Sunday, 31 December 2017

new year.......

New Year......​

envision - Green
planet engulfed
in cosmic peace,
wish for the best

for every activity
you undertake,
never loose hope
for! forthcoming

year is yours, brings
along with it
Hale and healthy pleasures
plaster the past

seal it in embers
let emotions,
and memories
dazzle as

they take back stage,
no regrets no remorse
blue skies
takes our blues,

let's enrich poor
wish, rich no more
egotistically suffer
happiness., everywhere

- you see
all bind in Garland
of togetherness
unity prevails, quells hatred

no boundary divides
brotherhood, of course
and for sure, lets
resolve to be - together

nothing else
we could ask for
and no bother
of whatsoever

lets go hand in hand
and invite wonderful -
NEW YEAR blissfully
extending our hands gracefully....!


Saturday, 30 December 2017

oh! boy.......

oh! boy......

oh! boy - poor boy
wangled a way
to get into
heart of pretty lady

flirts and flits
grabs flowers
takes presents
lady - sturdy, replies

tenderly repelled
of his, rippled
furiously cast

him off with
a blow of kiss
thrown away by denial.,
as lady nixed his schemes.,

being mendacious,
failed rendezvous
of making a way
into heart of Vivacious lady


Friday, 29 December 2017

party animal.........

party animal.....

party animal, pocket
filled paltry piece
of coins, his wallet
wallops and laments

splurge of money
by spendthrift.,
squanders every
penny he earns, hit

roads and tracks
pawns off things
he possess

gains entry into casinos
proclaims proudly
as high roller - spends
on gambling lavishly

for high stakes, slavishly
penny worth - Heeeeeeee
indulged in spending spreeeee...!


Thursday, 28 December 2017



by the way
you looked
at me,
my inner
to touch clouds
to kiss
for the grace
bestowal -
you sparkled
with gleaming
bubbled I, with
infinite mirth
radiant with
ripples of
took the flight
of joy,.flown
away to touch
high skies,
let me say!
you are such
a magic,
you are like
heaven sent - gift


Wednesday, 27 December 2017



lad walks out
frazzled, he set
to be caught
by a beautiful
lass, walks
along the streets
went past glass
house, dazzled
by attractive face,
poor lad hardly
realised it's
a doll of showcase
makes a relentless
plea to say few words
static chuckle
continues in the face
of it's, flashed a lass
of bright face
passed touching his
startles by sudden
entrance, laughs at his
of taking doll as
real lass,
goes about to
follow new
found pretty face...!


Tuesday, 26 December 2017



dimensions of mind
unlimited, puzzled
by its power, for
every good and bad
played it's role, fooled
we by it's shrewdness,
wily and canny ability
it shows us beauty
gives us a moment
of ecstasy, agonize
as we feel the agony
mind spells it's magic
we flow and sail
in it's sea of emotions
bewilder and bewitched
struggle we ever,
to understand its gamble,
we take everything as
it comes,proceeds to
wring the life to the fullest,
extracting pain and pleasure......!


Monday, 25 December 2017



oh I feel pains go away
pleased my soul as I set

to prayer in praise of GOD
for bestowal of beatitude

nothing comes to hinder
my utmost faith over his

generous care, raise I ever
with his hand over my head

as protective cover, luster
with pleasure I always e'er.....!


Sunday, 24 December 2017



clinking sounds,
twinkling lights,
jovial climes,
takes my heart
to be a part
of festivities
its the day of
Jesus the Christ
lets welcome
his light of
peace to penetrate
deep chambers
of our souls
let's be purified
glancing his face.,
of serene his presence
overwhelmed I
with the prayers
and tinkling of bells
as I sing a song
to celebrate
his birth
in joyful mirth......!


Saturday, 23 December 2017



hold behold the sight
fleeting figurines of tiny
joys, flight of desires
fancy dolls of inclinations

bends our minds visually,
steals our thought process
design material
machinations schemed

into taking us from ourselves
renders us to be slaves
of trivialities, be! cautious
of beguiling rosy scenery

for, you slide into murky
muddles, beware of spikes
shrouded as beautiful trees
of delights so hold

yourself behold the sight
ask yourself,  is it worthy?
of drawing your attention!
hold and behold the sight

take a clever decision
before you set to action.....!


Friday, 22 December 2017

take me.......

take me.......

take me along
the cloudscape
as I close my eyes
hold my hand
let's float over skies
let's leave everything
behind on earth's
let's make all fall
in the furnace -
sweet nothings
and sour pleasures,
let them
fire and burn into ashes
let us fly together
to the world of
let behold our souls
in symphony
of harmony
where we two
feel the cosmic
the everlasting Elysium....!


Thursday, 21 December 2017



snuggled they together
taking warmth of bonfire
dusk of chilly winter
dazzled with Platonic amber

effervescent embers
sparkle, bursting into splinters,
fire flared up flickering in lividness
as both taken oath of treading paths,

- separate, henceforth! wishes
and inscribes moments
of togetherness on each other's hearts.,
heavenly affair of theirs to cross aeons....!


Wednesday, 20 December 2017



be the change,
embrace the new
trend, tide
along the wind
lean towards
the current, direct
the mind
to live in the present
have a tendency
to look into future,
don't let
customary rules
fade, keep intact
usual practices, adopt
gather knowledge
from agedness
enjoy modernity
ignore not the antiquity .....!


Tuesday, 19 December 2017



crimson hues
of dusky radiance
touch of it
gushed thoughts
reflected into
flush of emotions
and passions
jolted I with the
brimming feelings
scrambled I, to
pen with ink and
quill, the moment
I set to write, blitz
of waves washed
away the parchment
taking along the
mood of mine,
as if to pinch my heart
I too stood the tides
of distress, poked
with waves
of words, stroked
a blow with dagger
of soul, penned
on ethereal paper
that never
yields to erasure....!


Monday, 18 December 2017

get rid......

get rid......

remember the pain
of struggle
in the course of life
everyday clamour,
of scrabble for
the survival
clamber over rocks
of challenges
swallowing sweat
of sadness
toiling away with
grounding at best
is utmost,
a humble option
&  a quest
to seek divine gift
of getting
rid of difficulties.........!


Sunday, 17 December 2017



yourself in
the nature laps
beckoning you!
enjoy! its colours
sip the essence
as it bestows
with brimming
gulp drops
of the nectar, as it
loose yourself
in lush meadows
taste the scent
of pleasantness
see the dance
of grass blades
carrying dews
the firmament
dawn and dusky
loose yourself
the blessings
drizzle of honey
as nature rains........!


