Thursday, 3 August 2017



                 light moon
             lovely reflection
  in the brook running across hill
  in the background of verdant locales
            lightsome carefree
                 bubbly lively
                       girl kid

              enjoying happily
              forgetting clime
surrounding around the kid, the milieu
filled with silence of clattered pandemonium
                    kids eyes
                    filled with
                moon's  glitter

                kid's mom
                placed arms
around took kid, put on her back
moving away from the location - looming
               under bitter
               struggle of
         gender discrimination........!


Monday, 31 July 2017



stroll of soul
taken me
to an area - country side
that filled
with grazing
flock of sheep,
with woody
perennial plants
in the background
rooted and glued
to slender grass

mild touch
of sheep with its wooly fleece
cozying with its companions
given the best comfort
enjoying itself, pleasure of
 - a scene to be enjoyed
and learning

for humans
to keep themselves associate
in harmony with other beings
of nature at best as they can

soul halted a moment with
the sight of sheep
- black in colour
the different in view
among other sheep

the colour made no
difference to rest of
sheep with mingling
themselves beautifully

a thought  struck to soul
human taken colour
prime reason to differentiate
with other people
move away from being
befriended and discriminate

as blacks and whites
as best as they could
taking themselves
intelligent beings
from the rest of nature's  beings
a folly behaviour humans
- the most
the soul pitied, plight of humans,
itself the scenario of scenery
the nature's projection.........!


Saturday, 29 July 2017



heinous act of one's
in a fit of rage
under influence
of loss of sense
an uncontrolled effervescence

of outburst
of outrage
affront and confront

by injury and indignity

holding oneself
hard for some gullible

carried by
personal vendettas
by peer pressures

conscience gets
beating with cognition
of discretion lacking

an eventuality happens
to the exclusion
of societal actions

there comes judicial
weighing of  one's
past actions
past deeds
to be taken into consideration

lenity and leniency
be extended to offenders

of action to bring
the one into mainstream
and to reformation of
one's individuality and personality

an act of "LENITY"  is the best potion
that acts as positive in reaction

in the minds
of strayers and transgressors
otherwise called as law breakers.......!


Friday, 28 July 2017



zesty mood of excitement
jostled with zealous attitude
joined a group of revellers
jiving in ecstatic state
indulged in binge and narcotic
drugs with drowsy presence

drawn to their condition
of pseudo happiness
the lad
in teens with ignorance

immature temper, saunter
in a clandestine manner
with a drug peddler

zeal of teen's temperament
to seek something unpleasant
left the teen in lurch
loosing life's precious bunch

of pleasant offerings
realizing what has
been lost

teen pledged
to make himself most
to create awareness
          and guide
to right path
           those inclined

under zeal

to seek pleasure
of ruinous nature..........!


Thursday, 27 July 2017



Rocky ruffled mountainous structure
rocked and shaked by soul fissure
wandered with

questions filled, inquire nature
of twinge and unexpected sore
walloped with

whiff of fresh air, the manly figure
wallowed and surged with pleasure
wobbled with

hugging himself as "tarn", share
an exotic art of feminine figure
winked with

joy as manly figure
to grasp and clasp
the feminine figure...........!


Wednesday, 26 July 2017



vista of  physical vision
and exposure to certain

situations, make the
mind think, otherwise

as the reality,

as proclivity
and predilection of human,
sensing bad of
something, happening
of contrary to their expectation

perspective of humans
outlook takes divergence
and suspicious
of others deeds and actions
even noble intentions

unable to discriminate
between right and wrong

in the process

human tends
to loose valuable
intimate themselves
with others,
who are worthy
of loathings

with right perspective
being deficient.......!


Tuesday, 25 July 2017



wading through knee deep stream,
crystal clarity of its see through water, pebbles beneath stemmed together encircled within, fish of vibrant colour, roam

whirling and swirling with eddy movements,
stepped in I by accident with a splashing
harmony of it whizzed out with fizzles
made fish amok with berserkly, fumblings

pellucid and clear mind of mine gets
disturbed with the scene of serene
agitated and stirred, blamed my rejoices
of selfish nature that, snatched away, smiles

pellucid tunes of nature.........!


Sunday, 23 July 2017



I'm  just an actor of a play
enacting the role, the best as I can
designed to assign by creator, carry
myself on the stage and dias to begin

monologue  - a harangue
to the audience, in - absence
to amphitheatre's, resonance
my soliloquy without hindrance

reverberate the throes of agony
pangs of ache and torments
with ever increasing human disunity
with discrimination of races and borders

disintegrating chain of unification
a human integration, crumbling
to meanly egoistic sensation
a rift, filled with inhumane abomination

a trend of jingoist and chauvinistic  attitude
sets the mind people fire with vociferous
vigour demand rights, sometimes unsuited and a verbose of unnecessary struggles

mother earth lamented with developments
that are taking place,.with human divisions
listening to it, I, with my soul - the plights
sobbed and sang with full voice as lunatics

a soliloquy  -
with no spectators and listeners.....!


Saturday, 22 July 2017



betrayed and seduced,
she  - the black widow
snarled and intertwined
I, in the web of amorous blow

intricate web of tender
feelings as she weaved
tendril like,I, hooked, hanker
her sight and touch, drowned

in her as if , I, was hypnotized
bewitched by her presence
lost my prudence, sensed
everything as, absurdly not an essence

intoxicated with her deceptive looks
I, begin to submit myself, least
bothered to worldly censure and rebukes
staggered, I, as she lurched abrupt

become I, like a maniac

wondered at my condition
figured out the reason
only to realise, never to happen
as I felt,
something uncontrollable happen

irrespective of anyone

as, limits we have within
holding ourselves, hardly retain
our intellectual sense, sheen
of its loose in sentient plane

which otherwise is ONISM
a monism, being stuck in materialism
(of) limits of body, a realism
with missing of some rhythm....!


Friday, 21 July 2017



as dusk of day sets
- in, birds took it wings
returns to their nests
wait of nestlings, comes
to end, with mother bird's
nibbling and pecks
feeding with beaks
with affectionate pokes
serene engulfed surroundings
and around as evening brings
fresh rain spells
calming mind spills
with jives and enjoys
the moments of birds
drenching itself hours and hours
in the - Serein, along with romps
of nestlings.....!


Thursday, 20 July 2017



amidst meadows greeny
undulating hills under blue sky
and beckoning of tranquil stilly
restless mind sprinted quickly

to enjoy the lush of bounty
framed itself a picture uncanny
took along everything homely
to set itself in midst of beauty

away from the hustle - bustle, activity
a painting like - built a shack shanty
alone I'm far from hurly - burly
adored  almighty for the  generosity....!


Wednesday, 19 July 2017



a bone of contention
between people
of a region
and corporate
a bosky village
a cynosure of eyes
a green filled exuberance
inhabited by quails and birds,
a contest between
both parties
one is for raising
high buildings
other is for preservation
and conservation
to its woody nature
witnessing, a quail
all this commotion
winced and cringed
at human disposition
laughed at people's
gumption and indiscretion
towards God's best
slowly slithered its way
out of ruckus and agitation
to settle in some other destination.....!


Tuesday, 18 July 2017



Entrap and Enmeshed
myself in messy
razzmatazz - a vim
and a clamour for
self recognition
who crossed
blinded by a target
of reaching goal
of proving best
to higher ups
to be
in their good books
crushed my teammates
by showing my darkest
and a sense of worst
preoccupied by ego
and hunger of being
took every chance
to satisfy my pride
of self interest
things that are to
be credited
for others
of mine
stepped on weakness
of others exploited
the best of my pleasure
used them against
at times
fallen myself at such
a level
a man never
should go for
to get the desired
I reduced
as core pursuer
sentient zeal, tangled
in material aims and aspirations
and those
taken me no where
as, I lost my sensible side
of being human
and sweetness of humanity.....!


