that uplifts
forever from this
scrabbles and clambers,
tumults and turmoils

a never ending clamour of struggles
I wish!
the human gets, the chance -
to grab
a gift of hope
to the extent of exuberance
to chance upon
the light of divine interference........!


Monday, 21 August 2017



wow ! what a wonderful
incidence a beautiful
emergence of sun rays
as it raises behind
rocky horizons

silhouetted contours

humps of peak
with other mountain
in the foreground
resplendence and brilliance

vibrant sunshine
as rays fall on its
chilly and frosty surface
with a warmish presence

the mountain

invigorated and enlivened
blooming of mossy
cover all over
Pearl like dewdrops
affixed to it

a serene mood
mountain enthralled
as the rays of sun pass
and falls as bliss
to which the mount thanks
the sun for
the everlasting beautiful bless.......!


Sunday, 20 August 2017

Ducks and Drakes.....

Ducks and Drakes.......

Days of playing
ducks and drakes
running along
the streams
stones being
picked up by my hands
to let them afloat
on the water, generating
ripples to the merriment of my eyes
scenes of ducks being
ducked raising bottom of its
while its head and beak immersing
and shaking its body
with beautiful movements
fluttering and flapping
of its feathers,
with excess water spilling
and splashing dewdrops
as they appear, a scene to, beholding
on forever, those moments
alas! I'm missing as the time moving
on, days being passed with lots
of colourless monotonous
dreary life drudge and struggling
as I close my eyes
a scene  of  ducks being
coming towards as
if they are beckoning
and inviting  me to the shores
of stream to get myself, energizing
and charging among company of theirs.......!


Saturday, 19 August 2017



sitting in the corner
seeing the inner
self,  with deeper
sense, a thought for
serene nature, pour
streaming the mind at core
swim I through entire
sound imagination,  transpire
sets my mind up with pleasure
sought the response, sincere
song, do we ever
sing in reciprocating the favour
service - the nature
served us with fervent ardor
soiling, the nature
steer, we ourselves, ever
standing by the nature
saving its very own nature
saving ourselves from core
spiteful reciprocation of hardcore
surging anger of beautiful nature
soul of mine blurred with desire
seeking answer from nature.........!


Friday, 18 August 2017



oh!...its really
beautiful is the
that presents us
with plethora and
legion of myriad

blues and mopes
fortitude is the attitude
of many indeed,
facing dire straits
with a giggle in the face
unperturbed and composed

shaking off all odds
that comes across
the fortune

by remaining stringent

in the actions, making
oneself a strong
of any adverse and untoward

raising like phoenix

even in hardships
I salute those personalities
who taken, falls failures as opportunities

to raise and stand
to the
inspiration of dismayed
and disheartened..........!


Thursday, 17 August 2017



eons and aeons
ever since
the emergence
of race of humans
with differentiation
of genders
as males and females
on the this earthly
planet called - EARTH
my soul longed
forever, passing
aeonian blue moons
an embrace of
your hands
me with a closed hug
my eyes seeks
your presence with
shimmer to catch
hold in, for ages
await of my wait
ceaseless with
unabated pursuit
for your entrance
into my arms.........!


Wednesday, 16 August 2017



I'M kid with lots
of wants and wishes
smiles away deficits
and dearth I face,
bereft of possessions

enjoyed by a lot
pretty human
- the men and women

as kiddy
youngling mollified

my unwanted desires
with drenching in showers
of blissful pleasures

that I was granted
enough to the
worth of my merit
as I deserved

being muzzled
in the plays and
tunes of
destiny I continued
to play to the role
that bestowed

I made myself moved
on and on as I'M  kid

with a lots
of wants and wishes, wants and wishes.....!


Thursday, 3 August 2017



                 light moon
             lovely reflection
  in the brook running across hill
  in the background of verdant locales
            lightsome carefree
                 bubbly lively
                       girl kid

              enjoying happily
              forgetting clime
surrounding around the kid, the milieu
filled with silence of clattered pandemonium
                    kids eyes
                    filled with
                moon's  glitter

                kid's mom
                placed arms
around took kid, put on her back
moving away from the location - looming
               under bitter
               struggle of
         gender discrimination........!