Saturday, 16 December 2017



rained you
breath - incense
of fragrance, bouquet
of words, exotic
petals of roses
aromatic ambience
romantic spillage,
I, lost myself
in your dallying
frolics, effaced
my conscience
indulgently lost
in the hairs
of viciousness
spreads its pangs,
does it makes any sense!
if I remain, only in your
tight embrace,
I beg to release
from your influence
I could be your
beloved - cannot
be Romeo forever...........!


Friday, 15 December 2017



Think good
feel the goodness
do good
discard badness
goodness aplenty
with abundance
everywhere, set
your sight to see
none but goodness
feel the omnipotent
remove the misty
veil, lift - feel the plenty
wealth, habit
of seeing bad
in every thing and every
where, become order of day
badness spilled with spell
bewitched, every
ordinary soul
shrouding goodness.,
unveil the cover
of bad, expose and display
the good, feeling goodness
spread the good
use the goodness liberally..........!


Thursday, 14 December 2017



blooming flower
complains pain
of its, smooch
of fly & sting of
bee, it misses
petals peeled
softness, given
to faintness
honoured pesticides
for the prevailed
with imprecations
"drifting away
bees and flies
to look for
other destinations
leaving me to sniff
nutrition at the
expense of losing
divine acquaintance
bosom amigos"
"who's is behind
all this" ! questions
flower to God,
set to seek an answer
from humans............!


Wednesday, 13 December 2017




        swing, rock yourself
      sway your hands & legs
            make the mind
           dance jolly good
        with sonorous beats,
       sing along with heart
        beatings, tapping feet
      rock and fluff thoughts
       becalm, brain's wavering
       dance and swing along
          catching the beat,
           sway your body
           shake your legs
            swaggering jives.......!


Tuesday, 12 December 2017

So laugh.........

So laugh........

to laugh,
laugh - aloud
laughter a best tonic,
drink whole & release
the pressure
laughter - slaughters
keeps tab on tablets,
keeps at bay to sickness
deflects tensions
so laugh,
laugh wholeheartedly
as best as
you could, make use
of this stress buster,
see your life luster
with a glow
forever gleefully.......!


Monday, 11 December 2017

let me.........

let me.........

let me speak
don't restrict my
talk, cap you never
my outpourings
limit me not, hold
you never me down
I, the one, who takes
pleasure of being
always with you,
let me praise and laud
for the feast of cheers
gifted to cherish ever,
you're my source of
happiness, let me
have a word with you
meditate I always
cogitate your love
oh soul, my soul
let me talk
don't you ever reject
snub you not my true -feel
forgive my small error
my beloved, oh my beloved......!


Sunday, 10 December 2017



its festive season - everywhere,
the month of December, jolly & jocund,
holidays of winter set's the mood shining
with prayers, hymns and Carols
singing, dancing & feasting
by near and dear, night glows
and every home twinkles
floral arrangement of bulbs
scintillate similes, faces
sparkle with gleaming
in merrymaking
lord - the Divine............!


Saturday, 9 December 2017

guppy .............


                     you make me
                  perky - you swim
                      frisky guppy
             you're so lovely & lively,
                     glance at you
                         - guppy
                ward my blues off
                      and I sway
              around in gyratory
         you always make me happy....!


Friday, 8 December 2017

flight .........


sun took
the flight hopped
& controlled the joystick
zoomed with vroom
reached new horizon
alighted &
viewed the sight
deciduous maple
leaves, scattered
around, set
his foot aground
glittered leaves &
sighed with freshness
pour of rays
infused air of
resplendence, leaves
dazzled with bliss.,
nudged by time
set to return - sun
hopped and seated
in the flight
zoomed with vroom
to the former zone
to deliver its duty of
shining with sheen .......!


Thursday, 7 December 2017



flower "o" flower
you're so cute & clever
crafted by creator
you entice ever

flower  "o" flower
you're so cute & clever
a bee's enchanter
by amorous behavior

flower "o" flower
you're so cute & clever
an antidote you're
of weary, lacked of vigor

flower "o" flower
you're  so cute & clever
spreads you, flavour
- ambrosial nectar

flower "o" flower
never you ever
wilt and wither
remain bloomed forever

flower "o" flower
you're  so cute & clever
crafted by creator
my beloved honey, my dear.....!


Wednesday, 6 December 2017



             sings,flying in skies
       higher & higher as it moves
          watches fumes clouds
            of smoke billowed up
  from chimneys,surging darkness
   swells taking pureness, engulfs
    pollution skylark sings, songs
  of pain with no place to perch on
  to breath fresh air all it gets, lungs
     filled with carbons, voice of its
       weakens, prays to lord grant
     those olden days of lofty trees
             & lush foliage without


Tuesday, 5 December 2017



take me
in arms! requested she,
with trickling tears rolling on cheeks
warmth of hugs craved by her soul, left mother lend never ears disregarded advice
eloped with wrong hands, putting stake of dignity at risk to be rescued by angel of
sort, no no! nothing of sort indeed
an angel from every angle
as she a mother, traced her
eternal cord, saved from clutches
released daughter after all she
being mother how could she
leave daughter to destiny
& let suffer, realised lost treasure, wholeheartedly embraced daughter
who promised never to sever
cordial bond of her - (THE) mother.......!


Monday, 4 December 2017



enjoy life to the fullest
as best as you could
extract the substance
essence of perfume 
varied flavors & colours
have a toast smeared
with jam of odds and
evens bite, chew and
masticate, reduce it to
pulp, mix together both 
take them to state of 
tasteless and neutralize, 
drink the wine of pleasure 
with pain as accompanied 
dish! come my friend 
let's taste and lets add 
peppers of joy to the 
sauce of life giving it 
extra zing lets indulge in 
relishing by joy of giving 
and sharing let's enjoy 
the life to the fullest so
my dear lets take a ride
of pain & pleasure enjoying 
delicacy of  life to the fullest...............!


Sunday, 3 December 2017



he away, every praise
he least away,
wobbled never
by flattery
slithered from beneath
he stand firm,
irked at being be lauded
as he
foreseen the moment
as disguised
deserved least
he thought, of any
his head above
in extolling
creator of senses - five
for the rain of
a momentary fleeting
and a rapture of
beguiling fascination.......!


Saturday, 2 December 2017



making she
a maiden visit
fair of townlet
slender stance
with gracious looks
dazzled onlookers
with her long tresses
swaying as golden grass
glowed her face
as efflorescence, appears
as if she cloaked herself
with grassy robes,
glance of her
made birds cooings
heaped with greetings
like bracelets tinklings
as she heads along
shines as she adorned diadem of stars, glossy embellishment glow bright
under moonlight,
as clouds above made their way
enchanted by
her bewitching smile
slender lass grown she
amidst paddy fields filled with tender crops, caressed with dance by blooming buds, ruffled her mood
while she at Lily pond, blossomed kissing
flowers, to stir men up with fond fancies
who seeks her to hold & retain in their hearts......!

