Friday, 3 February 2017

Madhura Meenakshi

Sparrow singing,,,lights the lamp,,,
swaying and flickering of lights,,,
singing on,,,,,, about,,,her,,,,
Sulking,,as ,,,,who the beautiful lady,,,, is!

She, mesmerizing ,,, enough,
words are not,,,,to ,,,enough,,,,,
sing, about her, resplendence,,
Lyrical lights and her glaze.......

Reflect on yellow dress of,,,, hers,,,,
rainbow,,,,,,, like form of colours........
Billow of Smoke with a hoot,,, surrounds,,,
with,,,,,lamp,, lightening ,,crackers..........

looking ,,,she,, like,,, meenakasi of, madurai,,,
Looking her, eyebrows of mine raised,
With eyes semi closure,,,, my mouth opened,,,,,
with words,,,sacred,, spouting in praise of her......

The above lines are written in association with my beloved advocate friend Mr.Pratheep

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