Monday, 31 July 2017



stroll of soul
taken me
to an area - country side
that filled
with grazing
flock of sheep,
with woody
perennial plants
in the background
rooted and glued
to slender grass

mild touch
of sheep with its wooly fleece
cozying with its companions
given the best comfort
enjoying itself, pleasure of
 - a scene to be enjoyed
and learning

for humans
to keep themselves associate
in harmony with other beings
of nature at best as they can

soul halted a moment with
the sight of sheep
- black in colour
the different in view
among other sheep

the colour made no
difference to rest of
sheep with mingling
themselves beautifully

a thought  struck to soul
human taken colour
prime reason to differentiate
with other people
move away from being
befriended and discriminate

as blacks and whites
as best as they could
taking themselves
intelligent beings
from the rest of nature's  beings
a folly behaviour humans
- the most
the soul pitied, plight of humans,
itself the scenario of scenery
the nature's projection.........!


Saturday, 29 July 2017



heinous act of one's
in a fit of rage
under influence
of loss of sense
an uncontrolled effervescence

of outburst
of outrage
affront and confront

by injury and indignity

holding oneself
hard for some gullible

carried by
personal vendettas
by peer pressures

conscience gets
beating with cognition
of discretion lacking

an eventuality happens
to the exclusion
of societal actions

there comes judicial
weighing of  one's
past actions
past deeds
to be taken into consideration

lenity and leniency
be extended to offenders

of action to bring
the one into mainstream
and to reformation of
one's individuality and personality

an act of "LENITY"  is the best potion
that acts as positive in reaction

in the minds
of strayers and transgressors
otherwise called as law breakers.......!


Friday, 28 July 2017



zesty mood of excitement
jostled with zealous attitude
joined a group of revellers
jiving in ecstatic state
indulged in binge and narcotic
drugs with drowsy presence

drawn to their condition
of pseudo happiness
the lad
in teens with ignorance

immature temper, saunter
in a clandestine manner
with a drug peddler

zeal of teen's temperament
to seek something unpleasant
left the teen in lurch
loosing life's precious bunch

of pleasant offerings
realizing what has
been lost

teen pledged
to make himself most
to create awareness
          and guide
to right path
           those inclined

under zeal

to seek pleasure
of ruinous nature..........!


Thursday, 27 July 2017



Rocky ruffled mountainous structure
rocked and shaked by soul fissure
wandered with

questions filled, inquire nature
of twinge and unexpected sore
walloped with

whiff of fresh air, the manly figure
wallowed and surged with pleasure
wobbled with

hugging himself as "tarn", share
an exotic art of feminine figure
winked with

joy as manly figure
to grasp and clasp
the feminine figure...........!


Wednesday, 26 July 2017



vista of  physical vision
and exposure to certain

situations, make the
mind think, otherwise

as the reality,

as proclivity
and predilection of human,
sensing bad of
something, happening
of contrary to their expectation

perspective of humans
outlook takes divergence
and suspicious
of others deeds and actions
even noble intentions

unable to discriminate
between right and wrong

in the process

human tends
to loose valuable
intimate themselves
with others,
who are worthy
of loathings

with right perspective
being deficient.......!


Tuesday, 25 July 2017



wading through knee deep stream,
crystal clarity of its see through water, pebbles beneath stemmed together encircled within, fish of vibrant colour, roam

whirling and swirling with eddy movements,
stepped in I by accident with a splashing
harmony of it whizzed out with fizzles
made fish amok with berserkly, fumblings

pellucid and clear mind of mine gets
disturbed with the scene of serene
agitated and stirred, blamed my rejoices
of selfish nature that, snatched away, smiles

pellucid tunes of nature.........!