©Prasannakkumar +

Friday, 1 December 2017



hate me, detest
with fondness
I seek your intense
anger & loathing,
drowning in abhorrence
of yours is my choice
choose I ever,
make tingling sensation
tickling your mind, perpetually
let me annoy,
let me irritate
I like being in your thoughts
every moment
every second, no matter what
if not being good
let me loose to be bad,
let me be spoiled
to draw your attention & affection
holding your soul for good always
with stamping an indelible mark of mine,
so hate, hate & hate me, with lots  of disdain.......!


Thursday, 30 November 2017



juggler, he
played - senses
set to exploit
every possible
trick, planned
series of moves
to deceit
with a wile allure
she is one
hard within
a pearl - pure
an impeccable
hard at core
clever,  she too
played her game
positioning pawns
across checkerboard
checkmated him
answering every
move with dexterity
defeating his sleight & jugglery.......!


Wednesday, 29 November 2017



blow of air freshen, clime of sadness
enraptured with euphoric joy felt
like being in seventh heaven, pall of gloom went to fade, grief & sorrows set to race,
whizzed as they vanished out of sight, with a word of vow as not to annoy & pester, never intrude if he, always be ever with her,
holding hands together, she kicked her demons of distress kissed temple of his, pledged never to be apart, held his hands tight with fondness & with a pour of lavish
affection, & whiff of air freshened her mood with high elation as he kissed in return. ....!


Tuesday, 28 November 2017



joyous with the forecasting
about likely rainfall, made
a run to feel the dampness
of cold air & stormy weather
heard a conversation & talk
sky roaring aloud thundered
with no downpour hold itself
back within clouds, enveloped
with an affinity rain wished
not to trickle, as every one down
on ground indulged in trampling
others with shower of bombs
and bullets, bathing in spills
of blood, no body cares of me, now
why would I, pour myself &shower,
let  human suffer, let human suffer.............!


Monday, 27 November 2017



let's stand unite,
let's resolve disputes
and all issues
with resolute mind
being firm on arriving,
a decision as to never,
ever let anything
come in between
allow no more divisions
of people in the veil
of caste, gender,
race & religious
lets join hands together,
let's  break the barriers,
let no wall, no rampart
part our relationship,
with a band and bond
of harmony bind
ourselves in staying
always united................!


Sunday, 26 November 2017

movers and shakers........

movers and shakers............

you know what!

have you ever tap - foot?
have you ever tilt - head?
have you ever shaken - body?
have you ever jumped as whole ?
if you haven't enjoyed
even one of four, I asked
you're dumb hearted
dangled with puzzled
you take everything as destined
even then, why do you sway dishevelled
release your loose hearted
sentiment&emotions, zing disentangled
so come on!
let's break the dance floor
let yourself, loose
lap yourself with some jive and rock
it's the moment
let's not give it - slip
hey! what's say "shall we dance"
give me your hand & take chance
and let's proclaim, ourselves
 - movers and shakers
and move on.............!


Saturday, 25 November 2017

give me a smile ..............

give me a smile.........

         give me a smile, only for a while
          crossed miles clearing hurdles
         walked in haste to hold the drift
       falling into eyes, you may of other's
    who are eager to gain undue advances
    out of your innocence; crossed I, miles
          to make  a plea of being cautious
              of prying  eyes, who looks
                     for right moment to
    pounce, delights at enjoying snatching
           of dignity & outraging modesty,
          care you - take, heed my request
                      give me a smile
                               at least
                          in response.........!


Friday, 24 November 2017

gear up..........

gear up........                

                       I'm the best
                         - say, you
                  thumping on chest
                   listen to the beats
                     as heart throbs,
                      feel the pulse
                  listen, flow of blood
               passing through veins
                 feel the heat, take the
                   warmth as it boils
                        with turmoils
                    hear hum & cries
                 of pain, feel strength
                     you've  immense
                         vigour within
                        power yourself,
                    gear up for holding
                        a hand, lift up
                the spirit of distressed
                   you're the best, think
                        giving yourself
                     the most, unleash
                potential - hidden latent....!


Thursday, 23 November 2017




                         seasons unfold
                          shower seeds
                       soil smiles bloom
                         with happiness
                     crops growth leads
                       sun kisses with its
                    rays, fresh yield shines
                     with golden yellowish
                   glow to everyone's glee
                       savouring aroma of
                       pudding, thank the
                     nature for the bounty
                   for making us to relish
                        sweet, sour, bitter
                           & spicing lives
                     we, bowed in honour.,
                           offering prayer
                        for the generosity
                     bestowed by divinity..........!

Wednesday, 22 November 2017



roaming around like a vagabond
slipped into realm -vagaries & whims
fallen prey to lusty fleeting desires,
left company - kith & kin, to be alone
& enjoying self, sets out sans aims,
fancies remained deciduous, no sooner
did he caught attention of blueish eyes, capricious mood of his, came into order, realised beauty of lying head in the lap of beloved - best state forever........!


Tuesday, 21 November 2017



exuding fragrance
casting spell, she
passes, leaving
lingering ambrosial
effect, wish to seek
glimpse, men await
with popping eyes
swaying under
influence of redolence
cried over spilled
milk, as she approached
& left, kissing
a kid on forehead
to everyone's envying
for, the missed chance......!


Monday, 20 November 2017



peck on cheek
a walk alongside
holding hand
moving ahead
crossing obstacles
ebbs and tides
yonder, never I,
went bonkers
quelled, awkward
challenges, emerged
with flying colours
out of tests
put by life,
moved on with
smile on face
feeling still
the moment
reminiscing the
walking, slipping
in the sand
writhing in pain,
was taken I, into arms
pecked on cheek
boosted morale
raised I, holding
little finger,
the strolling
along the coast.,
with raising waves,
ripples of water,
she is no other
but my mother,
my energy booster......!


Sunday, 19 November 2017



        with day coming to end
       portal of night welcomed
      with opening doors, extend
        arms laced with embrace
           taking into transience,
          an impermanence and
         an instantaneous sleep
      with murmur falling into ears
      as something waking him up,
       hustled with rustle, as dream
         whispers a lullaby, whereby
          he gained consciousness
          left somnolence cognized
   what he missed out of recklessness,
careless attitude rude towards life, dude;
jolted with a falter remorse, deeds raised
in realisation & blazed with resplendence..!