Saturday, 15 July 2017



meliorate, ameliorate
your sense of indulgence
enhance your diligence
keeping divine
in the mind
for, you miss the chance
of, felicity of bliss
and blessings
amend your ways of
brashly impudence
refine yourself, enrich
your humbleness, for you
never loose anything, in - turn
you get everything in - return
addictive of bad things
you set to loose whole self
takes away your pride
you would be worthy of
contempt to the extent of
help yourself, improving
your real self, ameliorate
your sense in seeking divine essence
an essence -
that takes you heights in kindness
a best benevolent indulgence
raising yourself in other's service........!


Friday, 14 July 2017



muse and amuse at the creation
sometimes wonder with fascination
how ingenious it is, to my exclamation
pondered I looked above in gratification

horde of population, earth carrying on
sufficient to feed every one, adding on
drying of resources, least to bothered on
supply of earth, despite, is continued on

water potable  and air breathable
a question, concerning  global
yet, unable to restrain ways of frugal
yet, the earth giving its best, lush fruitful


Thursday, 13 July 2017



breathing her last
bosom buddy, my best
boomeranged a moment
blinked my eye in spurt

moment for bidding
- adieu
muttered we snuggling
mellowed both clinging
more in soul, leaving

body of whose, either
first, would be real partner
she is the one came further
promised to be mine forever

fulfilled her desire
of being true lover
bid her adieu, bore
and blessed
an angel, for me - a detestful philanderer.....!



Wednesday, 12 July 2017



lost in the ways of HIS
taken as ludicrous
humorous zinging, thus
I, become incongruous
indecorous, making
mockery of social
attitudes and sentiments
those binding communities
I being ludic and careless
of certain restrictions
loosen myself to catch
infelicitous deeds
against moral standards
failed to understand
the jumbles of HIS
lessons of life
left being outcast
belittling the social fabric
those following certain
dogmas and doctrines
ludic I was,  ludic I was.....!


Monday, 3 July 2017



Filled with
inharmonic thoughts

lingered in the longing
of satisfaction, encore

to attain more fruitful
lumbered  unmindful
to get lasting sense
of otherwise temporal

warm of gratifying

an unattainable fervour
a mind to bother,
given to its frivolous
unpleasant trifle,

rest assured
to the mind of disoriented
flummoxed as realised

satisfaction and contentment
of long lasting and eternal
encapsulated within soul
but searching outer - ephemeral !


Sunday, 2 July 2017



lurking in the lull of period
lush of tranquility, fecund

luxurious harmony, subsume
languid slam to tumultuous plume

lacuna of peace taken as stride
lost in itself taken pleasant ride
leapt to catch an offing of placid pride




Bathing in gloom of despair
aloof from friends and peer
simmering with loose temper
slovenly muddled composure

HE is in quest of  quartz
HE is in quest of  poise
HE is in quest of  petal
HE is in quest of  embrace

poised  HE at once
as falling his eye on quartz
glass, reflection of
pretty angle with plumage

Glare of sensuous figure
doused his loneliness, azure
like, he become with clear
sense of grandeur splendor

welcoming his bliss
a never dreamt bless

scurried to clear dingy floor
sprinkled and strewed petals
of rose, lined the marble floor
eschewed he, as she set foot on petals

shimmering in the shining
of pleats of her glossy dress
resembling plume of feathers
of white peacock, He bedazzling,

with gripping enchantment
stretched his hands in excitement

to embrace, only to find
of his vision
is, an ideation of hallucination,
being erupted

into plume of fancy apparition!


Saturday, 1 July 2017



Blizzard of darkness
silhouetted the smiles
of hundred and thousands
of men and women

a realm of plentiful
feast of rejoice with kids
around the legs
jumping and jiving in

glee,  playing with toys
and dolls, fluttering
gowns of young girls
googly - eyed young boys

flickering  of candlelights
savour of sumptuous
palatable dishes

to devour

it was a like world of
carnival, a gala of
fiesta, otherwise
known as "beau monde"

a wonderful
exotic epitome
of wholesomeness


a carbuncle of hatred
and jealousy engulfed
the hamlet by the lakeside
crested amidst alps and peaks

snatching away all its
and innocence
with technological inadvertence!


Thursday, 29 June 2017



Wonderful visage
panoramic mirage
as I see myself
sitting in the lounge

an offing of age
shunning pillage
indiscriminate usage

restored of green
cover for cows
and sheep to graze

shores offing
deep blue seas
brimming lakes
with fish, dancing

of peacocks on
the timely, peahen's whistling

opened eye
with all these wishing
to an offing

of a beautiful gift
for kids of future,
                              enjoying to!


Tuesday, 27 June 2017



Thoughts of
run astray and
with rigmarole

made my heart
ill at - ease
panting to
find rest at least

a look at her
fobbed off
scrum of turmoil

as she passed
her fingers
my hair and took
me around arms
to embrace

as I lay my head
on bosom of hers
bubbled, I'm
thanked god for
showering blissful bliss!


Sunday, 25 June 2017



where shadows
dwell under
street lights of alleys

beastly vagabonds

roam to douse lusty
yens and cravings - lousy
set themselves
free to search
and grope shamelessly

each other
eying on
every possible lady
taking as doxy floozy
- a scarlet woman

blinded by manly
menial instincts of
hounded, to satiate
behind, maniacally


it was proved to
be a blessing
in disguise
for pretty poor lass

as the eclipse of
moved away
on the sight of
holding her hand by

prince charming and
the pretty felt
the warm touch and
          incident as - a apricity


Saturday, 24 June 2017



Imbecile as she, weaved a
world full of willow
conjured herself up with a
mellow meek bloke

to take her in arms
by his aliferous  presence
by fluttering his
dazzling and glowing

wings to the world of
whining elves and
willows as they
waiting for her, at the
window of welkin

slumbered as she
shortfall of dream led her
silly laughter spree
screwy and erratically
she envisioned in her
enigmatic fantasy
broken wings of
her chappie - imaginary
left to be a bland and cranky
by the known world of bright brainy.


Thursday, 22 June 2017



stoking his soul toward
staying calm and composed
staggered and strolled
stumbled and stuttered

sounding slow -witted
stupid and senseless stupor,
stammered in unconscious
state, slurped and sighed

saddling on horse of
surrealist fantasy, tagged
so to it, lost the
sensation of discretion

sad is his condition,
stumped with vision
stared  a  Singleton,
seeing an image of shocking

standing equipoised at
sighting amigo, his alter ego
suave and serene disposition
soothed his otherwise stormy

smothering and strangulation
solacing from hallucination
steadied himself equipoised
started a beautiful embarkation

nb: "S " starting letter for all stanzas


Wednesday, 21 June 2017



Her rancor and rancidity
of his bestial personality

cruel and torturing of his
   blemishes and bruises

on the body and on the skin
abrasion and mental contusion

suffering made her no animus
towards, battered disposition of his

being a yang of soft corner, her heart
mushy corner of her mind, went on to relent

after all

she cannot be unkind and unmerciful
being released from grotesque trammel

none is she now, grabbed gong
played bell of temple and church
wretched of all desires
wore robes of nun as she taken

the call of divine
served the inhumane
her, ex man - animus worthy insane!


Tuesday, 20 June 2017



       Spill of outpourings
wailings and inveighings

melted into metanoia
        of hearty conversion
and a
     psychic transformation


ocular visibility

tympanic audibility

scented snouty

sweet tasty lingo

putting all togther sensual

          senses into perception

bathed in the realm of exotic

as she slithered through his

hugged her in metanoia of
       metaphysical fascination

dreaming the beauty of pretty
         feminine embodification

opened his
                   eyes on realisation


just mere
moment of exultation
moment of jubilation.


Monday, 19 June 2017



having done the routine
chores of day and a life's
imperative obligation of
keeping the momentum,
making the embodiment
of soul, moving until last
breath hitched to physical
body indulged in making a

embers of past struck to
my mind, as I enthralled
audience in a jam - packed
opera - house, rhapsodic
singing of mine, enrapture
audience to swoon in

intoxication and exhilaration
making the audience
demanding more of my
  rhapsodic composition,

days are gone by

I once a sensation of music
rendered to be famished
as I left to be broke
by whimsical plays of fate,

by ability of singing being
                                      taken away
by shock of current of electricity

audience once were fans of mine
no more incline to recline
as I no more relieve their pain
by singing  or by being mute

least they find me now as their
source of solace!