Sunday, 23 July 2017



I'm  just an actor of a play
enacting the role, the best as I can
designed to assign by creator, carry
myself on the stage and dias to begin

monologue  - a harangue
to the audience, in - absence
to amphitheatre's, resonance
my soliloquy without hindrance

reverberate the throes of agony
pangs of ache and torments
with ever increasing human disunity
with discrimination of races and borders

disintegrating chain of unification
a human integration, crumbling
to meanly egoistic sensation
a rift, filled with inhumane abomination

a trend of jingoist and chauvinistic  attitude
sets the mind people fire with vociferous
vigour demand rights, sometimes unsuited and a verbose of unnecessary struggles

mother earth lamented with developments
that are taking place,.with human divisions
listening to it, I, with my soul - the plights
sobbed and sang with full voice as lunatics

a soliloquy  -
with no spectators and listeners.....!


Saturday, 22 July 2017



betrayed and seduced,
she  - the black widow
snarled and intertwined
I, in the web of amorous blow

intricate web of tender
feelings as she weaved
tendril like,I, hooked, hanker
her sight and touch, drowned

in her as if , I, was hypnotized
bewitched by her presence
lost my prudence, sensed
everything as, absurdly not an essence

intoxicated with her deceptive looks
I, begin to submit myself, least
bothered to worldly censure and rebukes
staggered, I, as she lurched abrupt

become I, like a maniac

wondered at my condition
figured out the reason
only to realise, never to happen
as I felt,
something uncontrollable happen

irrespective of anyone

as, limits we have within
holding ourselves, hardly retain
our intellectual sense, sheen
of its loose in sentient plane

which otherwise is ONISM
a monism, being stuck in materialism
(of) limits of body, a realism
with missing of some rhythm....!


Friday, 21 July 2017



as dusk of day sets
- in, birds took it wings
returns to their nests
wait of nestlings, comes
to end, with mother bird's
nibbling and pecks
feeding with beaks
with affectionate pokes
serene engulfed surroundings
and around as evening brings
fresh rain spells
calming mind spills
with jives and enjoys
the moments of birds
drenching itself hours and hours
in the - Serein, along with romps
of nestlings.....!


Thursday, 20 July 2017



amidst meadows greeny
undulating hills under blue sky
and beckoning of tranquil stilly
restless mind sprinted quickly

to enjoy the lush of bounty
framed itself a picture uncanny
took along everything homely
to set itself in midst of beauty

away from the hustle - bustle, activity
a painting like - built a shack shanty
alone I'm far from hurly - burly
adored  almighty for the  generosity....!


Wednesday, 19 July 2017



a bone of contention
between people
of a region
and corporate
a bosky village
a cynosure of eyes
a green filled exuberance
inhabited by quails and birds,
a contest between
both parties
one is for raising
high buildings
other is for preservation
and conservation
to its woody nature
witnessing, a quail
all this commotion
winced and cringed
at human disposition
laughed at people's
gumption and indiscretion
towards God's best
slowly slithered its way
out of ruckus and agitation
to settle in some other destination.....!


Tuesday, 18 July 2017



Entrap and Enmeshed
myself in messy
razzmatazz - a vim
and a clamour for
self recognition
who crossed
blinded by a target
of reaching goal
of proving best
to higher ups
to be
in their good books
crushed my teammates
by showing my darkest
and a sense of worst
preoccupied by ego
and hunger of being
took every chance
to satisfy my pride
of self interest
things that are to
be credited
for others
of mine
stepped on weakness
of others exploited
the best of my pleasure
used them against
at times
fallen myself at such
a level
a man never
should go for
to get the desired
I reduced
as core pursuer
sentient zeal, tangled
in material aims and aspirations
and those
taken me no where
as, I lost my sensible side
of being human
and sweetness of humanity.....!


Saturday, 15 July 2017



meliorate, ameliorate
your sense of indulgence
enhance your diligence
keeping divine
in the mind
for, you miss the chance
of, felicity of bliss
and blessings
amend your ways of
brashly impudence
refine yourself, enrich
your humbleness, for you
never loose anything, in - turn
you get everything in - return
addictive of bad things
you set to loose whole self
takes away your pride
you would be worthy of
contempt to the extent of
help yourself, improving
your real self, ameliorate
your sense in seeking divine essence
an essence -
that takes you heights in kindness
a best benevolent indulgence
raising yourself in other's service........!