Saturday, 18 November 2017

well mind..........

well mind.........

it says,
thoughts & right thinking,
Would always, leads, you towards
gaining beautiful experience, positive
perception of given  situation always
results into mental satisfaction, it's always true & eternal, a well mind - full of bright and liveliness attracts others, like magnet giving recreation,who
comes in search of peace, a word and
smile of yours, makes their face glow with happiness, even its for a moment, the gloom find solace, forget bitterness they face as a matter of everyday routine,take, cue from settings of nature
be like a flower, lilt like a sparrow,sway like a crop of corn, with a beautiful thinking, be a cynosure, as bee drawn towards a flower, fill yourself with - EUNOIA, spread cheers, like other
beings,whose delivery - of pleasure  & joy, never ceases & fails.......!


Friday, 17 November 2017



alone on the
road, unable to
figure out where to
reach, miles to go, dark
creeps in,engulfing darkness
within, beats of heart, murmurs
as, I move along, walking on and on,
saunters, through lanes & by lanes,of ebbs
and tides, now a days, I'm not I am,
senses, not, in control of mine,
every part of mine belongs to
you cells, blood cells -WBC
RBC, even indulge in fight,
craving to be in union
with you, longing for
belonging, waiting
for the moment,
to merge in
unification, body & soul together.....!


Thursday, 16 November 2017

believer ........


believer - you are,
care not to bother
why? and as to what's the matter?
let's not scatter thoughts, batter
not mind with grey matter
swagger! pompous minus
arrogance, take no pride
bide & abide energy beyond
a force acts on self, by a fond
embrace, presents timely
things, rightly and blithely
offers, you a hand to hold,
covers life's journey, joys manifold
so don't you bother, leave every matter
shatter not ,someone's very near
to take you in arms & indulge in chatter
believer you are, why do you bother......!


Wednesday, 15 November 2017

here & there.........

here & there........

here and there, everywhere
you find signs, signalling
wrong and right, good and bad
hear voice, choose best choice
lest you not stumble, buckle
hold reins, keep yourself control
truckle you never to dirty desires,
as they backfires, resist, go-ahead
stop yourself advancing towards
red -the unworthy, a sign of danger
the green, worthy n pleasant,saunter
not with a falter lift up inside the inner,
at divine altar understand the signal,
good and bad, right and wrong,
you find here and there, everywhere.........!


Tuesday, 14 November 2017



             walk, talk, move with motive
               you, think yourself, alone
               in the maze, comes across
          crossroads, takes as, castaway
                scrambling on pathways
             where to head, where to set
            hold the foot, moves of yours
             makes you think you're on
       your own, to trudge & bear actions
         & reactions, pretty pleasantries,
     & pastures green., blues of loneliness
              a pessimistic sense, lands
           you, nowhere near meadows,
        you're not alone in the struggle
        life's puzzle,  look around find
           many, taking up battle, ne'er,
   gives up tries always to win, then why
       you get deject never reject,take
    a hand, breath deep, step, forthwith
           look forward, forthcoming is
            your chance, take a prance
          feel the trance, rustle up mind
        listen to the sounds, life's music
         Moody morose jingles, as well
          as rocky, peppy numbers all
           together, a mixture of pain
        & pleasures, pain &pleasures....!


Monday, 13 November 2017

Hey Hanna........

Hey Hanna..........

     meandering curves, life's giveaway
            paths, unmeasurable - blow
           take a step, make a headway
             leap, setting a goal - aglow
         chance upon, many pleasures
           displeasures, too, by the side
           takes strides, accept failures
       hope of winning desire, set aside
              every chance of mishap
                  romping on thorns
now you see, hardly ooze blood,overlap
                      resultant pains
  believing one's self a gift, you - Hanna
     grab, ne'er loose divine MANNA..!


Sunday, 12 November 2017



               hearing sounds,  of footsteps
             walking and tramping through
               heart of dense forest, rustles
     leaves dried,fallen withered by rough
               weather, whiff of fragrance
           comes to engulf, at call of breeze
                to greet n infuse freshness
              breathed her essence, freeze
          consciousness lost in romancing
                        dallying in moods
               fly around as wind blowing
         with chatters among themselves
                  steps of hers, approach
           lost peace, as squall - squelch.....!


Saturday, 11 November 2017

her anger.............

her anger...........

curve & curls of her
hair tufted together
as her beloved came near
to feel the flow passing his finger
didn't him touch her
she is in state of anger
an otherwise nature of her
never once shook down her
trust on her partner
but as times passed by, her
belief proved to be a sour affair
knowing after,
he turned to be cheat, who exploited her
affection & love, realized wrong of her
cudgel her brain to brace herself up, - her
heart no more beats for
resolved, to let no man to come near
leaving frailty of her
took up arms against philander
led the cause taking
as many women as along to empower....!


Friday, 10 November 2017



budding engraver he,
hardly his hands
picks the tool, as he

tremble with thoughts
lest making
a cut on stone, goes amiss

chiselled he, within the mind imagining
the shape of figure every
detail  - carved a wonderland, creating

a whole world of himself, fairy
creatures - elves and angels,
confined himself within enclosed  by

his naively nature, as he still learns
to lay his hands on rock
still far from holding implements

just entered to into adolescence, sock
of growth, blown up his
soul to take a route of dreamy fluke

as turning into adulthood - the age of his,
least wanted, to leave (chrysalism's) bliss....!

© Prasannakkumar

Thursday, 9 November 2017



trill of bird tuned
with maternal instincts rippled
through the breeze, moved
along, waving its wings
headed towards its
nest, as nestlings
made a subtle and
soft coo, the sound
it's ear as mellifluous
voice - singing lyrical songs, as
if young - calling the mother
to come early as its getting darker,
shivering with chilling weather
coos are getting stronger
as the bird, no where to be seen, near
worried with fear
least they know that the mother
made a halt in the middle
of the way to grab, as
many maggots as she could
to feed them sumptuous meal
reaching them, as soon, spread
its wings, given the warmth
to the young with a cuddle
enjoyed lavish dinner
all cheerfully
with chirping & dancing together.........!


Wednesday, 8 November 2017

redemption ..............


spewing she
venomous words
on, whoever she feels
disgust worthy

never once realised
she has no one to take care
unknowingly entangled in the web
enmeshed in labyrinth passages

struggled to come terms with, as she
gets aged, founding herself in aloofness
alone is she now and days of hers
are coming to end with she visualized

being gobbled by a SPIDER
which noting but a pure imagination

reflection of her past ignoble deeds
spreading its tentacles
disguised as diseases,

arrested her to an arm chair
with she regretting her mistakes
"shouldn't have belittled
underprivileged"with the thought
she laid her head rest
and prayed

for redemption
but as if its call of divine
everybody surrounded, who she
lambasted at,  so far to serve

she opened eyes with a realisation,
as nobody  inferior or superior and
all are equal to the eyes of divine.......!