Perky and Jazzy I'M, continuing to hum - a song of my rhapsodic composition yoked to
my body
and my soul
keep surviving and surviving

nb: Dedicated to all differentlyabled ,dumb and deaf, visually impaired persons of performers of Art. thank you.


Sunday, 18 June 2017



Drenched in the
breeze of waving
of blades
of golden maize
that grown fully
as its the flavour of
season lissom its so,
gracefully to
dance as air blowing
moved like lanky
lass with spirited agility
but, as I,
passed my fingers
to feel the aroma of
it oozing,
through blades of bounty
maize who's pliable
and nimble
like a little girl,
who's making
an entry into adulthood!


Saturday, 17 June 2017



Tunes of trilling with
lilting voice of a bird
passed my ears as I sat
in the corner of the garden
of trees I could listen to
the voice flowing in
heaved I, raised my head
to catch the origin of tune
I found on a sparrow on the
twig, leaves fallen apart
sensing myself something

unsound posed a question
the sparrow with a lilting
the sparrow of trilling

"why is your tune sad
and voice lilting"

to which sparrow alighted
to have her say, at once "I was
once among human race
flocking around and perching on
rooftops, with the advent of mobiles

and its ringings made my species
at stake, only remained we few
how could our voice be heard
among buzzing ringtones

now bothered we at least
humans went past, past glory
of our chirps, he indulges in his
device at most a contraption that
made him introvert at the best
to forget nature's gift"

saying this sparrow crouched
its tender soft sapped body
with its frail and feeble wings
to fly away and as I was watching

sparrow taking its flight
I silently kept my device at
silence mode, in the pocket
and pledged myself to use it
at modest, look and take
the nature as my dearest


Thursday, 15 June 2017



journey kicks off
from womb of
mother, passing
months in
Stygian gloom
and pitch black
darkness, ejects
out as the time
ripens, passes
through phases of
juvenility to senility
unlearns in the
process, being
beguiled and allured
by fascination of
sensuality engrossing
in loosing  him/herself
forgets the ultima
purpose of his/her origin,
of seeking divinity
serving humanity -
the ultima, a divine ecstasy!..


Wednesday, 14 June 2017



ways of Divinity
laced with destiny
emplacing naive
in the midst of
Sibylline maze
amidst concocted
dolls of its creation,
to make its way out
on its own,  through
puzzled and jumbled
DOLL -a creation of
divine tries its best
to win the game of
beautiful design
sets itself free
realising real self
by crossing all
and impediments
breaking fetters of fate
emerge from sibylline
maze as euphoric soul!


Tuesday, 13 June 2017



Dawn of day unfolds
with motley of kicks
pleasant are some
and some unwelcome
MAN indulges in moving
pawns destined
to win life questions
answers with a hope
relying on lens of welkin
and watcher of MAN
clicker via camera
obscura every possible
doings and acts of MAN
perpetually MAN clings
on bag of hope to hold
fruits of life that's stored in
to catch hold of it
MAN strides various
and varied paths, flings
into moral and immoral
realms, and the one
who relied on welkin
and the clicker be
righteous and virtuous
and being ethic enjoys
fragrance of flowers of
life and tastes fruits of life!


Monday, 12 June 2017



I wonder on wondering
of world of its influenced
populace, usage of
resources under the
aegis of and forces
commercial and
consumer exigencies
material tendencies,

I wonder on wondering
of world and its condition
of pitiable nature, morbid
rendering sordid by its
influenced, very own populace

I wonder on wondering
of world, the world of
mine, where birth, growth
and the ultimate eventual
happens, will it restore to
its beautiful normal  balance!

I wonder on wondering
of world and prayed glory
would be returned under
the aegis of concerned
and altruistic children of its

I wished my wish would be

fulfilled to the extent people
would be realized usage of
resources optimized at best
would only be let their future
ensured and world be shined!


Sunday, 11 June 2017



eyes of mine fell on
I witnessed never on
held my breath
as she passed on

alongside of mine
as a sensation

pious I'm,  drawn to seek a yearning
a non - permissible hankering

when! I was cautioned
by my conscience anon

tightened myself
from becoming unchaste
held myself
from temporal delectations

I let the beauty move to
its own course
pass alongside of mine

as I brought myself
into my inner self
hardly now yields
to sentient desires.


Saturday, 10 June 2017

Tiny Tot

Tiny Tot.......

Crawling tiny tot to
grab trinket that making
dulcet tinkle
chirpy smile flashing
tot caught hold of it
took it into tiny palm
of his started playing
with it
moving tot his hand
and carried his antics
sometime taking
trinket into mouth
sometimes thumping
on the floor broke
the trinket
by banging for it stopped
playing tune on shaking
tot irritated left trinket
and started crying
I was watching with
eagerness took my tot
into arms made him
diverted,went on
with being
amused by the beautiful
little tiny tots
entertainment, that I blessed!

Dedicated to all cute cuddly kids.......


Friday, 9 June 2017



walking through isle
far and away from bustle

" I could hear my footsteps
 I could hear my heart beats"

idea of being alone
at location of idyllic

set my soul unrest
set my foot in haste

leaving the jostle
found myself in eerie

jungle in the midst of islet
sun rays hardly penetrate

"I could hear my footsteps
I could hear my heart beats"

as I walk through

frazzled I'm, set my back
at rest, aside of foliage

rattling and cackling
of birds and snakes,

I could hear
as they fall into my ear

mustered I myself together
meditated within and inner

as I closed my eyes

            I could sense
tunes mellifluous
          of divine nature

I bewildered at my
    serendipitous stumble
I rather felt imbibed
     in cosmic dust, that surrounded

self realisation.... is this
                          it seemed
as I always delved
           made me realized

grateful to Almighty for, HE
honoured me with the vision of shadow.,nothing but mine
darkness of its, kissed by glow of
                   crescent for a moment

and I made my move with that acquired
         moved on, carrying out my duties
                    with pleasure, GOD assigned!


Wednesday, 7 June 2017



Tehalthey main, chhatpar
ek! baath suna mudkar,

nahi koyi, mein paya waha par,
Samaj liya merey hain dil bekaraar,

Aks tho usski kaafi, jho karloo usey pyaar,
aur, rakhlu seenay mein mahfooz karr,

Par!!! khambakat aks kaisey hovey
jab bhanu prakaash na hovey,

Mousam ka haal bhi beyhaal
Haal yaisa hain, iss kadar,

hawa tho chalti hey, magar rukh uski
khaabu mein nahi, kabhi aisa laagey,

jhoka tandi, kabhilagey,kahi
woh,simat ley hamey uski bahoo mein,

aisa ghata, kaufnaak bhara
arey !!! yeh bhi koyi bhaat hai, fizaao ki

tadapaye hum jaisey, dildaaro, ki
hum tho pyaasey uss, saksh ki,

jho dhey humey dhilasa mahobbat ki,
aur, jhakadlein baahey, humey uski,

Arey bhai! "kyun hey itna jatan!,
Ki!, tera hain yeh wahem,

mousam tho waisey bhi saaf hein,
kyun hain, mann tera Asantulann?,

karr rahi hogi, koyi kahi, tumharey
liye intezaar, milan ki, tumsey,

Tab tak raho, itminaan,
Aur Kar lo Mann kho swanthann! "..........


Monday, 5 June 2017

Heart & Ear

Heart & Ear

Pounding of my heart
sounded shriller to
my ear, to which it
become rabid & enraged,

with anxiety asked heart,
as what's reason behind
its raucous throbbings,

heart of mine, replied
to the my pristine ear,
"the urge of being prodded
and excited by someone,

as, I, eye my "eye on"

I, till now, wilted but as she
stepped into me bloomed
as with deep panting
and gasping ,I, erupted,

a look of her made, my
otherwise grey and gloomy
nature into lively and lovely

and, I, felt like, as if, I'm
watching from a distance
misty rolling waves of sea
on the backdrop of clouds,

hovering over
and, grey as it appear
in surroundings,

I, witness on dewy waves
a white angel laps & dance

to which ,I, lost consciousness
laughed at my foolishness
slouching , I, pounded and sounded
my ignorance shriller,

to the level of your(ear) infuriation""

saying all this my heart
continued its duty of
beatings & pulsations and
rendering ear to pristine............