Friday, 14 July 2017



muse and amuse at the creation
sometimes wonder with fascination
how ingenious it is, to my exclamation
pondered I looked above in gratification

horde of population, earth carrying on
sufficient to feed every one, adding on
drying of resources, least to bothered on
supply of earth, despite, is continued on

water potable  and air breathable
a question, concerning  global
yet, unable to restrain ways of frugal
yet, the earth giving its best, lush fruitful


Thursday, 13 July 2017



breathing her last
bosom buddy, my best
boomeranged a moment
blinked my eye in spurt

moment for bidding
- adieu
muttered we snuggling
mellowed both clinging
more in soul, leaving

body of whose, either
first, would be real partner
she is the one came further
promised to be mine forever

fulfilled her desire
of being true lover
bid her adieu, bore
and blessed
an angel, for me - a detestful philanderer.....!



Wednesday, 12 July 2017



lost in the ways of HIS
taken as ludicrous
humorous zinging, thus
I, become incongruous
indecorous, making
mockery of social
attitudes and sentiments
those binding communities
I being ludic and careless
of certain restrictions
loosen myself to catch
infelicitous deeds
against moral standards
failed to understand
the jumbles of HIS
lessons of life
left being outcast
belittling the social fabric
those following certain
dogmas and doctrines
ludic I was,  ludic I was.....!


Monday, 3 July 2017



Filled with
inharmonic thoughts

lingered in the longing
of satisfaction, encore

to attain more fruitful
lumbered  unmindful
to get lasting sense
of otherwise temporal

warm of gratifying

an unattainable fervour
a mind to bother,
given to its frivolous
unpleasant trifle,

rest assured
to the mind of disoriented
flummoxed as realised

satisfaction and contentment
of long lasting and eternal
encapsulated within soul
but searching outer - ephemeral !


Sunday, 2 July 2017



lurking in the lull of period
lush of tranquility, fecund

luxurious harmony, subsume
languid slam to tumultuous plume

lacuna of peace taken as stride
lost in itself taken pleasant ride
leapt to catch an offing of placid pride




Bathing in gloom of despair
aloof from friends and peer
simmering with loose temper
slovenly muddled composure

HE is in quest of  quartz
HE is in quest of  poise
HE is in quest of  petal
HE is in quest of  embrace

poised  HE at once
as falling his eye on quartz
glass, reflection of
pretty angle with plumage

Glare of sensuous figure
doused his loneliness, azure
like, he become with clear
sense of grandeur splendor

welcoming his bliss
a never dreamt bless

scurried to clear dingy floor
sprinkled and strewed petals
of rose, lined the marble floor
eschewed he, as she set foot on petals

shimmering in the shining
of pleats of her glossy dress
resembling plume of feathers
of white peacock, He bedazzling,

with gripping enchantment
stretched his hands in excitement

to embrace, only to find
of his vision
is, an ideation of hallucination,
being erupted

into plume of fancy apparition!


Saturday, 1 July 2017



Blizzard of darkness
silhouetted the smiles
of hundred and thousands
of men and women

a realm of plentiful
feast of rejoice with kids
around the legs
jumping and jiving in

glee,  playing with toys
and dolls, fluttering
gowns of young girls
googly - eyed young boys

flickering  of candlelights
savour of sumptuous
palatable dishes

to devour

it was a like world of
carnival, a gala of
fiesta, otherwise
known as "beau monde"

a wonderful
exotic epitome
of wholesomeness


a carbuncle of hatred
and jealousy engulfed
the hamlet by the lakeside
crested amidst alps and peaks

snatching away all its
and innocence
with technological inadvertence!


Thursday, 29 June 2017



Wonderful visage
panoramic mirage
as I see myself
sitting in the lounge

an offing of age
shunning pillage
indiscriminate usage

restored of green
cover for cows
and sheep to graze

shores offing
deep blue seas
brimming lakes
with fish, dancing

of peacocks on
the timely, peahen's whistling

opened eye
with all these wishing
to an offing

of a beautiful gift
for kids of future,
                              enjoying to!