Tuesday, 7 November 2017



woke up from deep slumber
only to find a figure that's
exactly looking like her
as if,  its her alter ego,that's

asking her to come closer
to whisper a small word
to let her know a fair
calling is awaiting, favoured

by the fortune in near
future asking her to take
the chance and not to miss
at any cost lest she regrets

hearing the voice of figure
she approached it to touch
feel and hug in order to
thank the figure as it disclosed

a message that future holds
as a man of her heart taking
her hand moving together
setting themselves at a faraway

she tenderly touched the figure
sensed nothing like a life of sort
its just a mirror that reflected, her
image to which she was talking so far........!


Monday, 6 November 2017



blue skies beckoning

with thoughts flickering,
wavering mind seeking

solace, made its way
to a secluded place, found
itself in midst of sea shore

where fishing boats laying
rest after a long trawling.,
strolling along shoreline
found a place where

the disquieted mind,
could be eased
looking at the cloudy sky
relaxing itself under the
shadow of anchored boat

listening to the sound
of waves emitting soothing
tunes harmonizing
the environs , mind sets
its eye lids close
to take a nap under

its the charm of intoxicating feel...........!


Sunday, 5 November 2017



how could I
how would I
express my sincere thanks!
would I ever remain grateful!

to those who made see
the world as beautiful  place
through their guidance

the way I
take things granted
through their given knowledge
they made me stand on feet
and asked me & not to get afloat

building castles in the air

be practical
be responsible to the actions
& be determined to generate altruistic
regard for others

have patience, pity and compassion
seeing yourself a beautiful visage
unfolding in front of your eyes

let others smile as
source to be rejoiced at
with the conviction on suggestions

I set forth to the destination
a never ending passion
deriving satisfaction
as I walk through,

principles & ethics set by forefathers

I prostrate myself in their honour
asking "GOD"
allow me to extend my gratitude

to let me remain ever thankful
to the elders, peers
and all those, who travel
along with me through thick and thin

till & until I take my last breath...............!


Saturday, 4 November 2017



his eyes
fell on her

the moment changed
his otherwise, morose mood
into cheerful with a cheery feel
his heart throbbed
flickers of flame
to make an advance
and take a chance
to grab her palm
and give a kiss

he missed the bless
as her beau, arrives

moved on, laughing at his
              luck - a mischance.............!


Friday, 3 November 2017





                         blowing mind
                 moving along listening
          rattling sounds of skirt as she
    dancing around enraptured & absorbed
within herself, with strands of her, hair braid                
 breaking free with wavy fashion & motion
  giving tantalizing effect, as if she is calling
 & asking me to make myself near to her to
      indulge in jiving together, I jumped at
   once, heeded inner calling, approached
 her to make a move along,  held her hand,
   whizzed and fizzled she through the air
       as she disappeared and vanished,
          raised I from the bed, rubbing
               eyes as dream finished
                    with me laughing
                     at myself, again
                        went to deep


Thursday, 2 November 2017



Dysphoric disposition
in a growing  child, unease
her mental condition, as she
entered a phase, where
she battles with unimaginable
encounter with questions that
irked her mind , prompting
her to seek answers, she looks
for plausible explanations as she
struggles through, at home and
outside, changes that take place
within and out, she tries
to counter the imbalance,
making herself acclimatize
by adapting the situation as
best as she can, by discussing
with peers & elders
& by taking advice from mothers
learns to deal with challenges
and manages to cross
several milestones
of life with beautiful strides.........!


Wednesday, 1 November 2017



evening calling
with sun dipping
itself in the horizon
bidding bye to catch
the people, on next day
with clouds floating
along against crimson
background,as folks
returning to their abodes
shaking their legs,
maneuvering steering
wheels, heading towards
home to prepare themselves
to be ready for the forthcoming
calling of, next day morning .........!


Tuesday, 31 October 2017



you could wonder
at what's the matter
"why do I always suffer!
with the cause unclear!"

takes yourself on a joy ride
spawning those, few moments
that takes away your peace
effecting and generating issues

unresolvable, makes scratch
your head, as how to cope up
unknowingly and sometimes
by accidentally,  you steps

into murky affairs, well
it could be becoz of destiny
it could be becoz of idiocy
it could be becoz of greed

whatever is/be the reason
it crops up as the time ripens
to the shock of your imagination
making you think of its origin

you leave past, some happenings
taking everything would be fruitful
as you think of yourself as upright
truthful and impeccable

as matter of fact, you yielded
to material challenges, lost
your idealistic conscience
unconscious you become, embraced

the cloak of callousness,
the reason
behind all  your - sufferings..........!


Monday, 30 October 2017



its the day of Halloween, kids 
rejoice themselves in the attires, 
dressing as ghosts and monsters 
visit door to door, seek pleasantries 

at mid in the nights 
during a year, a long ago

it was so happened
to the surprise of a cute kid
as he lost the group & cut off
from the rest ,found himself

at the door of frightening
old woman, looking ugly
scary as witch, as the kid
entered the shanty 

a thunderstorm struck
to his scare, with roaring sound

kid took a leapt out of shock
hugged the dame - a beldam
no sooner did she took him
in her arms, then the kid 

into, handsome young lad 
with she too, being turned 
into majestic  Missy maid

and as, they both espoused 
made their souls marry 
together and lived on forever

a fairytale 
I always enjoy to recall 
                          and remember..............!


Sunday, 29 October 2017



evening stroll along
banks of river as sounds
of conch blowing
fell into ears

with serenity engulfing
the clime around
transcendental his mind
become transforming

from clumsy mood
where he glimpsed

a pretty damsel,
in the water, as he sat
on the steps to take
a break of walk,

the reflection of
illuminating fluorescent lamps
with radiance
of her face, set his heart ablaze

happy is he, as she laid
her arms around

his shoulder,
she is none other
but his daughter

an angel of his life
that his soul always flicker


Saturday, 28 October 2017



ever since human
opened eyes
succumbed with the oppressive
order of sensual -
quelling minds of individual
facing worst nightmares

an incubus -
of psychic disposition,
with alarming rate
of loosing self control

carrying away
under its affect and weight
with spirit taking evil
burdened by hankerings
of  an unusual urge
both men and women deal
the daily life's - Vicissitudes..........!


Friday, 27 October 2017



is the one, who always
seek, more than one's - earn
& merit,

after, to taste those
puddings of life palatable,
but can't be laid, one's
hand upon to grab
and have bite

the one
always craves and eager
to catch hold of unreachable
as it's out of reach, stretches
one's pocket, despite
being dime with two cents

for ways to satisfy one's
desire, strays
oneself in the paths
of uncharted roads,
gets hold of unrighteous
penny, soiling one's
hand loosing one's

noble character............!


