Thursday, 2 February 2017


Waiting for the - "train" at station,
   for it, never turns up as the time is on,
Eyes scrolling down, mobile screen
  Head turns mind runs as time nearing in,

People moving helter and skelter,
  Platform hustle n bustle with hawkers,
Some grabbing journals, snatching kids - comics,
 Some gulping down soft drinks, some tucking-in food - adults,

Time moving on, and never to show upon,
  I, keep my watch looking on,
With thoughts running on,
  Wonder to leave or to remain at station,

While sitting in, eyes rolled in willy - Nilly,
  Tiny toddlers, merry n bouncy
Around tight fitted jeans clad, Daddy n Mommy,
  Glued, both to cell phones left toddlers to the mercy of Destiny,

While sitting in eyes rolled in willy-nilly,
  Caught the sight of exuberant couple of teeny,
Scrummaging through their way
  Searching place of solace for loosing in fluky tete - a- tete,

While sitting in, Eyes rolled in
  Watching a frail couple, eyes gladden,
With smile, a senile woman
  Raising, hand to feed her gentleman with a grin,

Time moving on, train not to show upon,
  I keep my watch looking on, While sitting in,
Eyes rolled engulfing drops of tears within,
  As, Sight and Plight of rag pickers scrambling in,

Waiting for the train at the station,
  With the sight of train arriving on,
Heart filled with joy and zest to catch on,
  Left the thought - pain, pleasure, and plight to the the rest and Moved on!!!!!


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