Tuesday, 27 June 2017



Thoughts of
run astray and
with rigmarole

made my heart
ill at - ease
panting to
find rest at least

a look at her
fobbed off
scrum of turmoil

as she passed
her fingers
my hair and took
me around arms
to embrace

as I lay my head
on bosom of hers
bubbled, I'm
thanked god for
showering blissful bliss!


Sunday, 25 June 2017



where shadows
dwell under
street lights of alleys

beastly vagabonds

roam to douse lusty
yens and cravings - lousy
set themselves
free to search
and grope shamelessly

each other
eying on
every possible lady
taking as doxy floozy
- a scarlet woman

blinded by manly
menial instincts of
hounded, to satiate
behind, maniacally


it was proved to
be a blessing
in disguise
for pretty poor lass

as the eclipse of
moved away
on the sight of
holding her hand by

prince charming and
the pretty felt
the warm touch and
          incident as - a apricity


Saturday, 24 June 2017



Imbecile as she, weaved a
world full of willow
conjured herself up with a
mellow meek bloke

to take her in arms
by his aliferous  presence
by fluttering his
dazzling and glowing

wings to the world of
whining elves and
willows as they
waiting for her, at the
window of welkin

slumbered as she
shortfall of dream led her
silly laughter spree
screwy and erratically
she envisioned in her
enigmatic fantasy
broken wings of
her chappie - imaginary
left to be a bland and cranky
by the known world of bright brainy.


Thursday, 22 June 2017



stoking his soul toward
staying calm and composed
staggered and strolled
stumbled and stuttered

sounding slow -witted
stupid and senseless stupor,
stammered in unconscious
state, slurped and sighed

saddling on horse of
surrealist fantasy, tagged
so to it, lost the
sensation of discretion

sad is his condition,
stumped with vision
stared  a  Singleton,
seeing an image of shocking

standing equipoised at
sighting amigo, his alter ego
suave and serene disposition
soothed his otherwise stormy

smothering and strangulation
solacing from hallucination
steadied himself equipoised
started a beautiful embarkation

nb: "S " starting letter for all stanzas


Wednesday, 21 June 2017



Her rancor and rancidity
of his bestial personality

cruel and torturing of his
   blemishes and bruises

on the body and on the skin
abrasion and mental contusion

suffering made her no animus
towards, battered disposition of his

being a yang of soft corner, her heart
mushy corner of her mind, went on to relent

after all

she cannot be unkind and unmerciful
being released from grotesque trammel

none is she now, grabbed gong
played bell of temple and church
wretched of all desires
wore robes of nun as she taken

the call of divine
served the inhumane
her, ex man - animus worthy insane!


Tuesday, 20 June 2017



       Spill of outpourings
wailings and inveighings

melted into metanoia
        of hearty conversion
and a
     psychic transformation


ocular visibility

tympanic audibility

scented snouty

sweet tasty lingo

putting all togther sensual

          senses into perception

bathed in the realm of exotic

as she slithered through his

hugged her in metanoia of
       metaphysical fascination

dreaming the beauty of pretty
         feminine embodification

opened his
                   eyes on realisation


just mere
moment of exultation
moment of jubilation.


Monday, 19 June 2017



having done the routine
chores of day and a life's
imperative obligation of
keeping the momentum,
making the embodiment
of soul, moving until last
breath hitched to physical
body indulged in making a

embers of past struck to
my mind, as I enthralled
audience in a jam - packed
opera - house, rhapsodic
singing of mine, enrapture
audience to swoon in

intoxication and exhilaration
making the audience
demanding more of my
  rhapsodic composition,

days are gone by

I once a sensation of music
rendered to be famished
as I left to be broke
by whimsical plays of fate,

by ability of singing being
                                      taken away
by shock of current of electricity

audience once were fans of mine
no more incline to recline
as I no more relieve their pain
by singing  or by being mute

least they find me now as their
source of solace!

Perky and Jazzy I'M, continuing to hum - a song of my rhapsodic composition yoked to
my body
and my soul
keep surviving and surviving

nb: Dedicated to all differentlyabled ,dumb and deaf, visually impaired persons of performers of Art. thank you.