Thursday, 26 October 2017



a moment of silence
let's, you know yourself
"have you ever taken the chance!"
& remained calm, glanced yourself

watching your breathes, in and out
"have ever taken a deep inhalation!"

and enjoyed the resultant vibe, taking
your mood to the realm of relaxation filling your nerves with renewed vigour, making

you refreshed,
"have you ever sensed -
the joy of being silent"
during the course of routine

or at times,
of aggression & depression,
silence let's your inner, wake with feelings, unshaken, making and composing

with tranquility
as you enjoy this beautiful placidity
of mind,

in the moment of silence
it strikes to your conscience
a phrase that throws light on same

as - " silence speaks volumes"
as it commonly known, unfolds
as terrific gift
and to be within ourselves,

and let's us
to take the chance of moment
in dissipating & dispelling
unpleasant fleeting............!


Wednesday, 25 October 2017



rain "'oh" rain
you descends from above
as fall of smiles

as a supreme being,
beyond our
realm making chill!

throwing liquid pearls
as to, let ourselves cool

asking us to -- "overlook
& unlearn, the pain
and suffering, hide tears

as the raindrops roll over
face, and let the world
know your strength, as you never

perturb with uneven moments
taking odds as even n fair
holding within pain but poses

shiny smiles to the amazement
of others, and they too, come along
to enjoy the flow of rain n smile along

putting behind all their blues
so beckon them and play along
hand in hand under the rain

as I shower, water pearls
dance away your sorrows
taking taste of drops!

realising everything, part of my direction
enjoy, as much as you can, and never
let yourself down,
usher, many as you follow on, my vision"

this divine call

he jumped with ecstatic glad
roaring with happy mood
realising essence, went on & basked

praising rain

rain "'oh" rain
you descend from above
as a fall of smile....................!


Tuesday, 24 October 2017



stance of
happily engaged
hearty talk with
a pretentious smile
and fake  facial
become natural
order of day, to gain
& win other's favour
appetence and drive
to reach greater heights
man tends to veil
real self, assume vile
roles and flaunts
as upright & righteous............!


Monday, 23 October 2017



galvanized by her presence
went on, make to his! - at once

her waving hair seemed like giving
open invitation with a hoot & hiss
as if a slithering snake with pronged

tongue ready to nibble his cheek, eyes
of hers spewing gold shining
like flashlight, a peep
into it, a feel of dozing as if she spells

incantations making tipsy his stance
as she come across seducing
his mind, body and soul
as he approached to make a touch

with his hand out of lust and passion
with concupiscence of desire, engulfs
but, gorgonized  become like a figurine
as she spurted with spouts!,

to him they like venomous whish
of sibilant snake giving angry looks
and posing questions! as
to "what itched his mind to set his
eyes on every woman"

who's so
exuberant with self pride & self respect
conscious of her strength, confident, yet
appears as innocent

you dirty minded swain! "how could take
a  woman as weak - tramp &wench"

she might be deprived
but never of loose her self control
as she, empowered and hard willed!

"you consider every lady
as embodiment of heavenly deity
you see her as divine

at times, on other hand
you take her as an object of desire
with your dualistic Psyche,

run after to up skirt even a small girl

maniac you become lost sense of yours
chases out to slake your sensual ardors"

you consider yourself a MAN
you're nothing sort of a stone!

that never enjoys the softness
of beauty, magical spell of female
and yes, as time ripens she turns
out to be as , if I, to say
                        - a femme fatale........!


Sunday, 22 October 2017



for a moment, mind
flashed with the moments
long forgotten and

instance of times
mind pleased to, pleasure at,
in small activities

those never failed to deliver happiness
be it playing in mud or running around trees
flying kites, & fishing only to beget tadpoles

a dive in the local pond to the ire of mother
returning home, with clothes being  soiled,
serving dish of choice, in lividness of anger

taking into arms with piece of advice
& peck on cheek, asking to pay and heed
and look for the future as lots in place

to grab your shoulders as growing up
so many tests & trails - awaits
to make a chance to give competition, up

the ladder, raise you high, taking steps
carefully, make monumental choices

and reach the sky - as it's the limit
make mother proud as you grow eminent

for a moment mind
flashed with moments
never paid heed

of mother's request & pain
lost everything being brazen
& spoiled brat...........!


Saturday, 21 October 2017



thousand things
thousands of years
eons & millions
Chiliad of things
failed to quench
the thirst of men
years passed
man always
growing to be
jumbling his mind
to choose what's
best deserved
confounded with
multiple syndromes
growing to be
abnormal with
passing of every
day and hour
scrambles far and
wide in search of
holistic cure
but never
seem to catch
the inner core
& realise the pleasure
of being composed
within self, as enlightened.......!


Friday, 20 October 2017



what are "YOU"
what's your hold

can "YOU" hold yourself!
chase to hold - other self!

YOU - try your best

to look down upon others
as if a given, chance
to make a mockery
of other's - looks & status

as they hold
what do  "YOU" think of your status!

it's, just and mere a wile
don't "YOU" take yourself
above from other, fellow beings,
lest, "YOU" would fall with wail

from zenith to nadir

have a look in yourself
look above once,  talk to self
& listen to inner conscience
that never falters

YOU - become slave of vagary
loose, the discretionary power
as to, what's the best for your
uplift, in the view of divinity

indiscriminately using your
bestowed power in quelling
weak and oppressed, rather
being, a torchbearer in raising

their "HOPE"

Now, I Say

"who the hell are - "YOU"
"what's your authority"

YOU - can't hold yourself
"how "YOU" set to your hold on others"

be ready with the answers
when you leave this mundane
home below, there's someone
up above waiting to pose, questions......!


Thursday, 19 October 2017



Pitter-Patter, as
drops of rain - fall
beats of heart - dance
in rhythmic fashion - joyful

tickled the acoustic sense
as sounds fall into ears
with mouth utterance
of rhyming verse

with sweet combination
of words in synchronization

giving an effect of
euphonic symphony,

went on
with pleasing tunes,
by singing in praise of
endued bless

the contentment of soul's, fulfillment.....!


Wednesday, 18 October 2017



why do cry
whats the reason you, pry
stumble not with unreasonable try
trample your thoughts to fly
rein them lest you miss ply
& diligence, hold yourself & play
the life tunes with cadence - sly
using your ingenious mind cleverly
take pains and pleasures, as commonly
attributes, digest the aspect as its wily
designs of divine to make you - HOLY
with tests & tribulations, so, suffer them wholly......!