Sunday, 4 June 2017



Dastak, tumhari dharwaja par,
hamari, sathaaye, muhjey iss kadar,
ki, tujhey dhektey, mere mann,
machi, khalbhali, goonjey sunayi,

kartey hey, merey khaano mein,
uss, shor, ki,aur, merey, hi awaaz ki,
tadap rahi thi, mein, bachaaney
apni, shaan ki, jho thi, pal rahi,

khok mein, meri,
chiraag, jho bhuzgaya, tumhari
zaalim hathosey, roshni tho hamrey,
aangan ki, kar liya, tumney

cheen, "kya paya, tumney????
zid, jho tu poora apni, karkey!
bhatak, rehey ho, galiyon mein,
izzat, kho kar, na rahey, ghar key,

na, ghat key, kho diya, jab tum,
rozgaar, baddua lagi uss, sishu ki, jho,
bhrun hatya ki, shikaar thi",
kaisey, merey haat, kholey darwaza!,

khauf hu teri, pyaar sey, jho khudgharji
bhari, tumrahey khayalou, sey
dhoor, rehna hain mujhey,
tujhsey, jyudha hokey, ki

hum, naa batak jayee, apni farz sey,
humko, nawaza khuda beyshumaar, khushi, ki
maa!!!! kehalaathi, mein, sabhi bachho, sey
chahey woh, ladki ya lakda sey,

fark, kar tuney dhono ki,
lutgaya tumsey har, naathey aur rishtey,
main, tho choda tumhey, issi khayal sey,
tum badal, jagao iss umeed sey,

aur, nahi rakhey ga bair, ladka ya ladki ki
aur, maano gey ladki bhi thofa, khuda ki...................


Saturday, 3 June 2017



hum chaley un
raho sey,
bach key unkey ,
nazaro sey,
sambhal key
meri hasraton sey,
ki, phisal na jaye,
hosh ,
unki muskaan sey,
agey bada,
iss, soch sey,
bach, key nigahey
samaaj ki,
aur, uski
sawaalo ki, uljhano sey,
ungli, utaney
waley janta sey,
hum tho akhir
mard hai,
karley sitam , karley
hitchkitchayi sey,,,,
bekaar key
nasihatey,,, ki!!
karey galtiyaan ,koyi,
aur, woh, sahey,
samaaj ki
hum!!!!,tho, yeh nahi,
kabhi, chahtey,
usko kho, hak hey,
har cheez kho
paani ki,
aur mehsoos
karney ki,
mein, kyun, bhala apni
nazaro pey girjao,
ki, uska, bhi hak hai,
aazmaaney ki..............................




Hoping myself on the thought
of chiselling my mind, hopped
to grab, wherewithal for rendering,
a shape to the gullible pondering,

as the monsoon, sets in, clouds
formed, assuming shapes
to envy on, as ,I, looked above
sky, appeared to be grey,

seemed to grew livid,
with the sight of parched,
and, the sight of profusion,
jumbled sky, in confusion,

I, see this aesthetic,conversation
with sun,and, the latter delivering
clarification with beautiful
illumination,to the perplexed,

sky from, its restive disposition,

"SUN! - Saying, YOU(sky) and I(sun),
are the parts of GOD's
etchings, and,engravings

bestowed, we, with the power
that's granted, attempt to
maintain balance
from imbalances,

facilitating earth to feed its,
beings, as rainbow of colours
with the spell of drops, tearing clouds
fall's upon by my projecting rays,

to the zest of peasants,
to the delights of germinating seeds"..........

I, being, lookedout, entire scene
through mind of mine, scooted
with brisk, bounch, moved
my fingers and sketched on,

with crayons of Rainbow colours......


Thursday, 1 June 2017



loitering soul
lurched a little
with the sight of
shooting stars -
photons those
showering making
the soul
afloat with celestial
wondering its view!
whether its an event
of meteorological
or event of ceremonial
a man's celebration!
or God's jubilation!
whatsoever! not
to be bothered
itself soul calmed
extolling and rejoicings
pleased by its
sense of recreation
the hymn
in praising him
for, the ethereal
creation - a beautiful




man - is of a sorts
entangled in whirlpool
of thoughts
unquenchable cravings
of material pleasures
lost in earnings
to gratify his longings
failed to realize
his essence
dancing to the tunes
of present and current
feels like he scored
and won the tests
of life that besets
what he never imagines
is! he, being turning
into instinctive fool
showers of rains
now he least regales
at, walking alongsides
of nature he seems
to peeved at
whereas, when the time
is at best throws
whip of its
making the man, face
the hardest of fest
of  tests and trails
as, if, sea softly douses
the beach, with its waves
spells and showers,
and beauty of beach
raises so as almighty
camouflage as time
a destiny, brings
the man to maturity
relieving of trivialities
of man - his materiality


Monday, 29 May 2017



it's a full moonlight
Moon is like milky
see through pleat
layering black and patchy

I gaze her reposing
my back on beach front
staring at her unceasing
seeming like making a hint

to the sea of tides those rising
my anxiety rose to fervent
as Candescent waves whispering
as if moon implied a thing, unpleasant

far away at distance a clime
of vivacious gaiety with a
dulcet of dance bouncy as birth
of baby taken from womb of

a woman "like efflorescence
bloomed bud as a lustering flower
and so as a mistress to motherhood"
and lost themselves in the mood

unwary of acrimonious battle
that ensued with borders
unsettled waves of sea beating
shore lashing and lambasting

as if waves "trying raising
alarm of forthcoming milieu
of a rain of shelling and bombing"
alerting to look and hide, you

all for safety I  clandestinely being
spectator of moon's advisory
to the waves of candescence
understood the murmuring and whispering

as something inside me prompting
I too made my heels run after
alas!!!  happened everything
that's shouldn't have to occur

bright light of Moon went fading
waves loosing sheen remorsefully whispered
as if requesting GOD for arresting
& immunizing humanity from brutality and bloodshed

I too being
witness of the scene ardently
continued to pray GOD along
with waves and moon vehemently

©Prasanna kkumar

Saturday, 27 May 2017



Threshold of house longing for sound of foot steps
Entrance of beloved, sparkle HER sunken eyes
Curious to have glance of HIS
Eyes of HER's starts beating eyelashes

Saying "Herself" to consciousness of HER's
"sight of HIS" I hadn't had for - days months and years
frieght of life set's out,"HIS"foot -steps
Setting us apart to give best Soothness and Comforts

"let me Adorn and Embellish of "HIS" choice
"Tinklings of bangles and Dangles of Ears
Makes mood afloat of "HIS"
Holding,"I'M" breath of mine to have glimpse of "HIS"

Adorning myself with colours of "HIS"
Choice "I" run towards Doorsteps
on hearing honks
Of vehicles

"oh" "My concsiousness"
"oh" "My threshold of house"

"Are your hearing ,n, feeling "My Beloved" footsteps and fragrance?"

Enjoying, the joy unrestrained
"I"stretched arms
to lay around "HIS"shoulders
,as,,"HE" entered making sound with "HIS" footsteps...............!