Sunday, 18 June 2017



Drenched in the
breeze of waving
of blades
of golden maize
that grown fully
as its the flavour of
season lissom its so,
gracefully to
dance as air blowing
moved like lanky
lass with spirited agility
but, as I,
passed my fingers
to feel the aroma of
it oozing,
through blades of bounty
maize who's pliable
and nimble
like a little girl,
who's making
an entry into adulthood!


Saturday, 17 June 2017



Tunes of trilling with
lilting voice of a bird
passed my ears as I sat
in the corner of the garden
of trees I could listen to
the voice flowing in
heaved I, raised my head
to catch the origin of tune
I found on a sparrow on the
twig, leaves fallen apart
sensing myself something

unsound posed a question
the sparrow with a lilting
the sparrow of trilling

"why is your tune sad
and voice lilting"

to which sparrow alighted
to have her say, at once "I was
once among human race
flocking around and perching on
rooftops, with the advent of mobiles

and its ringings made my species
at stake, only remained we few
how could our voice be heard
among buzzing ringtones

now bothered we at least
humans went past, past glory
of our chirps, he indulges in his
device at most a contraption that
made him introvert at the best
to forget nature's gift"

saying this sparrow crouched
its tender soft sapped body
with its frail and feeble wings
to fly away and as I was watching

sparrow taking its flight
I silently kept my device at
silence mode, in the pocket
and pledged myself to use it
at modest, look and take
the nature as my dearest


Thursday, 15 June 2017



journey kicks off
from womb of
mother, passing
months in
Stygian gloom
and pitch black
darkness, ejects
out as the time
ripens, passes
through phases of
juvenility to senility
unlearns in the
process, being
beguiled and allured
by fascination of
sensuality engrossing
in loosing  him/herself
forgets the ultima
purpose of his/her origin,
of seeking divinity
serving humanity -
the ultima, a divine ecstasy!..


Wednesday, 14 June 2017



ways of Divinity
laced with destiny
emplacing naive
in the midst of
Sibylline maze
amidst concocted
dolls of its creation,
to make its way out
on its own,  through
puzzled and jumbled
DOLL -a creation of
divine tries its best
to win the game of
beautiful design
sets itself free
realising real self
by crossing all
and impediments
breaking fetters of fate
emerge from sibylline
maze as euphoric soul!


Tuesday, 13 June 2017



Dawn of day unfolds
with motley of kicks
pleasant are some
and some unwelcome
MAN indulges in moving
pawns destined
to win life questions
answers with a hope
relying on lens of welkin
and watcher of MAN
clicker via camera
obscura every possible
doings and acts of MAN
perpetually MAN clings
on bag of hope to hold
fruits of life that's stored in
to catch hold of it
MAN strides various
and varied paths, flings
into moral and immoral
realms, and the one
who relied on welkin
and the clicker be
righteous and virtuous
and being ethic enjoys
fragrance of flowers of
life and tastes fruits of life!


Monday, 12 June 2017



I wonder on wondering
of world of its influenced
populace, usage of
resources under the
aegis of and forces
commercial and
consumer exigencies
material tendencies,

I wonder on wondering
of world and its condition
of pitiable nature, morbid
rendering sordid by its
influenced, very own populace

I wonder on wondering
of world, the world of
mine, where birth, growth
and the ultimate eventual
happens, will it restore to
its beautiful normal  balance!

I wonder on wondering
of world and prayed glory
would be returned under
the aegis of concerned
and altruistic children of its

I wished my wish would be

fulfilled to the extent people
would be realized usage of
resources optimized at best
would only be let their future
ensured and world be shined!


Sunday, 11 June 2017



eyes of mine fell on
I witnessed never on
held my breath
as she passed on

alongside of mine
as a sensation

pious I'm,  drawn to seek a yearning
a non - permissible hankering

when! I was cautioned
by my conscience anon

tightened myself
from becoming unchaste
held myself
from temporal delectations

I let the beauty move to
its own course
pass alongside of mine

as I brought myself
into my inner self
hardly now yields
to sentient desires.