Tuesday, 17 October 2017



the lamp of knowledge
let everyone take umbrage
shine and glow, dusting
away darkness and ignorance

taste the magic of knowing
enjoy the essence by sipping
the beauty it bestows
extracting the pure

the knowledge that, offers
don't just contain yourself
enrich your cognizance

of information & understanding
spread the knowledge, you possess
make aware as per needs and wants
of deprived by enlightening

the poor
with proper guidance
& solution, ways and means
asking them to put into practice

of acquired knowledge
to attain desired outcomes
& make sure to ask return favour
to the repeat the cycle,

to enlighten many -
               The "power of knowledge" .......!


Monday, 16 October 2017



walk of yours make me rock
talk within I, thought wedlock

ticks of clock stop heart beat
pricks, as she give looks - heat

takes I, step away as, she
fakes with a smile, face she

put, as if embodiment of love
cut veil of false expression, trove

you find, of erratic filthy plan
you, never expect from female clan...!


Sunday, 15 October 2017



amber of blue skies
obscure & dusky darkish
reflecting, in the waters

SUN, says "goodbye"
makes, the moon, a way

asking folks give their
body and mind at rest
under cool moon & dream

the forthcoming day
would be fine & aesthetically filled
the beauty of life, waiting to catch on

SUN saying:
"I set to make you people raise"
"I set to make you forget pain"
"I set to make you feel energy"
"I set to make you see fresh day"

as full of promises
of pleasure
and exciting activities
you ever dreamt of................!


Saturday, 14 October 2017



intra and inter - personal intrinsic and
external -  mind struggle to care, concern

multiple & meany things occurring around
mighty it feels, takes a great deal, pertain

to normal things, to deal & make balance
waddle with lots of thoughts, and glance

inimical the physical, senses its view as bad
wage a war within to upend pejorative fad...!


Friday, 13 October 2017



PAIN - what's this
is it a sensation of body?
is it emotional distress?

it's one of five senses
why is it so painful even to hear PAIN
& why some enjoy giving, others PAIN

the same
just makes me think of its complexity
the feeling it induces on human mentality

it's said joy and suffering
should be seen as equal footing

and be taken,
both as complimentary to each other

may be it's
with same understanding
human -
some even, in JOY feels PAIN
& some even in PAIN cheer and gladden

agree or disagree with my contention!
the theory heightens my fascination
psyche and gamble of senses,
and my desire
to further my study on, humans
& psychological aspects - escalates..........!


Thursday, 12 October 2017



appetite for the information and the news
that's happening around consumed
by voyeuristic pleasures
to peek into matters, not concerned

to satiate sensational hunger - YOUTHS

falling into gaping maw of sources
that, supply and transmit material by means
of smart news applications that runs

twenty four into seven

giving updates and breaking news
following the headlines, - seconds
minutes and hours, voracious
of keeping themselves

updated with unnecessary nonsense
and rubbish glued to screens
all the time, as taking themselves
as its being put into productive usage

whereas its otherwise, youths
being gullible driven into dirty maw
of consumerism and exploitation

to which, youths
uncontrolled energy at times, takes
a deviation and wrong turn to the menace
of countries and nations..............!


Wednesday, 11 October 2017



pure impure
what's the furore
why see other's loophole
hold the true core
visualize every other
fellow with unbiased and as fair
let's not be impatient
as to, who's wrong and who's right
it's not your role to assess, its best
to mind your own business, let
other things be as it is, as
everyone is busy in their affairs
following best principles & practices as
they could conforming to the surroundings and local interests
within the milieu of culture they possess
see the best in the others
grab the nice quality the other has
try to honour and appreciate his/her efforts  motivate to give their best
to the society and


Tuesday, 10 October 2017



it makes
me always
feel on tenterhooks
to the thoughts, pertains
to groups and social divisions
of people calling themselves
of a moiety of so and so tribes
always keen on separating, eye's shares
of equal portions of each components
that always stick in togetherness
parting every thing as much as
people can, - as a common sense
it intrigues me,
if every equal part,
subdivides into fragments
and as it goes on with same sprees
at last becomes and remains
to be, none to become a part of humans

to be shared and be parted

my lines appears
to loose its
track but, scratch not! your head as
to where  I, heads

just figuring out the reasons,
as to, what necessitates the divisions
my mind being prosaic fails
to understand machinations

precious endowments
of mother earth being, split into moieties
by inhumane tendencies.............!


Monday, 9 October 2017



hotshot and scholar!

you think, you're an adept
of connoisseur arts
wizard of words, dwelt

in a passion to amass 
gathered all studies 

studied worldly lessons
esoteric and 
shallow mundane matters

certified you by many
as maestro
but you cared least, to put in canny

usage of so gained or acquired
what's the point 
of being ace, if it's not best practiced

let the world call you "maven" shine as best you can by becoming expert,of particular  subject .............!


Sunday, 8 October 2017



oh! its so loving
to bath!
I mean - taking
bath - in the full moon
and in the open,
the enlarged presence
large and round object
soul felt over the moon
may be the -
selene ! -
Greek Goddess of moon,
made me feel and fall
for, the natural
satellite of planet
that's mother earth
and as such I always
bathe looking her,
mind becomes
moonlike, with shower
and splash of the water
as my body receives
with every drop giving
the affect of ambrosial downpour
with the growth of close affinity,
day by day, towards her
as a selenophile - a moon's lover..........!


Saturday, 7 October 2017



let's pedal and bicycle
with an initiative
of spreading message
importance of the - reuse

in our lives - present and future,

as not to, ignore the power
of recycle and upcycle
to make the litter and waste - the better
bringing it in use, by processing & making,

it productive as much as you could, but!

it would happen
only if could take action, as a matter of concern to preserve the environment
from destruction and degradation

drive your passion,
make it your motto of celebration,
so, let's join hands & out -reach
to make a resolve as to transform wastage
and garbage,into beautiful creation............!


Friday, 6 October 2017



hold on,
behold and perceive
appreciate and catch on
the essence of lesson
that's passed on

pauses and breaks
enhances and enriches
discernment  and vision of life
ponder, study and contemplate in gaps
gasp not during uneven,unrhythmic flows

make the beauty, out of ebbs
and tides, bring rhythm to your life
go on, with divine and pleasant
singing with rhythmic melody

taking, interruptions -"caesura", along.......!


Thursday, 5 October 2017



happy are the cute couple
blissfully blessed forever
with occasional bicker
crossfire and squabble
made them more care
towards each other
with, agita unloaded
uneasiness dispelled
as they sit together
resolving every issue
they encounter
difference of opinions
ceased and eased,
as days passed
cognized and sensed
importance of each other
carried life binding together
by not judging but by honour
lead the journey, hand in hand

happy are the cute couple
happy are the cute couple
blissfully blessed forever and ever.........!


