Monday, 13 February 2017



Myna singing melodies tune
  peacocks boogie
butterflies woogie
  trees shedding leaves in gaiety

Clouds static under beam of sun
  Burst into pieces like pearls within
Oh! Breeze & shower of dewy dawn
  Charge the garden fill freshness within

Flowers are Swaging and swaying
  Like a ballet  with mist Lingering
Perfume of flowers mist carrying,
  With Elite fragrance breeze taking-in

Crawly bee siphoning honey
  flowers muttering, feeling bliss
With a beautiful Blooming
  Gorgeous of essence thanked almighty

Bee and Flower with humming n swaying
  Chattering & Chirping With lotus n Bee saying
Oh! its you or its me, who is beautiful ! ,
  with a delightful and bountiful blessing

Billow of fragrance and Hum continuous
  Flower and Bee enjoying given uniqueness
Like a brook that flows
  And the time that never stops!


The above lines are written in association with my beloved advocate friend Mr.Pratheep

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