Saturday, 10 June 2017

Tiny Tot

Tiny Tot.......

Crawling tiny tot to
grab trinket that making
dulcet tinkle
chirpy smile flashing
tot caught hold of it
took it into tiny palm
of his started playing
with it
moving tot his hand
and carried his antics
sometime taking
trinket into mouth
sometimes thumping
on the floor broke
the trinket
by banging for it stopped
playing tune on shaking
tot irritated left trinket
and started crying
I was watching with
eagerness took my tot
into arms made him
diverted,went on
with being
amused by the beautiful
little tiny tots
entertainment, that I blessed!

Dedicated to all cute cuddly kids.......


Friday, 9 June 2017



walking through isle
far and away from bustle

" I could hear my footsteps
 I could hear my heart beats"

idea of being alone
at location of idyllic

set my soul unrest
set my foot in haste

leaving the jostle
found myself in eerie

jungle in the midst of islet
sun rays hardly penetrate

"I could hear my footsteps
I could hear my heart beats"

as I walk through

frazzled I'm, set my back
at rest, aside of foliage

rattling and cackling
of birds and snakes,

I could hear
as they fall into my ear

mustered I myself together
meditated within and inner

as I closed my eyes

            I could sense
tunes mellifluous
          of divine nature

I bewildered at my
    serendipitous stumble
I rather felt imbibed
     in cosmic dust, that surrounded

self realisation.... is this
                          it seemed
as I always delved
           made me realized

grateful to Almighty for, HE
honoured me with the vision of shadow.,nothing but mine
darkness of its, kissed by glow of
                   crescent for a moment

and I made my move with that acquired
         moved on, carrying out my duties
                    with pleasure, GOD assigned!


Wednesday, 7 June 2017



Tehalthey main, chhatpar
ek! baath suna mudkar,

nahi koyi, mein paya waha par,
Samaj liya merey hain dil bekaraar,

Aks tho usski kaafi, jho karloo usey pyaar,
aur, rakhlu seenay mein mahfooz karr,

Par!!! khambakat aks kaisey hovey
jab bhanu prakaash na hovey,

Mousam ka haal bhi beyhaal
Haal yaisa hain, iss kadar,

hawa tho chalti hey, magar rukh uski
khaabu mein nahi, kabhi aisa laagey,

jhoka tandi, kabhilagey,kahi
woh,simat ley hamey uski bahoo mein,

aisa ghata, kaufnaak bhara
arey !!! yeh bhi koyi bhaat hai, fizaao ki

tadapaye hum jaisey, dildaaro, ki
hum tho pyaasey uss, saksh ki,

jho dhey humey dhilasa mahobbat ki,
aur, jhakadlein baahey, humey uski,

Arey bhai! "kyun hey itna jatan!,
Ki!, tera hain yeh wahem,

mousam tho waisey bhi saaf hein,
kyun hain, mann tera Asantulann?,

karr rahi hogi, koyi kahi, tumharey
liye intezaar, milan ki, tumsey,

Tab tak raho, itminaan,
Aur Kar lo Mann kho swanthann! "..........


Monday, 5 June 2017

Heart & Ear

Heart & Ear

Pounding of my heart
sounded shriller to
my ear, to which it
become rabid & enraged,

with anxiety asked heart,
as what's reason behind
its raucous throbbings,

heart of mine, replied
to the my pristine ear,
"the urge of being prodded
and excited by someone,

as, I, eye my "eye on"

I, till now, wilted but as she
stepped into me bloomed
as with deep panting
and gasping ,I, erupted,

a look of her made, my
otherwise grey and gloomy
nature into lively and lovely

and, I, felt like, as if, I'm
watching from a distance
misty rolling waves of sea
on the backdrop of clouds,

hovering over
and, grey as it appear
in surroundings,

I, witness on dewy waves
a white angel laps & dance

to which ,I, lost consciousness
laughed at my foolishness
slouching , I, pounded and sounded
my ignorance shriller,

to the level of your(ear) infuriation""

saying all this my heart
continued its duty of
beatings & pulsations and
rendering ear to pristine............