Monday, 13 February 2017



I will sing song for you in the ears,
  For, song never sing by ears
Like the drops of rain that fall
  Making a music like a song, singing for earth

It is the moment like a blue moonlight
  Waiting for years and years to shine like a song to sing
Just like earth waited years and years for raindrops
  Oh the so and so moment likewise made me, sing a song

Every night her face is in my dreams
  Every entry of her fragrance is my coffee of dawn
silence of her create butterfly-like in my heart
  Flow of her like clouds flowing like gorgeous waves

She, it is she creates, lightning in the heart
  lighting that's turning in-to ambiance of ambrosia, oh
leading me and leading me
  binding me and binding with
wordless, less and less!


The above lines are written in association with my beloved advocate friend Mr.Pratheep