©Prasanna Kkumar

Tuesday, 23 May 2017



No word of thine, "He/She " needs
expression of which "He/She" expects least
thougths of thine vibrate "He/She's" feelings
hearing them as" HUM" as if thou trilling in "He/She's" EARS

word on paper beyond move
thoughts of "He/She's" hardly leave
mind of thine wail in pain
felt and thought cries are - vain

Thou -- reeling under deprivation
shunned inhibition with determination
took a plung to reach destination
to embrace  "He/She" with
soulful ecstatic purification


Sunday, 14 May 2017

I'm.........the ROCK


Gush of water ,,,through
wrath of Sun to hold,,,,within,,,,
heart of ROCK,,,,rocked,,,,
fissures,,,never to,,,fill,,,,
gaps,,, that,, created,,,,,
wail,,,of,,, ROCK,,,,unheard,,,,
passed,,, me(ROCK) ,,,as,,,a,,,stone,,,
to,,be,,,kicked and thrown,,,
weight,,, of,,, ROCK(mine),,,,,
crack-ness  and rift- ness,,,,
stood like a,,,, rampart,,,
once,,,never,,,,let,,,,aliens - in,,,,
be,,,it,,living or non-
living beings,,,that,, enjoy
territory,,,,held by,,,
I,,the ROCK,,crumbled,,,,
trampled,,by so-called,,,,
noble and ignoble,,,alike,,,
left me,,,, as,,,,gullible,,,,
forgotten,,, my(ROCK),,,,
"I (ROCK),,, too,,, resolved,,,
 I (ROCK),,,,never,, to,,give - in",,,
and never,,,ever,,,carry away,,,,
of human,,,,those,,,taken
themselves,,, as,,,intellects,,
ROCK,,,I'm,,, and I'm - the nature,,,,
why can't,,, I,, deluge,,
with,,,allowance of water,,,
to,,,,pass through,,, my fissures
with,,,you,,,,,being self - centric,,,
see,,,my  sway,,,as ROCK
that,,,,acted for you,,,,as BULWARK,,,,,,,


Monday, 8 May 2017

HIS -- a tribute

         HIS--A tribute

My brother - My breather
stance of his staunch
philosophical trysts
unmatched relentless

sticking to HIS stand
hardly unshacken in
times of adverse
stimulation of situation

He, being ascetic, in
sense of HIS own
forebearing remarks
of satirical from, HIS

Environ of known, and
unknown HE my real
sage of life to cherish
further throughout, my

life span memories of
his, unerasable from, my
conscience HIS smile
and talk smooth in nature

soothen my restless behaviour
word of HIS raise me, motivated
inspired by HIS presence ever
felt myself of energized

HIS - voice reverbates, my ears
HIS - smile, envisages, my eyes
HIS - presence, senses, my soul
HIS - philosophy makes him, eternal

He - MY lovely elder brother
left ME,  vaccum of affection
to fill, by none other, than
HIS - memories abound

A small tribute, who, left us unexpectedly to reach eternity
HE is my elder brother, my elder brother........!


Wednesday, 3 May 2017

Rhyme - Rhythm

Rhyme and Rhythm
Of lines I pen budging
and moving non-sync
Thoughts of mind
Making my hand
Restless and scribbles
Making me a nonsensical
Thinker of ephemeral
And eternal material
And immaterial
a realm Of Immortal
and deliberate to differentiate
Moral and Immoral
My lines,I pen
Fail to create partiality
Moved on with sincerity
Cognizing sheer frugality
Realising hard to create
Sensuality of Rhyme
and Rhythm,  I'm a
Kind of Lunatic, imbibed
Myself in the universe
of Mine, to perceive
Divine within and I
Kept myself, moving on and on
With penning lines


Monday, 1 May 2017



Babble of Mouth
Stutter of tongue
flutter of lips
fail a word, she
could comprehend
at as HER, aura
touches my
conscience, closing
eyes of mine, gone
into a state of mind
visualized HER as
she aside,
my side and maunder
in the ear with,
meandering gibber
I, too started
chatter with teeter
lost in myself
I realized being
disparaged as insane
by friends of mine
set myself off
from them, I
went on and immersed
in HER infatuated SOUL
realizing HER mentally
albeit she can never
be touched, physically

My heart, continue to pound for HER blissful entry.............!


Sunday, 30 April 2017


love is eternal,
love is univeral and spiritual,
whosoever, drinks ambrosia of love,
would shower affection and empathy,
love,,, sometimes,,,seeks aloofness
but,,, never seeks,,,venegence,.
love gives strength to sacrifice
not,,,,repulsiveness ,,
love is beauty, love is divinity,,,,
love gives unity,,,
love envisages
longevity and purity,,,
Dunk,,,Dive,,,,,,and ,,,,,swim through it,,,
experience,,, life and self,,,,immortality ....
Love is the one that,,,
binds,,, us,,, to form togetherness,
love is the essence that makes, one's,,,,
Life,,,, beatiful and fill with sweetness,
love is the ingredient of,,,procreation,
love,,, without feelings,,,,, lifeless,,,,,,,,



Saturday, 29 April 2017


what's in fact
you endeared to
enforce peace, you
soothe mind and heart
with a DEED you done
drawing paeans  from
many DEED of yours
console and comforted
from confrontation of
plighted, I, being intrigued
as an onlooker ruminate
myself, as the so, DEED
being done by you
resultant action spurted
is really prompted by
your, indisposition or to
quench your heart, to give
peace, if its so, I, ask myself
you, felt really moving
for the plight of plighted?
or if, you are cheating
yourself the DEED you
done, impressed only to
get laud and applaud
from many unknown
I say at last a DEED
is DEED for the needy
if, you are true to yourself
and on listening to call of
supreme force, only can
succour your heart and needy
and bringing out best meaning
to your "DEED" that committed.........!


Thursday, 27 April 2017

Philosophy of PROCESS

philosophy of PROCESS.......

The process of doing, the "same",*
the very fine thing of doing,
seems to be so smooth
rather it is in the process

of, making a planning of
doing something, processes
in the mind and the mind
processes the idea and

in the process, executes
the idea and gives the
expected result but not
saying the result would

be completely as expected
rather, it depends on the
condition or situation, to
get the desired result

It is rather the idea of
execution itself makes,
the very mind to process
itself as to process

the idea to be executed.................................

Note: ******* Thought,Feeling,Imagination,Aim,Goal.


Wednesday, 26 April 2017


Feel,,,,,the Feeling,,,,
of,, thou,,Presence,,
rigmorole,,,of life,,,
situations,,to explore,,,,
thyself,,,and standing,,,
to the tests and trails,,,
the path,,,uncharted,,,rule
the role,,,,,, thy,,, assuming,,,
with flair and with agile,,,
with setbacks,,,sometime,,,
bothering,,,taking thy away,,,
phoenix,,,with wings,,,spreading,,,
Feeling,,,the Feel of

Sunday, 23 April 2017

Clock of Destiny

world - beautiful and free,,
all beings of life,
humanity,flora and fauna
born free,,,

as, days move,,time being free,,,
ticks the clock of destiny ,,,,
beings,,, of life,,,born free,,,
mired in vicissitudes of life,,,

fauna and flora, follows
divine nature, - live, life fullest freely free,,

man, being intellectual,,,,
freely uses his mind,,,,
to, satiate meanly desires,,,,
in-pursuit, he forgets realselves,,,

moves along, with many,,,,
for the journey,,,
the life,,, that,,, promises,,,

men comes and men goes
in the life of his,,,,
takes him/her as best pals,,,
for a moment, and along goes,,,

towards the end, only remains,,,
his deeds, that,,,altruistic,,,
world and time being
observers and free,,,

bless him with beautiful
with huge farewell from,,,

as,,,light of his,,
body,,,leaves freely,,,,
only to re-unite,
his real-self ,,,,,,,almighty,,,,,

Wednesday, 12 April 2017

Gopal----leaving Gokul.......

GOPAL - leaving GOKUL........

leaving Gopal Gokul!!!
stare of gopikas miserable
gloom surfaced unboundful
seeing off krishna sobbed uncontrollable,

Gopikas and Radhika, calves and cows,
trailing  behind chariot mounted by Radhikadaas
lost themselves  in the tunes
of flute played by Muralidas,

Roarings and Cryings, shaking
Shreekrishna heart in - to melting
prompting to, address all in consoling
comforting and emphasizing,

I'm always, at your disposal, on calling
"rest assured" krishna said, I'm leaving
" dues, that are due to others" for clearing,
and for Kansh towards shunning ego to liberating,

a long pending task that's breeding I'm remembering,
for, the time to ripe and making me moving
from GOKUL to MATHURA also for unbridling,
 VASUDEVA and DEVKI from Shackling,

listening to which, RADHIKA and GOPIKAS
wished shree krishna, all the best wiping rolling tears
asked NANDGOPAL "enthrall and show divine leelas,
and make others, realise-painlessness and pleasures"


Monday, 10 April 2017

Mulling & Munching

Mulling and Munching,,,,,I,,, set,
  For,,,Pulling,,,,,,Myself,,,  in........
Wilderness,,, of ,,,, unbridled thought,,,,
  Fore - seeking, to reach,,,Joy of Pinnacle ,,,,on......