Wednesday, 4 October 2017



as I set to write
words fight to take flight
each word takes pride
giving meaningful tide
waves of thoughts tried
to come out of mind
confused I fumbled
with words being scrambled
failed them being streamlined
storm in brain occurred
with brainstorming for being oriented
to make mind relaxed and poised
drops from eyes trickled
with pleasing tinkle sound
ecstatic state being engulfed
as inharmonic and
incoherent thoughts being discarded
I remained to be focussed
with divine thoughts being poured
dance of words started
on the paper as they penned
with lips being lilted
as I started
to croon in praise of lord..............!


Tuesday, 3 October 2017



discord and dissension
do we need these?
are we so, hunger for friction
can't we let others, at ease

to practice what they follow,
and live in harmony and peace
do we need to meddle, other fellow
and! what eligibility do we possess

to ask the faith and matters - related
to question superiority and inferiority
we are honoured with so many and varied
beliefs,tastes choices, what not by divinity

to tickle our taste buds, to test
our prudence, how best we harmonize
with other social beings and taste
the slice of felicity and happiness

accepting social customs of others
respecting mutually binding together
in every situation or activity, gathers
unity leaving, misery of communal temper,


building friendly atmosphere
of being compatible with all,
to achieve a goal of peaceful
coexistence must be our endeavour

courteous concordance
of preferences and other
that's - Comity, forever
and  a divine order.................!


Monday, 2 October 2017



autumn and spring
make your life zing
with seasons changing
make your mood rock and swing
enjoying yourself a being
and a part of nature's wing
experience it within and sing
a song both sad and tapping
number, and learning
that sometimes casting
of calmness, sadness is not a glooming
neither, the otherwise being a merrymaking,
just be the witness of joy of giving
of the divine, with its way of making
you balance of every situation, likening
your life to autumn by leafs falling
at the same time blooming
of fresh in the spring
so hop and howl every moment making most of everything and taking
life as, one time blessing..................!


Sunday, 1 October 2017

smile your way.........

smile your way..........

smile for a while
for you
loose nothing, nor wail in ail

smile is gifted to you
so beam and cheer
your way always, coz  you

are blessed to spread cheer
smile through eyes
or smile by lips but don't jeer

sneer or snort at others just, see your eyes
always look them,  calming
as you are the one, who could set their eyes

during tough times, on you, seeking
umbrage under your beautiful asset
of smile,& graceful looks, you possess relieving

from pain, so my friend having a great, asset
make it use, no matter you deprived
of material possessions, you are divine, set

your spirit with zesty " smile",  wipe the tears of oppressed
recognize its efficacy, that lifts the mood of depressed...........!


Saturday, 30 September 2017



succulent and yummy
is the fruit
looking plumpy and juicy
mouthwatering is its
as it dropped from lanky
tree on the ground
kids gather around
to lay their hand,
while playing
stopped a while and darted
as if, who would! grab
the toothsome firsthand
and claim
a kid among caught, hold
of toothy,
shared happily,
divided equally
to gaiety of everybody
he took a bite of piece
from everyone as they
delightfully put in his
its a scene,
so heartfelt
appeared to me
something to learn from
signed off and left the place
with a resolution
and conviction to pass
and share
with whatever I, possess
among well wishers
and spread cheers
of course -if not equally,
at least a bit
to the best of my ability .............................!


Friday, 29 September 2017



epistolary of billet-doux
become stale as he set 
to epistolize with ink and 
quill, parchment parried
adroit,  as he was
about to put, saying !" you're 
outdated idiot and dullard
dodo, don't you know
times have been changed
made over with new 
tastes and interests
your beloved too afar
she is no more
waiting your letter,
written by your sweet hand
to be read, and moved ahead
she is now a smart geek
every moment of hers 
filled with busy schedule 
she hardly builds castles
in air and expects 
no charming - prince
she is on her own
confident of cudgeling,
any inadvertent
your letter faded
your emotions
became old dated 
winning her with modern
means only option, 
for the new methods
can make you, near her
just leave the pen and paper
hold the gadget, message her
make your fingers 
dance and let 
beautiful flow of feelings
pass and touch chords
in real-time",
go ahead my friend!
keep me aside I, don't mind
hold a smart pad and 

start - epistolize......................!


Thursday, 28 September 2017



-it's journey
with each passing
of days
change happens
keep your toes
abreast with latest,
brace yourself always
to accept imminent
and impending outcomes
modernity takes
place with resultant
aggiornamento - is
expected, that's
keeping yourself always
updated and up to date
with the developments
that occurs
with passage of moments
as clock ticks

enjoy this beautiful travel
coz! life is journey
-its journey.....................!


Wednesday, 27 September 2017



it was
like another,
any other day
a beautiful
and a pleasant day
with chirpy sounds
in the morning
and yawning
of folks as they up
from sleep
a distant, away
a tune made it's way
came through blowing
of shofar,
every body
was alerted, taking
its a call of prayer
time to congregate and gather
to everybody's wonder
it's a terror
alas! its a signal
of war
erupted by
hostility of communal
conflagration and asymmetry
ripping apart harmony
rendering disunity.......................!


Tuesday, 26 September 2017



enduring and eternally
endless, is life's lecture
and instructions
chasing and prompting
us, to have the experience
of endless
and ceaseless journey
of assignments, with
a striding
stepping to proceed
and advance along with
the time
leaving the past behind
to study further, to acquire
offered by teachings of life
moving ahead with grasping
of gist
that's everything is deciduous
be it - moments of gloom or
just enjoying both, take a view
of how life presents itself,
the unknown expectations
and pleasures,as you cross
days and nights

walking past, every moment that comes across............!


Monday, 25 September 2017



making a move!
while, think of having
just remember to have
a feeling, something
within and have
a peep inside your inner
an indwelling of a force
fierce - is the spirit
propels your fire
and thrusts you to
a leap and spring with
right motivation

catch on
the moment and put
your best foot forward
you may falter

stand in
poise posture with
a positive stance and shoot
with passionate blast...........!


Sunday, 24 September 2017



the moment that made you, move
with tempestuous and tumultuous
outpour of feelings, and move

that made you loose your, conscientious
upright thinking, challenge of course,
co'z, it's a test of your patience of righteous

attitude whether you influenced by
the trail of those, who tread the
path towed by fragrance of murky

physical and corporeal blithe
you have a sense of discretion
to the level of great disposition, at the

time of contingent situation
never yourself loose the chance
of using the best and gifted option

move with a right determination, since
you're the best in your truthful diction
stand at any cost, go!  never - dalliance

sillage of impression marked by your action
loved by many in reaction as admiration......!