Always,,,,Setting,,,myself - Off,,,, in,,
  a,,, brisk walk,,,leaving,,,,home,,,,,
With,,a,,gusto of spirit,, takes,,,a,,dive-in,,,
  Pool of Water, as to,,,take to,,, pinnacle of joy,,,home,,,,

Left with meandering,,,,, reaching home,,,,
  Wonder,,,, where to get,,,,Pinnacle of Joy,,,on
Set to,,,,make my steps ,,,,,,off,,, home,,,,
  Return ,,,,,only to ,,,,,wonder, where I'm to ,,,on,,,,,

Quest,,,of,,,, Joy of Pinnacle, making soul,,,,
  Restless,,,,,,made me,,,a move,,,to outer avenues,,,,
Waft of floral fragrance,,,or,,,touch,,gong of bell
  Of temple,,,,failed to satiate,,,,,thirst,,, the soul's....

Wilderness of thoughts and soul of Mine,,,
  Unleashing,, possibilities of,,, joy of pinnacle,,,
to reach on,,and,,led me to,,,shore and terrain,,,,
  Scale of mountain and Step on shore,,,unable to Please soul,,,,,

Soulful thoughts,,,again hovering,,,,,I,,,,ran,,,at
  a,,,full - throttle,,,making,,,, My Mind,,Scale
Everest,,,, the Mountain,,said to be highest,,
  Touching its tip, one, attains joy of Pinnacle,,,,

Everest,,,,scaling and touching its,,,pinnacle,,
  Added only to list of Achievers at,,,best,,,,
My quest of soul,, reaching of,,,joy of pinnacle,,,,
  Laid at rest, only to enjoy,,encomium as,,, materialist

I,,, reached at last,,,,the home - finest and sweetest,,,, My eyes,
  brimmed,,,with,,, drops of joy,,,,the Spectacle Of,,My,,, be-spectacled,,,,,
givers of birth,,, I,,,lay around my arm,,,at rest,,,Wondered of my wanderings,,
  how foolish, I'm at best,,, realising warm hug of Everest,,a,,,least ,,,,bemused.......

Tuesday, 21 February 2017

Moon - Light

Walking alone,,,in the,,,,,,,,,,, Moon - light,
  with,,,,,,,,,enjoyable whiff of,,,,,,, breeze...........
Devouring,,,,,,,, adorable,,,,,,,,,, darkness,
  Beseeching,,, god,,,,,Make me like Moon light......

Won't - Until,,,,,open,,,,, Eyes,
  Following,,,,, morning of,,,,,Mine.......
Take Me,,,, like,,,,,, the darkness,,,
  That,,,takes away,,,by,,,,,, Moonlight.......

Eye lids,,,, blinking to,,,,,, Sleep,
  Lids of Eyes,,,,bothering,,, least.......
To,,,,close themselves,,,lest,
  Fear,,,, of,,, viewing takes away,,,by,,,, sleep........

Ah,,,,,I,,,,wished,,, for,,,,,Moon-light,
  Gifted,,,,, viewing darkness,,,,taken.......
Lids of eyes,,, by,,, closing to,,,, Moon - light,
  Opened,,,, My - Eyes,,,feeling with,,,,enlighten.............

The above lines are written in association with my beloved advocate friend Mr.Pratheep

Thursday, 16 February 2017


Ripple of,,,waves, loved,,, the shore,
  Rattle of,,,Raindrops loved,, by,,, Flower.......
Boat, loves, the tow of wind, taking along,
  Being,,I'm,,, waiting for love,, to take, deep a plunging......

Every minute,,,,,Every second,,,,, She occupies my heart,
  Every breath - in,,,,,,Every breath - out,, filled with fragrance.......
Engulfing,,, fragrance,,touching nostrils and surround,,,,,,
  Enjoying the moment,,, my eyes,,, veered all around.............

Every step and Every movement,,, feels,,, She is aside,
  Eyes looking, here and there,,, Everywhere........
Eyes,,,Besides being,,,tired,,, not, tired looking behind,,,,,
  Eyes tried and tried grabbed the attention of hers......

    ""Eyes and Eyes at last,,, had,,,face to face,,,,
           Eyes of mine,,,looked into,,, Eyes of hers........
        Eyes of hers,,,blushed and moved like swan,,,
            Eyes and body,bloomed like petals of   
                                flower,,,as,,My Eye in - to Her Eye""....

My heart,,, like,,a,,, mirage of desert,
  My thirst, can't be quenched,,, water, that's not present,,,,,,
My heart brimmed with fullness,  as she, embraced on,
  My - Self, felt, like being,, on,, cloud and float on and on........

I wish,,,,,,my wish ,,,,,,,,realise god ,,, bless me,,    
                                                  soon,,,soon,,,and soon........


The above lines are written in association with my beloved advocate friend Mr.Pratheep

Monday, 13 February 2017



I will sing song for you in the ears,
  For, song never sing by ears
Like the drops of rain that fall
  Making a music like a song, singing for earth

It is the moment like a blue moonlight
  Waiting for years and years to shine like a song to sing
Just like earth waited years and years for raindrops
  Oh the so and so moment likewise made me, sing a song

Every night her face is in my dreams
  Every entry of her fragrance is my coffee of dawn
silence of her create butterfly-like in my heart
  Flow of her like clouds flowing like gorgeous waves

She, it is she creates, lightning in the heart
  lighting that's turning in-to ambiance of ambrosia, oh
leading me and leading me
  binding me and binding with
wordless, less and less!


The above lines are written in association with my beloved advocate friend Mr.Pratheep



Myna singing melodies tune
  peacocks boogie
butterflies woogie
  trees shedding leaves in gaiety

Clouds static under beam of sun
  Burst into pieces like pearls within
Oh! Breeze & shower of dewy dawn
  Charge the garden fill freshness within

Flowers are Swaging and swaying
  Like a ballet  with mist Lingering
Perfume of flowers mist carrying,
  With Elite fragrance breeze taking-in

Crawly bee siphoning honey
  flowers muttering, feeling bliss
With a beautiful Blooming
  Gorgeous of essence thanked almighty

Bee and Flower with humming n swaying
  Chattering & Chirping With lotus n Bee saying
Oh! its you or its me, who is beautiful ! ,
  with a delightful and bountiful blessing

Billow of fragrance and Hum continuous
  Flower and Bee enjoying given uniqueness
Like a brook that flows
  And the time that never stops!


The above lines are written in association with my beloved advocate friend Mr.Pratheep

Friday, 10 February 2017


Jasmine swaying in the breeze,
  butterflies hovering over,,,
holding fragrance freeze,
  Crickets making chirpy rickets..........
Squirrels,,grubbing for soft roots,
  slug,, creeping on blade of grass,,,
woods full of,,,willows,, with romping of birds,
  Sitting alone under tree enjoying mellowly coolness.........................

thunderstorm breaks - in taking mellow within
  Shacken,, my nap,,, taken under,,,,,,,,,
Winds blown away willow
  With rain pouring - in...........

Wane of moon,,,sets,,,in
  With darkness engulfing woods,,.in,,,,,,,,
Scrambled,,for shelter ,I , ran to
  But,,,cannot,,, get in..........

Woods,,, held,,,me back
  Rain showered,, me,, drops,,,,,,,,
Wherein, lightnening strucks
  she,,,,,dancing like daffodils...........

 As,,she,,,,Romping and Hopping
  Glimpse,,, of her, make me,, vet her,,,,,,
Culminating,,,,as,,,, nature,
  Become,,,,,a,,, portrait.............

Oh,,, its,,,just a,,,beautiful portrait,  just a beautiful portrait......................,.....

The above lines are written in association with my beloved advocate friend Mr.Pratheep

Monday, 6 February 2017


Nightingale ,hum, perching on tree,
  Walk to it , Crouching but flee,,,,,,,,,,,,,
My arms stretched, grope n glee, lord..My nightingale.....never ever fly free............

Nightingle, thou, My flower of music,
  Trilling tunes flowing through thou beak,,,,,,,,,,,
Petals flailing and fluttering, sans, break,
  Oh.... My lord, beauty of singing, you took....…......

Nightingale ..oh.....Nightingale, with broken wing,
  Filling the surroundings ,with, sobbing and lamenting,,,,,,,,,,,
Nightingale, thou, inspiring with melodic singing,
  Oh my nightingale ...lord only took wing, pleading,..never desert us leaving..........

The above lines are written in association with my beloved advocate friend Mr.Pratheep

Friday, 3 February 2017

Madhura Meenakshi

Sparrow singing,,,lights the lamp,,,
swaying and flickering of lights,,,
singing on,,,,,, about,,,her,,,,
Sulking,,as ,,,,who the beautiful lady,,,, is!

She, mesmerizing ,,, enough,
words are not,,,,to ,,,enough,,,,,
sing, about her, resplendence,,
Lyrical lights and her glaze.......

Reflect on yellow dress of,,,, hers,,,,
rainbow,,,,,,, like form of colours........
Billow of Smoke with a hoot,,, surrounds,,,
with,,,,,lamp,, lightening ,,crackers..........

looking ,,,she,, like,,, meenakasi of, madurai,,,
Looking her, eyebrows of mine raised,
With eyes semi closure,,,, my mouth opened,,,,,
with words,,,sacred,, spouting in praise of her......

The above lines are written in association with my beloved advocate friend Mr.Pratheep


Sound ripples of chirping bird, breaking,
                        silence of morning............

sun, getting ready for dawn In the,
                        sweet sounding...........

Hot and Chill of cofee and water, refreshness  
                    engulfing me , as, hugging.............

Entering  pooja room in,
                praising the,,, eternal Krishna.............

Moved in trans of praising, viewed,
               RadhaKrishna,,,, in ,,,,,,Raasaleela ............

Oh,,,,my god,,vision of yours ,  blessed me,
              Dance as,,,in,,, Ananandhaleela....................

The above lines are written in association with my beloved advocate friend Mr.Pratheep


Citylights are highlights,
  twinkles,,,,,, evening lights,,,
Shining gleaming,,,, street lights,
  Showing way towards,,,homelights.............


Zindagi ki sabak khoob hein,
  seek dhethi hai kitabbein,,,,,
Sochtein they khoob rooshan paliya,
  Sochein nahi kithana zindagi sey khooliya.........


Nahi milta yeh subah ka suraj aiisa,,,,,,Aaj maano,
  uski angaron ki kiran,,Phaila ho jaise,,,,,,,,
sehelata hua maa ka haat,,,Hum bhi mehsoos,
  main doobein waisey,,,nanhey bacchey,,,jaisa..........


Khayal aata hai ki khayalo mein khojaau,,, Tum,
  itney kamjoor bhi na, they, naahi beyfikr, Ummed,,,,,,
hai tumsey bahot , chahney waloki, itna,, bhi,
  Beygaana na bano,,,na ,,,chodo unhey mayusi mein........



Kafir tu apney kho maan letha hain
  Tarakki key behosh mein, ahosh kho
Bait tha hain,  yeh, khayal nahi aaya kabhi
  hai kya tu cheez jho poochey

Wajood khudha ki, hai na cheez
  Kabhi tho nazar tumsey jyuda kar
Dekhkar bhi, ird gird, Apney
  Pehchaan nahi paaya, woh aur

Naahi koi, tumahrey ammi aur tumharey Abba
  seeney sey har waqt, rakhthi ammi
Hooney na diya mahesoos kami kabhi, abba
  Kispey itna guroor apni, mujhey bhi tho chaley pata

Ha tu kafir mein bhi maan liya
  Tu na rakha yaad, ammi ki woh haat ki mahasoos
Tu na rahka yaad Abba ki woh baat housla bhara
  Jiskey saya mein, har kadam rakha tu gaya bhool

ha tu kafir hain, ha tu kafir Jho
  pa kar mohobbat, Ammi Abba ki
Hey Ehsan framosh, khudha ki wajood
  Kaisey milega tujey jho, izzat nahi diya kabhi Ammi aur Abba kho.......!



Waqt ki imtihaan mein uljey hum itney,
  Samjey nahi uski maqsood, Raah mein
jhobhi aaya, saat ley chalein samajkar apney
  Magar taqdeer kho dhekho, jisko humney

Dil ki tawazumein rakhney ki
  kosish ki Shafaag huey sabhi,
sochney par humey majboor
  aur waqt sey hum guftagu karney lagey

Arey tu bhi kya cheez hai, inteha ka bhi koi hadh hai
 sabrr, karoo tho kaisey karoo, Sabrr ki taaqat hi nahi hai
itna darkaast karta hu, khuda sey, hosla dho jitna sa
 hum apney mein magan hojaye, jawab dhey har sawaal aur imtehaan waqt ka........!



Doond karr  tumhey Pahuncha kabrr,
  Shayad rooh ney roohsey kuch kah kar
Leygaya humey judaii sey na seh kar
  Ankey khol kar dekha paya mein bistar par

Humey bichdey huey chand Lamey hui,
  Par humey lagney laga sadiya gujar gayi
iss soch mein kambakt palkey aakhon ki jhapakgayi
  Mano hum zinda nahi murdaa ban gaye

Hum bichdey nahi, naahi huey hum jyuda
  Chahey dastak maut ki, Chahey bulava khuda ka
Suno yeh elaan hamara, jab tak chand aur sitara
  Hum saat rahengey kayanth ki aakhri din tak tumhara.........!


Thursday, 2 February 2017


Waiting for the - "train" at station,
   for it, never turns up as the time is on,
Eyes scrolling down, mobile screen
  Head turns mind runs as time nearing in,

People moving helter and skelter,
  Platform hustle n bustle with hawkers,
Some grabbing journals, snatching kids - comics,
 Some gulping down soft drinks, some tucking-in food - adults,

Time moving on, and never to show upon,
  I, keep my watch looking on,
With thoughts running on,
  Wonder to leave or to remain at station,

While sitting in, eyes rolled in willy - Nilly,
  Tiny toddlers, merry n bouncy
Around tight fitted jeans clad, Daddy n Mommy,
  Glued, both to cell phones left toddlers to the mercy of Destiny,

While sitting in eyes rolled in willy-nilly,
  Caught the sight of exuberant couple of teeny,
Scrummaging through their way
  Searching place of solace for loosing in fluky tete - a- tete,

While sitting in, Eyes rolled in
  Watching a frail couple, eyes gladden,
With smile, a senile woman
  Raising, hand to feed her gentleman with a grin,

Time moving on, train not to show upon,
  I keep my watch looking on, While sitting in,
Eyes rolled engulfing drops of tears within,
  As, Sight and Plight of rag pickers scrambling in,

Waiting for the train at the station,
  With the sight of train arriving on,
Heart filled with joy and zest to catch on,
  Left the thought - pain, pleasure, and plight to the the rest and Moved on!!!!!


Petal of Rose

Petal of Rose,,,,,,,, Delicate and Strong,
                    Unmindful,,,,where it falls............

Wandering,,,, as,, wind,,,, takes it along,
                   Unmindful,,,where it goes............

"will, i, be on soil or in mud" petal wondering,
                   Unmindful,,,where it withers and dies...

I,,too, like a Petal of Rose,,, becoming,
                      unmindful and unflinching.......

Happen to witness, as time, taking me along,
         Unmindful,,,where,,,i,,,,,move and heads........

i'm,,also,like a person, sitting and enjoying,
                 on shores of sea, beauty of waves....

Ripples of which, eyes hardly takes off,
                        as waves unfolding,

Unmindful of surroundings , I, immerse
               Myself, enjoying the present,, bountifulness...

The above lines are written in association with my beloved advocate friend Mr.Pratheep


Life - based on thoughts,
   Care not even least, see yourself,
Mired up in murky flights
    Life goes haywire at its best,

Care not to philander
   Make a point mind - Orient
For life meant not to meander,
    Give right thoughts and flounder not,

Enjoy the sweetness of life
   Like a bee that siphons nectar
From flower, aim for life
   Become like a bee and feel the pleasure!


Coolness of Breeze

Coolness of breeze blowing from the west,
                 Clouds huddle together,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,

Veiled by clouds,,,,,sun,,,
                 Rays,,,,,tears to break open,,,,,,,,,,,,

Falling,,, through,,,tiny hole,,,,,,
                 reflecting,,,shine on,,,,,,,raindrops,,,,,,

Drops of rain,,,starts,,, swaying,,
                 And,,,like a fawn,,, she,,,,,moving,,,,,,,,,,

Drops of rain enjoy,,,sweetness,,,,
                As,,, flowing through head to toes,,,,,,,,

Standing,,, like golden plate, as, she,,,,
               drops,,,,,, passing body, makes,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,

Body,,, hers,, bloom like,,,flower,,,,,that
               fill with honey and make it,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,

Flowing,,,,flowing,,,,, and,,,,, flowing,,,
               to relish,beauty,,,of hers,,,everlasting,,,,,

The above lines are written in association with my beloved advocate friend Mr.Pratheep

Song sans Raaga

Song sans Raaga,,
          River wanting water...........

Flowers absence of
              fragrance ............

Ripples of Breeze hardly,,,,
              made my heart freeze......

My,,,,,heart deeply Scouring,,,about her,,,,
               like,,,, a deer for a fawn of her...........

Fawn,,, found to be no where,,,
                Deer,, still,,,,feels hop of hers....

My ear feels ,,,, sound,, tinkles,,,,
                 Of her anklets...........

Feeling,,,, foot steps of fawn,,,
         made,,,Deer follow with frown.......

Leaping and Running, fawn,,,,
         Not to get on, as deer following along....

My heart sounding and pounding,,,,
        With resonance as ,,,,a deer for a fawn of her......

Deer,,,,with her,,,,,steadfastness,,,,
       Yields,,,,fawn,,, from ,,,her naughtiness......

My heart,,,likewise,,,,blissed with entry of her,,,
                  Like the ,,deer for a  fawn of her,,,,,

The above lines are written in association with my beloved advocate friend Mr.Pratheep



I still cherish the moment
  Touch of your tiny palm
Scrapping on my chest
  To lay your head rest,

I still cherish the moment
  Crouching of yours,
Alighting from school bus,
  Running towards me stretching arms at  the very moment,

I still cherish the moment
 Beckoning of yours to take
 you in,Ordering me, move
 and take you around,

  I still cherish the moment and cherish the moment!



Being free  not,,,a,,,freedom,
  Being shackled, not away from,,,a,,, freedom...
Being, heard of  your say not,,, a,,, freedom,
  Being, restrain of yourself, not away from,,, a,,,freedom.......

Leashing the senses, is, above,,, the ,,,freedom,
 Unleashing same  feel the,,, freedom,,,
Loosing, yourself entangled,,, in,,, material,,,freedom,
  I,,, shun the freedom,,, that,, takes away eternal,,,, freedom


Desk of a day,,,,,,mid at night,
  Downpour of rain,,,, in the hamlet,,,,
Sound of breathlessness,,,,, haunt,,, set,,,,
  Scamper of the people's,,, steps,,, a foot.......

Terrain of bounty and terrain of happy,
  Turning,,,,aura of pleasure in - to,,gloomy.....
Tucked,,, in midst,,, deep,of mountain sloppy,
  Thinking,,, people of hamlet, are , we worthy!!......

To feel,,, lucky ,,,being modest,
  Tired of plight and diseases at best,,,
Taking,, long foot steps, and taking rest,,,
  Time,,we reach, doctor, become breathless,,,become breathless.......

Hearing Sound of a woman, we hurried upon,
  Hut, where, she housed in, wringing with,,, pain within,,,,,
Hour of hers, a, birth of baby, about to take - in,
  Howl,, alas!,, of people, heard, far and away, as she, become breathless,,,to, lifeless.....



Once I had  a pet wept as I desert
Ooze of thoughts trickle as I lay to rest
On hearing footsteps it runs towards in haste
Oogle to lick feet and meowing to take her to chest

Moments with her after school in the evenings
Much filled my mushy mind with tiny pleasures
Meowing s  of my pet kept ringing my ears
My god, I keep prayed as I walked away from hers

Train chugged off my sense of presence pulled off
Tethered with my tiny pet I felt deserted as im leaving off
Touch of her paws and wagging of her tongue
Thoughts of tooth picking as I insert fingers to clean off

Deserting my pet as my destiny I thought
Dear god, oh you put thought at rest
Door of another opened, brings back my pet, a new fest
Danced with zest, taking pet near my chest.


Life aspect

The major aspect of life is the one, that you should not blindly believe in anyone, and to rely on yourself  without  having to incline on one else ,once you rely on this you ought to continue the way and you will not even realize, what you are losing by resorting the same. It is not be entirely discarded on sharing views or resting your head on shoulders of others, who are close to you but what  is supposed to meant is that, when you see yourself down and seek others to relieve yourself it becomes habit and you realize later part of life or a bit earlier, when something bitter occurs between  the shared and the other proves to be immature and not worthy to be considered  as close as you thought, the moment you encounter the situation of lack of immaturity and not so receptivity of others , you will soon be ending yourselves be fooled and its rebounds you with the effect, that you ,yourself being not so mature and not able to bear consequence, when nature of others disclosed by their action, albeit implicitly. What I am supposing to express is that no matter how dynamic you are and how frankly you try yourself to be others, you should never be let yourself loose and should try to maintain diplomacy, in other words, despite you being considered to be knowledgeable, mature  and whatever by others, the so called close ones may not be able to understand your knowledge and the ones will always due to ignorance or least understanding in nature may take you to be eccentric or idiotic not realizing that you are who are trying to  be close to him/her  and so expressing yourself or  explaining something in detail, so that so called closed ones should know of something which you know is something like you are harping on blah…..blah………blah……………which others consider never to bother.
In the above paragraph there is something underlying contradiction to say, but when taken in parts it has its impact too.

Darkness and lightness

Darkness and lightness, these two are considered to be opposite by many rather than taking complimentary, as  there will be no light without darkness and the hidden beauty of  darkness cannot be experienced in the presence of light. Light and dark, may be taken as two phases of a situation that encounters usually in common to the people, but,  when it happens no matter  how small or  big people tend to snoop towards reclusion, out of this sometimes he/she spouts/or shows eccentric behavior of showing hyper activeness  and harsh. It’s not that the people are not aware of lope side of a particular situation   and its vulnerability and also not because of lacking of dealing it, but since, people knowing and unknowingly get carried away, when things don’t turn out  to be as desired. Despite being aware of outcome, people due to lack of balance, display varied behavior and tend to compare themselves with others and rely on fate and sometimes proves unworthy to the others without realizing that real dark………a failure, unfortunately considered equivalent passed from generations., factually is not, but you, being went to sleep for a while and you did not realize that you would certainly raise to light……….., fortunately equivalent for success. If there would not be dark you would probably burst out of fatigue of light and will soon end up being neutral forcing yourselves distancing from little pleasures, which you fail to perceive engrossing yourselves/carrying away with others. You will soon realize what you lost running behind light and go on running and running and experiencing dark, dark, failure, failure got exhausted settling in isolation thinking that dark/failure is your destiny and is bound to  rebound on you and keep blaming yourselves for not being able to fit in the world of people. You would go on losing your real self without realizing that there hidden light within you and that light/success keep you calling through dark/failure to raise bear all consequences, face them tight, and be your real self without  being carried away by people around you, thinking that so called dark that encircled you is nothing but a blessing by  so called extreme power to console yourself, think, put yourself together and pursue towards chasing  the light and will soon realize  that no matter how the people around pose themselves to you, will not affect your disposition and you are rather being enjoying quintessence of life,,,,,,,,,,,,that  there will be always light after darkness, and darkness is gifted to energize ourselves for a fresh start.